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Ship mates: How a crewman and a countess became lifelong friends after both managed to get on board one of Titanic's lifeboats
The story of a Welsh crewman and a London countess who made friends across the class divide in Titanic's lifeboat eight.
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A deep respect that seems to have spanned three generations.
Titanic should be also be remembered that God is the Greatest
How the hell he can get on the boat while hundreds of children & women drown in front of him? What a man..
not much to see in ireland tbh other than corrupt politicians and the countryside haha
I was shocked about Bertie Ahern's bribe. It is amazing how people forge relationships.
I agree Declan, especially if anyone goes to the expense of coming to Belfast. Rubbish public transport, a 77 million pound white elephant titanic museum and a lack lustre city centre, my advice...... go to disneyland paris, they have perfected the art of milking things!
or America is enriched with history and disneyland :) and has lots of irish :D and yes ive been around ireland all my life all i see is poverty and the irs/uvf and corrupt politicians our economy is sinking and dey dont realise it
Belfast is not in Ireland +Mattimus Quintillus Dadgar . Belfast is in the United Kingdom.

Please learn geography.

Belfast Town Hall is lovely.
it is in ireland? its just in the north? which is owned Britain i.e. the phrase the Uk
+Mattimus Quintillus Dadgar You mentioned Belfast as an example of the problems currently facing the Republic, so I think the confusion was understandable.

+Declan Lavin Yes, politically it's in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Geographically, it's on the island of Ireland. But this discussion is about politics.
You think we like having it there? you think we like our country being split? we don't thats why we have the ira and the uvf
Skooter, Titanic was made in Ireland not the UK. Belfast became the capital of it's own country after the partition in the 1921, my late grandmother who was born in Belfast in 1920, was in fact born in Ireland, but died in the same city in a different country! All offical records up to this point are held in Dublin.
And the worst part is we can't get the north back and NEVER will! because people are so attached to the british lifestyle up there and theyve become unionists
Maybe not at the moment Declan, as the south couldn't bank roll the north and likewise the UK could not survive it's deficit without NI, but as ROI and NI have a power sharing government things could move that way in the future. However, people from the south that I know who have moved up here, like having NI seperate as when things like taxes and stuff change in ROI they move up here and then move back down south again. Until there is a united front between north and south to severe ties with the UK and unite as one country it won't happen. But the ROI government and the UK government need to satisfy financially the people of NI who have paid taxes for years, what happens to pensions, investments etc. Its all very complicated, but it not beyond the bounds of possibility. But it's not going to happen before 2021! :)
2016 referendum look it up we are voting for our country! :D
My apologies +Mattimus Quintillus Dadgar , I just assumed that your rant had something to do with the OP.

My mistake.
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