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Does Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and Head over Heels mean anything to you? If so, you might have been among those who bought the Sinclaire ZX Spectrum in the 1980s - it's 30 years old today.
The BBC reunites the team behind the ZX Spectrum 30 years on from the computer's launch.
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Yes I know them all and I think I still have them in my loft ;)
My father had one of these. It had a fun little flight simulator that ran off of a cassette that I played on it. All in black and white of course.
Happy birthday ZX Spectrum! My second computer (after the ZX81 - 10 PRINT "HELLO" 20 GOTO 10) but a fantastic piece of machinery. Many a childhood hour squandered on Daley Thompson's Decathlon and Sabre Wulf.
By the way its Sinclair not Sinclaire!
I was a VIC20 BOY.....PAH to the speccy and the speccy plus....
And Rick hardly looks a day older.
+David McKenna I had a Vic 20 as well actually. I killed it when, as a 12 year old, i put a magnet on the joystick port.
My second computer after the Dragon 32

Happy memories of computing on the living room screen, huge collections of cassette tapes and never forgetting a single programming command.

I actually still run a PC through my main TV... Maybe it's the Spectrum influence
spectrum #ftw ... i sit here today - doing R&D on computer projects for an IT firm - pretty much because of sinclair [for me, 81, then Spectrum]
bleeiiippp hisssss shhhhrrrgggzzzzzzzz biiip xxxzzsssxxccc sshhhddggggbzzzz then silence....... then tape load error....oh the joy....
I had a 16k version but it was obvious that the better one was the 48k version, so I sold it on Sinclair User and brought the 48k version.
I had every incarnation. It was the future until I got my ST and Amiga, then they were the future, certainly not those IBM clones, they were never going to take off, mark my words!!!
wow, all those years ago, all those years spent on it, plus before that the ZX81! loved these days! xx
happy of my 1st ever computers
think it went something like..."beeepbeeepbeeeeeeeeep bibiblybilbiblybi....please reload tape syntax error"
My first ever computer - Love it and played it until it died.
Loved playing that computer!!!! Can't remember what keys did the up/down, left/right. 
omg, i had one of those when i was a kid living in England (now i'm in the US), had a program that displayed a wine glass in '3D'
Who here used to search for POKES in magazines to cheat the games? :D
Ahh - beloved Speccy - also my number two after the ZX81, lots of peeking and poking back in the day. Machine language, now that was hacking ;)

Reminds me, must get the C5 out of the garage for a rip around the neighbourhood ... ummm not!
Oh Operation Wolf's 7-minute loading countdown, only to crash at the last 15 seconds.
My most played wich I can remember now:
Pacman (of course)
Jet Bike Simulator (by Code Masters)
Jet Set Willy and Jet Set Pack
Macadan Bumper (can't remember if it's well spelled)
Bomb Jack
Chukie Egg

Damn! There are more and I can't remember the titles!
i still have my ZX Spectrum 48kb +
Massive...I still have the programming book that it came with..those were the days
I used the neighbor's one in 1985~86 but would like to have one just for the fun of it.
I still have my Thomson TO8 which is a little more recent and I'll probably get it out for the kids soon.
I agree. Happy days, even if it took 30mins to load a game via a TDK Cassette !
Have still got mine in the loft with all the bits that went with it :) Bought it with my first couple of wages as an apprentice electrician many moons ago
+1000 to +Peredur Jones comment : "the games only cost about 2 or 3 quid down the market".
Nowadays, games come out at €40 to €70 depending on platform and I believe we don't enjoy them more than before, they just look better...
Ahh..zx-81. My first computer.
My family bought a 16k Speccy, later expanded to 48k - our 1st computer. I think I was one of the 1st people in the Southern Hemisphere to play Sabre Wulf, as a family friend bought it back from a trip to the UK before it launched down here.
My son and I built one of the original Sinclair machines from a box of parts and a booklet of directions. It worked perfectly the first time we turned it on. We had a great time programming "pong" type of games
Had serial Number 64 first batch out of the factory, very late many delays and boy has this article made me feel old. And as I still play computer games makes me feel that some growing up may be in order. Well in another 30 years or so.
Had the Timex Sinclair Z1000. 2k ram, with a 16k ram module, used a tape recorder for storage and a b&w tv (remember those?) for display.
You guys forgot about the Dizzy series! :)
that was a computer once with a cassette drive 30 mins to load a game didn't aways load so you had to reload :)
I wonder what today's equivalent of manic minor would be? Bash a banker? Bribe a journalist? Or hunt for a honest politician?
Although (who are we kidding...) the Speccy was for playing games, I still fondly recall my very first Pascal (!!!) compiler for the 48K model. After loading the program (on a 48K) I still had the full benefit of almost 12K to do as I please with, if memory serves :)

And b4 I forget about it, does anyone remember the legendary Currah speech synthesis gadget? Simply amazing!
My intro to computer science was with a Sinclair ZX 80; 4K of RAM, a 12" B&W TV as a monitor & a monaural cassette recorder for storage. 8-)
Head over heels was a kevin keegan song.
The talking chess game, from Psion or Melbourne house? That had us gasping in disbelief that a computer could talk!
lol and 30 years later we cant talk to our computer without a keyboard and a mouse touch techs basically the same ur fingers the mouse btw i was using touch screens 20 years ago its no new invention it was just bigger lol :)
RAM extension if touched could crash your speccie and lose your unsaved basic effort :(
+Bruce Foster No, My mom entering the room telling me to go to bed would erase my effort's... :(
No save function on my machine, no tape/disk drive.
Once the rubber keys had worn out mounting it inside a "Fuller" keyboard to make it look like a "real" computer ! lol
lol means something to me send me a invite i guess im slow starter
i ended up with a Atari not so long after that wow what a difference what a computer i still have a 520 STE
i bought a QL...big mistake,,,could of been good if it had more support at the time.... :(
zx81 with the expansion pack of a whopping 1KB? of memory, sprectrum and the spectrum with cassette recorder added on also.
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