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Could sleeping for four hours a night be better than sleeping for eight?
Sleeping in one eight-hour chunk is a very recent phenomenon, and lying awake at night could be good for you, according to scientists and historians.
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I can't seem to make myself sleep more than 6 or so, but I still wake up feeling tired. If I do sleep longer, I'm either sick, or sore when I wake up.
Nick Soto
It's weird, I get a full 8 and I wake up groggy and stay that way throughout the day. I get 5-6 and I wake up like I never went to sleep but I'm exhausted by the end of the day....diagnose me!
Armin Grewe
Why do I get the funny feeling several of you haven't actually really read what the report is about? It is not about the total length of sleep, but how long uninterrupted sleep should be. That is a quite different topic.
Shame the post title is inaccurate. Typical of science posts in general :(
It really looks like the ideal night is 10 hours. I wonder how many people would actually do this.
+Colin Wernham too true. Especially considering with only one additional word you could get it pretty much right.
well to me eight hours is pretty short i originally sleep for twelve...
busy life what can i say.... i am exhausted when i get home
So I wonder if the fact that I can fall asleep after work for a couple hours, wake up and do some things and then sleep again later at 1 or 2 am is kind of what they are referring to in period sleep cycles. Interesting read though as I've never really followed the 8 hour rule as an adult.
Maybe it's time to change my sleep pattern? Sounds interesting.
When someone can tell me with surety why my brain requires sleep, I'll start listening to their research on how much sleep I need.
I think that it really does depend on the person. There are some people who sleep only 4n\ hours and thrive, while still others need at least 8 hours. I find that I can sleep for only 4 hours and function but it is not ideal. Meanwhile, if I sleep more than 7 hours, then I become sleepier than I was at the start.
I sleep 4 hours a night....It's not better....
Well there is a genetic mutation some people have that allows them to naturally function well on 4-6 hours of sleep. Honestly I find the experiment to be really UNnatural - I am more persuaded by the historical evidence.
Tomas M
This just proves that there is a scientist for every thing ><
"I'm so tired. I need my sleep. I make no bones about it. I need eight hours a day, and at least ten at night." — Bill Hicks.
I sleep 10hrs a night and still need a nap during the day. We`re all different and researches like this tries to put us all into 1 box. Its bullcrap.
Tomas M
In all honesty I believe that this subject isn't black and white, and thus every person requires their own amount asleep. 1+ if you agree
I have no idea how anyone only sleeps for four hours a night consistently.
Ya'll need to read the actual article instead of just commenting because it's apparent that most of ya'll didn't read it. +BBC News the question you posed is misleading too lol
It's not the amount of sleep it's the quality of that sleep that matters... 8 hours of tossing and turning is NOT better than 4 hours of out like a light sleep...
lmao at clearly photoshopped open eyes on the girl. I can tell because of the pixels.
If staying awake at night is good for me, I should live long enough to see the next ice age.
i only sleep for 3 hours at a time, wake up, pee and then go back to bed and try to sleep again. if i can't i try to watch the sunset and then go to bed early, its all about being a night owl in my opinion, all the geeks come out, by the way when will you be in the pottery room for the next couple weeks?
The article is about spreading ones sleep over multiple chunks throughout the night and is not saying people only require 4 hours of sleep. Read the article people!

+Adam Wyson One reasons our brains need sleep is to deal with stress and stress hormones, though (ironically) stress is one of the main culprits behind insomnia.
my wife gets around 10 hours haha.. totally needs it, me on the other hand... 5-6 hours and im good.
Say that again! these doctor's think everyone is stupid except them! There is power in numbers! We can do something if we work together! Let's call for more family doctor's in your home town!
Yeah...Everyone requires different lengths of "Sleep" which corresponds to how much energy you actually use on a daily basis, how much deep "REM" sleep that you actually get during your sleep cycles. I have a difficult time getting into Rem sleep unless I'm ABSOLUTELY exhausted. I wake up every 1-2 hours thru the night. I probably get 4 hours a night but it takes 8-10 hours to achieve them!
As far as I understand, more sleep is better :)
I don't think so, eight hours is the minimum amount needed if you have four hours you will feel awful and won't be able to concentrate.
A whole class of drugs like Ambien CR was created and marketed for people who have "intermittent sleep problems", i.e. get up in the middle of the night. This first and second sleep theory could put a damper on a couple billion in sales. Of course, this could be one of theose theories that gets rebuked in the next study.
Most people commenting didn't red the article or don't understand anthropology of sleep. 4 hours, when coupled with napping, wouldn't be inadequate. 4 hours per day is. All these people professing they know better than the study don't get the study.
Y'all need to read the article! It's about having 2 sleep periods in times past. Something I do on a pretty regular basis, strangely enough.
i don't feel good when i sleep for less than six hours, just me though... even if i try to sleep in 4 hrs then wake up, my head hurts.
P.S.....Totally down with beginning that second sleep-cycle with sex!
and I was wondering I had sleeping problems .....
7 hours is ideal - more than 10 is inertia - less than 5 and you'll have health problems.
six is the threshold for me. i can even feel the difference between 5 1/2 hours and just over six hours of sleep. that being said i'm on roughly four hours of sleep right now and feel like absolute garbage.
Very interesting. It would be great if someone had the ability to try this pattern for a while and let us know how they did.
Whenever I sleep more then 5 hours, I feel more tired. 4-5 hours, full of energy.
I am a night-owl so I guess this is complementary news to me :-) However, for a lot of people, it would require extensive brain re-mapping to make that switch to less hours. Do not if that would be possible.
It says sleep 4 hours, wake for 2, sleep another 4 hours. It explains where this came from. Still saying 8hrs of sleep.
The BBC really needs to change the description line on this -_-
When I was studying with the OU and working full time, I often only got four hours of sleep... Sometimes less! It nearly killed me but I scraped through a BSc and MSc which I've never used since then. I don't even include them on my C.V.
When I hit the sack and finally fall asleep, unless I have something RIDICULOUSLY strong to wake me up, I sleep for 8 hours, period.
Nope, 4 hours isn't optimal, even if you get used to it. And there have been so many studies done on this. 8 or more is too much. 6 or less is too little. 7 seems to be the best number of hours to sleep. Pardon the pun but I'm getting tired of all these sleep studies.
in college I had a pattern of sleeping 3-4 hours right after lunch and another 3-4 hours shortly after midnight. I woke up without needing an alarm, ate less, and had more energy.
that's funny because whenever i lay awake in the night i wake up really tired. Also whenever I do get Eight hours of sleep, I wake up earlier than i want to.
I have always thought there was something wrong with me as I rarely sleep through the night but this article really makes sense.I now know I am completely normal.Thank you for sharing.
My dog came to get me yesterday because it was nap time. When I stayed working she went on to bed without me. Needs her 16 hours.
+Valentina Pavlovic - ...the article explains it.
Sleep when you can stay up all you want that is me to decide
when I'm going down, I am down! i sleep so deep in the first hours that not even an earthquake can wake me up, but it's so difficult to wake up in the morning.
yeah with me I sleep deep, but once wake up for the morning I can' go back to sleep for the most part.
I slept through a tornado siren once, and I live like a mile away from one.
sleep is go Get energy back . Number of hours may impact at long time in life. you must sleep to get your mind rest not like feeling lazy dazy.
If you NEED sleeping pills to get a good nights sleep you need a lifestyle change not a pill.... just my opinion.
oh kill me now. I have enough trouble getting any unbroken chunk of sleep and now there's this to worry about. I can tell you that as the mother of a sleep-/- child, 4 hours of sleep with a wake up call then another couple of hours is not enough to function efficiently during the day as such nights accumulate. I wonder how often these 4 + 4 nights were interrupted by a night of 8 straight back in the good old days?
But what if you get addicted...that could become a problem!!
I sleep like baby too! totally dead until i wake up in morning! :-)
I sleep maxxximum like 3.5 hours a night... if I am even THAT lucky...
Very interesting read, I never get 8 hours of sleep anymore due to the new baby so maybe it's a godsend that this is more a myth than a truth.
Interesting. This is my exact sleep cycle. I thought I was an insomniac. I guess I'll try to embrace the 1-2 hour "wake up" and see what happens.
Maybe this really is true.. I am constantly going.. I have pretty much no time for sleep. There is not enough hours in the day for me to do what I need to do and get things done. When I try and go to bed, my mind just WON'T shut off because of everything that still needs to get done. I hardly sleep at all but I have the highest grades in my class and am on all Varsity teams. I currently hold my job, and do acting at the same time!
Seems to me that a lot of people posting comments here didn't read beyond the title and description.

Interesting article. I really like this idea, may even give it a go although it's really 10-hours in total. Not sure I could dedicate that much time to bed every night. 
Nope, I've tried it so I can get more done. I need my 8 hours (or as much as I can get!) :)
I suffered from insomnia for 3 years and it was horrible. Now though I sleep 6 hours, anymore or any less I feel like crap.
6 hours is my max these days.
Depends on your fitness level as well. Navy SEALs, for a full year of training, get on average 4-5 hours of sleep every night (minus weekends).
for me i work at night but in the morning i use to sleep only for 3-4 hours even then i dont feel restless
I did not read most of the wall of text above me. But after reading the first sentence I have this to say: this new sleep will be 10hours so less work. 4 hour sleep 2 hour sit in bed awake 4 hour sleep. 4+2+4=10
Four hours at a time always worked well for me. Usually at my desk at work.
Oh good, I'm not odd. I tend to fall asleep for 4-5 hours and then wake up for 2 hours before going back to bed and getting another 1-2 hours. Really great for getting creative thoughts out or answering a question you had upon waking. May have to look into this more...
you are sleeping....your cellphone is silent..... you are dreaming of someone.... then you wake up terrified.... you check the time out on your cellphone... you find a missed call from that person just a minute before you woke .... any explanation please ?????????????????????
A lot of stupid people replying to this thread. Any more stupid replies 'i only need 6 hours' etc and I will name and shame

Try reading the article before replying !
Interesting but don't quite believe it. I were very tired when waking up every night during pregnancy.
Lol how can 4 hours sleep be good for you!!!!
They'll be saying working for 20 hours a day is good for you next!!
Over sleeping is bad for your health as well
This is awesome I've recently been unable to stay asleep for more than 3-4 hours and I've had to start sleeping in 2 chunks, this makes me feel alot better about it. Thank you!
Human body can relax and get back "into play" in a few hours, however brain doesn't (requiring at least 5 hours). So these "4 hours" are just a speculation.
Just go on the uberman sleeping schedule.
Don't do things in halves.
Uh we also live longer now... which is a rather recent phenomenon as well!!! Not sure but maybe the 2 can be linked somewhere...
I hope so because I only ever get 4 hours per night... :-/
Some one wake me up when this is all finished......
I will make the OCD crowd mad with this comment but, I like sleeping - 8 hours at that - UNINTERRUPTED. LOL.
lets say the latest most people go to sleep is 11pm and the earliest someone wakes is 6 am....7 hours would be the least on average and probably 8 to 10 is the norm. If I have almost no sleep and take a nap during the day I won't sleep well that night so I call bs on anything that messes with some sort of cycle you get used to.
No Sex Snuggle Cuddle drop off to sleep Bliss 8 hrs later start in reverse
The longer I sleep the worse I feel.
Y? What if u hv school early in the morning? 4 hours a night then?
The title seems to be accurate as it induced the majority of us. If it was named something different then possibly the majority of us would have disregarded the article. Title anchor is what its commonly known.
My sleep schedule doesn't fit any current "culturally acceptable" method. Sometimes I will sleep for a long period of time while others I work best by sleeping for about 4-5 hours, being up for about 7-9 hours then sleeping for another 4-5 hours. I'm a night-owl, etc. At other times I may stay awake for 24 hours or so if I'm deeply involved in something. Best if this isn't "forced" because then I'm just fighting sleep rather than doing anything.

In a common US work routine schedule I try to get about 9 hours of sleep. If I'm getting enough rest I will wake up in the night feeling good and relaxed and can then go back to sleep until the morning. Mostly though a traditional routine is pretty crappy for me and I rarely feel good.
Yes this is true, but only because there is less distractions.
Of the above replies I would suggest 80% are actually 'stupid'. The same people who failed verbal reasoning at school?

The article never suggests 4 hours sleep is better then 8 but still we get the terminally stupid hitting the reply button.

Are these people reading the article and giving a reasoned response?

Or are they just hitting reply and articulating absolute nonsense that has nothing to do with the article?
Right on. I find peak creativity is best at night (for me). I also find that if I let my productivity times be when I'm feeling rested and then rest when I'm feeling tired that I get lots of stuff done but this lends itself to an unusual schedule. For a lot of my work this works great because I work solo on projects (both art and technology). For anything I have to do "within regular business hours" I find my performance comparatively less (often by an order of magnitude).
I'm scared by the number of people who are either stupid, or just didn't read the article. Most likely both. 
I sleep four hours everyday. I actually feel good after I wake, rather than eight hours and I feel lazy. That's weird!
+Hadeel Haddad I find that when I sleeps more than 5-6 hours(weeknight sleep schedule) on the weekends, I would wake up with bad headaches and feel tire the whole day.
S Munoz
It seems that some of yall just read the title and didnt read the report. Its saying,a uninterupted 8 hour sleep is not as natural as a 4hoursleep-wakeup-4hoursleep is.
I believe that we all need different amounts of sleep a night. It might depend on who we are, but I believe it depends mostly on what we do and especially how we do it. Could mental energy be more tiring than scientists have creditted. We appear to believe that physical energy burns most energy and requires more rejuvenation. Again it may depend on what we are used to. Stress is born in many shapes and colours. Learning never stops and the older we get the steeper the climb would appear ....what do people think?
+Jonathan Feast learning most, unfortunately, are only headline readers .. don't even bother reading the story (seems so many would rather catch the headline & a few comments underneath, than to actually be well informed by the article and be able to contribute a meaningful response to it) pitiful
Could it be better for you? Yes it could. Is it likely? No. We humans have a lot of adaptations to sleeping during the night and being awake during the day (possibly with an afternoon nap).
I can say with long, painful experience that sleeping for 4 hours sucks. Out loud.
+Jane Deaux +1 you have summed up exactly what is happening. This thread is becoming strangely more interesting than the actual article.

It is a synopsis of how the modern world reads or consumes news and the shallowness with which it does.

Us adults still need a babys nap during the day to boost energy and brain functioning.....lets do that
+Marcus Holland way to not read this. It's not "we only need four hours"; it's "we function better if we wake up halfway through our 8 and chill for a couple hours."
Good to know that there are so many doctors on Google Plus. :)
i always worried that i didnt get enought sleep and thought i might have insomnia or something... phew.
This thread is gaining comedy value.

The ones who can read

The others!
I sleep 9-10 hours. If i get woken up after 4 hours, which is is prob around 3 or 4am for me i knock back out!!!
I've long suspected that one bathroom break is not abnormal. Sex if you are both awake is great. You are less like to recall it on zolpidem. But what about REM and sleep architecture? I think to maximize REM requires 8h in the sack. Best to get out of the bedroom for 20min if awake to avoid associating your bed with a place you are having trouble sleeping. See No More Sleepless Nights, by Peter Hauri.
So STOP talking SLEEPING PILLS which make it WORSE!! Wake up and enjoy it, then go back to sleep again. I would wake up and worry about not being able to sleep straight through. Now I know that my patterns might be from a bygone concept of "first" and "second" sleeps. WHEW.
Ryan P
Probably 6 hrs at most for me also. Any longer and I actually feel groggy.
In high school, I did an experiment where I slept 4 hours. Read for an hour. Then slept another 4 hours. Didn't really work for me.
I need my 8 sometimes 9 hours sleep. I just go to bed early though.
Have to admit, I didn't read this (yet), but from the image, I'd be more worried about the crazy Terminator chick in bed with old dude! Seriously, those are some rather evil looking blue eyes!
lol i get like 2 hours maybe more
I get around 4-6 hours of sleep a night so I am in the clear.
i could sleep 12 h every day. how bad is it, doctor?
I try and get at least 6 or else I'm terrible for the whole morning!
thats nice, but i not really know what ur talking about! sorry:(
I usually go 2 bed at 2-3, and wake up at about 8:10. Then I need an nap that day 4 about 1 hour or maybe 2 sometimes. If it's the weekend, maybe I will take a whole, big sleep for 7-8 hours long, then no nap. Sometimes I do feel exhausted even after a 8-hour sleep, I'll do some exercise
sometime I sleep 4, 8 or even 12 it depends what my plans are for that day or night.
Sin duda constituye un mito. Lo cierto es que lo necesario es absoluto descanso que en muchas de las ocasiones no constituye el simplemente acostarse y cerrar los ojos.
Sleep. Sleep as long as you need to. 8hrs certainly not for me.
...and the article I read earlier today said 8-9 was ideal. who to believe, who to believe???? (I'm going with 8-9. It may not make me healthier according to this article, but is sure does make me happier!
Why should the sleep patterns of people hundreds of years ago have any relevance? If there are current scientific experiments that suggest shorter chunks of sleep are objectively better for people, then fine. But to cite the diaries, etc. of people who believed in spontaneous combustion, leeching people, etc. seems irrelevant to any current understanding of the topic.
I use to work a super early morning shift and I would sleep for a four hour period because I didn't want to go to bed at a ridiculously early hour and I found that I was well rested and could handle the day, but I was tired by the early evening. I enjoy and prefer my 8 hour sleeping block. :)
Okay... for all those who didn't read the article... The study is about a sleeping pattern of two sleeps, at night, with a waking period of personal time of a couple of hours where you might eat, meditate on dreams, lie awake, have sex, or have a conversation, etc. It is not promoting more work time, or negating the parental experience or telling people to sleep less... It's saying that the eight hour block sleep may have come about due to artificial lighting and the Industrial revolution.... Please read... 
Because of medication-related insomnia, I am currently only getting four hours of sleep a night, instead of my usual eight, and it is just completely screwing up my system. HATE IT.
It just so happened that last night, I slept for four hours, woke up, read a bit of Chemistry, and went back to sleep for the remaining 3 hours, and I didn't feel sleepy at all in the morning.
Same here man avg from 2-5 hours sleep a night,Everytime i have less than 4 i get chronic toothache!
Dear +BBC News, please change the teaser, you're confusing the people here who only read it instead of the whole article.
+Marcus Holland now you have got me stumped? What has the headline got to do with peoples responses?

Are you aware of OK magazine or Hello?

They both play upon the terminally stupid with misleading headlines but does that make it right that readers of those magazines believe/respond to them?

What is the point of the narrative if no one reads it?

This BBC news article may have a number of stupid people replying to it without reading it but is that the fault of the author or the dopey twats who can't read?
+Jonathan Feast The teaser says Could sleeping for four hours a night be better than sleeping for eight? which is not what the article is talking about. It should read something like Could sleeping for four hours two times a night be better than sleeping for eight?. So +BBC News does share part of the blame.
Her intense eyes are the reason this is such a popular post.
Tell that to my flatmate who regularly got only 4 hours a night due to insomnia - she got very sick and now takes melatonin, which has cured all the problems.

Overall rating
This is interesting. I have slept for an average of 4 hours a night for years now. I did find that at least 2 maybe 3 times a year I have to sleep for a longer period of about 8 hours. It seems like my body crashes and needs longer sleep at those times. But that just works for me. : )
Interesting. I sleep more than four hours though, and I don't force myself to stay in bed or anything.
+Scot Stevenson I don't understand how a headline that is there to engage people, has any relevance to the replies in this thread?

Maybe I am daft for looking at the headline and deciding it looked funny and reading further to get the point?
The initial comment is misleading, because the article is not about less than 8 hours total, but about the original human pattern of 2 - 4 hour sleeps separated by 1 or 2 hours of activity of one kind or another.
I agree with Paul because the article does not argue that 8 hour sleep is wrong in some way the article just explains that 8 hours of sleep in one segment may not be the best type of sleep. I find it funny that children get mad when their teachers, parents, and adults say get at least 8 hours of sleep when in fact they are absolutely right. These adults never say, "get 8 hours of sleep in one period of time" they just reference to the fact that 8 hours in total is good for the body. Guess I have to say sorry to my parents to all the grief I gave them back in the day.
This doesn't make me feel any better. Or more rested.
you fall asleep anyway so why try right
Hard to think I can go without 8 hours of sleep. But it all seems to make sense.
+Marcus Holland How do you know what I do at news stands every day?

As for the point 'you get it', you clearly don't.

Many people keep responding without reading the article or even the responses. In fact our little tête à tête is just an example of how blind people have become to digesting or interpreting their own news!
I only sleep 5 but 8 would be great
Could BBC be putting out a bullshit story that will be contradicted in a years time along side a new story about how constant changing of lifestyles is the largest contributor to early deaths, stress and various cancers.......?
This is the dumbest thing I've read in years. Is it April Fools Day?
I work nights and my sleep patterns follow four to five hours sleeping, then three or four awake with another two to three more sleep.
I sleep about 12 to 13 hours a day and I feel fine
Think it depends on the person. One might be fine, another not. I know I'd be a wreck on that much sleep.
I agree with that. When I get 8 hours of sleep I wake up feeling tired. When I get 4 I am energized. The only issue with the 4 hours of sleep is that I have to make sure I get out of bed. It's usually still dark out.
I need 10 hours every night, and about 8 every day.
And that is the sort of conclusions you get when you have historians instead of doctors analyzing the sleep problem. Let's look back to what we did in the middle ages... it was obviously a much healthier period than our modern days.
arjay u
lol at +Even Sandve what do you do for the 6 hours of consciousness?
Can be done for a week or so, but then the body demands catch up, even if just a siesta in the day, know from recent 121 days straight without full day off period,sleeping 4-5 hours per night. But EVEN! man you seriously have a problem.
I only sleep more than six hours in a 24 hour period if I am not feeling well.
I wake up at 05.30 every weekday to go to work and in the winter i could quite easily stay in bed when it's snowing, blowing a gale and -5°C outside.
I completely agree with this. It has long been known that we sleep in 4 hour cycles. When I awake after four hours I often get some of my best writing done. Then I'll go back for a few hours more.
I used to sleep 5-6 hours a night until I started working nights. Now I do 8 hours.
8 is perfect for me. I have a serta icomfort its comfortable ;)
I sleep 4 - 5 hrs ... It's not about how long you sleep, it's about how good I sleep:)
This just proves that having a 3 to 4 hour siesta in the middle of the day is very natural and good for us! I vote to introduce the siesta as a standard requirement for healthy living :) 
If I go to bed before 02:00, I'm waking up by 06:00, alarm or no. This body just doesn't really do extended sleeps.
Glad to know I've been living healthy. Just thought it was because I didn't like to waste time sleeping.
It's amazing how few people actually read past the headline. It says two 4 hour naps is how people used to sleep until recently. 2 x 4 = 8 total a night.
Six is good for me. Then it's "power-naps" the rest of the day, whenever I can.
I sleep in different sections an I fall out of bed in the morning
Bet for the Eog's we have to sleep 10 hours
I I feel better having slept for 4 - but I'm an insomniac ;)
I only sleep 4 hours every night. Sometimes, but very rare I may get 5 hours. If I get more I feel lazy. I function better with less sleep. :-)
I find all this stuff hilarious. As a professional driver we are required to sleep for 10 hours. The problem as I see it is we have to many researchers that don't have a clue what their talking about or manipulate data to fit their point of view!
"recent" phenomenon. I consider what I read on +Google this morning as "recent". In a social networked globe, it is tough to consider medieval man as part of the scope to survey.
Anyone, in this Obama economy, that owns a business probably gets only four hours of sleep.
Interesting article. I've found in my own experience, the degree of physical activity and diet have a lot to do with how much sleep is best.
I say throw all rules away about how much of this and that one should get and just follow whatever you want, your body, your mind, your will. listen to all factors and give each one whichever importance you think/feel/believe is best.
I normally have 4 to 5 hours of sleep the last 2 nights I had a total of 5 hours of sleep.
i hate that i cant get 8 hours of sleep i try but i only get about 5 or 6 hours!!!
Lan _G
Use amphetamines, easy!!!
I wouldn't know, I'm never able to get close to eight.
Sleep is ok.If you like who you're sleeping with.
I hope i could sleep more than 8
Also found in this study was that people who sleep only 4 hours a night tend to drink more coffee and energy drinks then participants who slept 8.
I only sleep 4 hours a day :-) .. Its a relief for me after reading this research:D
My body likes 6hrs but 12hrs makes time seem to pass faster.... :-)
WOW...I've been doing this for a while hahahaha. Guess university life is healthy after all hahaha.
Your sleeping pattern solely depends on your life style. I used to need around 8hrs when I was less active in my day to day life. Now I'm more active daily I can only afford to sleep 4-6hrs and my body and mind are fine with it.
Ada M
I don't see how this proves anything... although 2 full hours of great sex everyday would definitely improve the quality of life for anyone.
Good news! Sometime it just worked as a sort of psychological effect, if you cant get a full 8 hours sleep, bad mood drive you feel tired....However, actually, i don't get the feeling of comfortable or energetic from a long sleep for most of time.....
Now I have more inspiration to continue my 5-hour sleep every day.
Josh K
I will wait for the next study that refutes this one and proves once again....... 8 hours is best.
you shouldn't have to wait too long. We really don't know enough about the brain to have the slightest clue about this stuff yet
This G+ title is insanely misleading. The article does NOT talk about sleeping four hours per night AT ALL, it talks about splitting the eight hour sleep into two chunks with a woken-up period in between - not something I find unusual at all really.
The optimal amount of sleep required per person is based on each individual. Anything from 4-9 hrs is normal and perfectly fine.
I have always been one to get 4-6 hrs and I usually wake up once or twice in that time. 
wow!!! I thought that it could be a mental problem I've got recently!!!! so it seems that I'm not that psychoneurotic!!!! :DDD
i call them power u break it down from 2hrs or into two four hour naps i call them power naps cause either way it makes u feel better when u awake....u have to refresh urself sometimes...its like charging batteries..
KL Tah
the prompt on this post is misleading. the article does not suggest sleeping for 4 hours total. it's still 8 hours total, but in two 4-hour chunks. hence you see lots of comments on here from people who obviously did not read the article going on about pros and cons of 4 hour sleep. oh, for shame!
I always sleep longer if I have been active during the day . . well I seem to av. an uneven no. of hours sleep, and if I wake in the even hour it seems to take a longer time to "BE AWAKE" ! ? ! ?
+KL Tah I agree. They're saying 4 hours alone might be better than 8.
But it's actually sleeping for four, waking up, and then falling asleep for another four hours. False title!
does sleepin have type. Which eva way u feel like 2 sleep do it al u knw or wanna knw is dat u wake up d next morning.
I find my Emotional Stress/Strain Along phyisical health...Room temp & enviroment
(All have to do with Sleep)
Well i personally am awake for bout 3 days then il sleep bout 6 hours andbe awake again
I'm working in night shift from last 5 years plus, and it's very painful. Sleeping in night is much better than sleeping in day, whether it's of 8 hrs or 6 hrs.
I pattern myself after Thomas Edison. 4 hours a night with occasional cat naps. Not on purpose. Just happens. I'll only get 8 if I'm sick or worked 16 hours. (hooray for more productivity?)
lol jus read a good book guys
it feels good for the whole day if sleep eight hours at night
Since I turned 60 I really on sleep 4 hours a night. They tell me "older people sleep less" . What are we going to die of too much sleep?
boo Jay
I need 10 hours of sleep a day otherwise I'm cranky.

This explains why I'm cranky everyday.
All my life I was a pain in the ass for my wife, making a hell of a noise all night. Sleeping was a nightmare After she passed away and another schoolmate helped me in my loneliness and married me... and try to sleep next to me, we discovered that I have a problem! Sleep Apne they call it. The answer is, pump air into your lungs with a CPap machine and there you are.... sleep like a baby. When you feel like tired, put the mask on, stretch yourself out for blood circulation and walla... sleep for 3-4 hours and wake up, fresh like an early morning water melon. The only pain now is the old age pains that you use Deep Heat, RubaPyn, Voltaren and all that zass for! No flu or colds or ashma or .... whatever. Lekker slaap! with compliments from Dewald
I sleep late it puts me straight to dream land, and its usually less then 8 hrs....
so 4+2+4. 10h. I wonder if the two hours in between are meant for resting or maybe squeeze in some more brain occupying activities like the one I'm doing now
Maybe I should give it a try. I constantly wake up during the night anyway.
Tibi C.
I just had a 4 1/2 hours nap... I could use another 6 or so. 4 h aren' enough
with those pretty eyes she can stare at the guy's belly button; from near and from far, then repeat the pattern
I sleep 4 to 6 hour every night, for me its not how long have u slept but hows the quality of ur bed :D
I sleep more then 8 hours and I feel tired when I wake up
i stay awake 24\7 chating online i need at least a 5 min nap but i have school i have church i have social time p.s. my teacher is stupid
tlk 2 me plz :D or :( whitch one do u want me 2 feel
I thought it was because I had to go to the bathroom.
It actually has to do with REM (rapid eye movement). Ever notice you can sleep for 8 hours, the alarm wakes you up and you feel so tired and grumpy? Now, ever notice you only get 6 hours of sleep but you wake up naturally (no alarm) and you feel awake once you get up? This is because waking up not naturally disturbs your REM sleep.
Hahaha now I'm gonna outlive sll you chumps!!
As a parent with a toddler who seems to hate sleeping, I would LOVE 4 hours of good solid sleep.
Also, if you do go to sleep in 2 chunks (get up for 1/2 hour - 1 hour between sleeps) your chances of having a lucid dream (being able to control your dream) increase very much.
IMO sleep length should be indirectly proportional to work/play length
I used to go to bed approx. 10pm and wake about 3am. I would panic and it would make me feel like crap for the rest of the day. Now I read for 1 to 2 hours before sleeping for 2-3 hours more. Feel great when I dont stress.
diddy K
Don't tell me how to sleep! Lol
I sleep more than 8 hours and I'm fine (:
8 hours is a must for the beautiful people who need their beauty sleep. 
If we were still hunters and gatherers like were supposed to be our sleep paterns, body weight, population issues and psychological issues would probably be far less serious. We're creatures of opportunity. If we need to sleep we sleep and if we're hungry we eat. It's the accessibility we have to our needs that create wants and the anxiety of maintaining the abundance of those wants.
Well, I can't sleep for more than 6-7 hours. More than this makes me have a headache throughout the day!
I've noticed if I sleep 3-5 hours I feel great. (Coming from a person who works for 24 hour 2 times a week)
I dunno.... Even if I have a large project for I still want to get close to 8hrs. of sleep. Otherwise I just feel... tired.
If only my work schedule would allow it. Sigh. Sleeping in "chunks" sounds lovely. Although I do agree with the many comments that say all bodies are different.
i don't have much time, always got 5 hours
I sleep 4-5 hrs & thats pretty good &do not feel doozy aftr that
this could not be true.... I, as a piggy, am very pampered and need at least ten hours of sleep.
I think sleeping 10 hours a night is healthy....I am not with the idea for 4 hours that seems a bit unpleasant.
Ahh This is no fun. I was enjoying the late sleep- ins until you had to go ruin it.
I sleep 6 hours everyday, but atleast twice a week I sleep in afternoon or forenoon.
I've read similar items before. In the modern world it seems hard to even get enough sleep at once, let alone to sit about in bed between sleeps. I can see how a split sleep could be speaking though.
ham zed
The quality of sleep is very important. I was thinking of exactly the same thing today.
Certainly depression and other illnesses might deteriorate the quality of sleep no matter how long you try to sleep.
where does the BBC get this stuff? best news service out there by far. 6 hours is the sweetspot for me. though four hours is wat i used to get as a university student. 
if i slept for 4 hours id wake up a zombie I'm certain of it
Yes, cause I sleep in those patterns. Four in the day and four at night. But im also a full time student without a job!!
My doctor explained that if one sleeps 8 to 9 hours and still feels sleepy and tired during the day, is because there its a sleep deficit and until the body makes up for it one will feel that way, even with a10 hour sleep, once the body catches up 7 to 8 hour sleep cycles should be enough to have a day full of energy and feel great.
When I was in the R&D I had all this problem because my schedule requires me to monitor contractors in Europe, Asia & America in there working hours. I made a research on the subject I realize its a matter of controlling the over-production of stress Hormone in the body called "Cortisol"
this conclusion is not based on scientific studies. Just because we had different sleep patterns in the past, doesn't mean it is better to sleep in 4 hour chunks or whatever. What we need is peer reviewed studies. And hey by the way, for 200K years before the invention of agriculture(invented around 10K years ago), humans lived by hunting and gathering, so shall we go back to it and abandon agriculture.
I feel better knowing that my 4 hour sleep cycle isnt my fault
Who knew that I actually have a historically normal sleeping schedule...
I'm pretty sure that's how much sleep I got last night.
sleeping good for health but, sleep is not for health
My billionaire friends asked my one time that caught my attention: When is the best time to wake up?<huh>I said 11 am....He replied- "The best time to wake up is when your done sleeping"
Try to have a four-hour sleep during the golden period.. but still wake for two hours... 
Yes. Old man like me can sleep only four hours in a chunk per sleep. Great to know about this.
same here I have to have to be at work by 8:00am but I'm usually up doing something creative till 2- 2:30. and just sleep 4 hours from 3-7. And not tired! but after a week of this i need a good crash! Then start cycle over.
well best 4 me is 2 sleep 8hrs during d nyt and wakin at every hr or 2 d change position n direct so dat i wunt wake in d mornin wit dizzines n dat is gud 4 my phsycology and mental fitness.
hey!! can u plus that 8 hrs to ur hole life, ?
think, it must be 1/3 of ur life.
Lan _G
I'm asleep right now.
+ 1 me if you clicked because the girl was hot
Thanks!!!! I don't feel that bad about my short and segmented sleep! =)
i feeel pethetic for my four hour sleep.......
Interrupted sleep makes me feel fucked, I certainly need an extended amount of sleep for it to be effective for me...
To me the photo looks like a fetus inside the womb. The perfect sleeping position.
How can sleeping for 8 hours straight be un-natural. If your body let's you sleep for that period of time, that's nature, it's natural, it's not bed forced on you.
I am feeling better after 8 hours sleep otherwise next day become very uncomfortable for me.
yeah its true mapno i am agree with you :))
I can't sleep no more then 3 - 4 hours. If i sleep more then that,i will get a headache & feel really funny.So i can get by on 3 - 5 hour
Title is misleading!!! Read the article! It talks about 2 sets of 4hrs of sleep per night.
However ... I've always preferred sleeping for 8h to lying awake all night...
I sleep and wakup at morning; no interruptions; if I wake up at night, no need to sleep then. I go and play games and sleep again after couple of hours. I am not sure exactly how much hour I need, but I am living with 7 hr sleep in weekdays and 12-15 hr in weekends ;[D
Sleeping for one hour would be nice
2 hours is bad, 2.5 is good 3 is bad 3.5 is good, 5 bad 5.5 good I think the trick is never wake up on the hour. I can go for several days or even a week with very little sleep then I need a couple of days of lots of sleep. Then back at the short sleep schedule.
I get bored between one sleep and the other!!
I cannot make noise.
I never get enough time to sleep because i'm spending all my time looking after my mum
+Marita M I totally agree. When getting up at 6 or 7am for work, I always feel tired between 3 and 4pm. On the rare occasions when I've been able to take a nap around that time I've woken up feeling totally refreshed and raring to go!

+Jonathan Feast I completely agree with your sentiments. I've read through all the comments here and it both disturbs and angers me that people will comment without reading the whole article.
From the picture it looks like the reason she can't sleep is because she's woken up to find her bottom's being pumelled...!
After reading about it, I was stunned by this
This ties in with my experience. I generally have 4 - 5 hours per night. say 2am - 7am. But once a fortnight or so I crash and have 2 such sleeps. say 5pm - 10pm then 2am - 7am. If I try for a longer 8 hour sleep I wake up very groggy as if I have woken up in the middle of my second sleep.
You got to use Gamesaled it is so cool.
8 hrs plus is great for me. I work hard and I never lay there awake, its always lights out!
+Matthew Milam The article says that people used to sleep in two turns of 4h each, separated by a waken time of 1 or 2 hours.
fuck no. 8 hours dumb bitch. dont even question it.
Jesus christ they want us to be machines!
6 to 6 1/2 hrs of sleep is a typical night for me
Well, this is GOOD news. I have been lying awake nights worrying about not getting enough sleep.
At odds with nature is foolish in one's pants per chance to dream?
That explains y im always tired qhen i sleep longer
No matter what scientific studies or studies find, I always need 6 hours of sleep, which I am going to stick around for ever.
I have to go to sleep at a current time or I will be craby
depends on what you are doing during those other 4 hours. ;) ;)
only 8 hrs sleeping is not enough for health, it's want dreamless sleep ok
i sleep for 7hrs only and am healthy and strong
8 hours sleep and my head feels destroyed.... what almost feels like cramp across my whole head. :/
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