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With the future of the euro possibly at stake, European leaders and heads of major institutions nervously await the outcome of fresh elections in Greece. But how might the crisis there spread across Europe? Find out with our clickable guide.
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I wish the governments would stop banging on about bailouts. It's these bailouts that are preventing countries moving forward. Lets have a debt jubilee and be done with it.
Global debt is bull sh1t!
Who do we owe money to? Mars? 
Instead of the private banks raiding the government coffers, let's have the governments raid the private bank's coffers.

Money is like energy. It doesn't disapear it just changes form. Or in money's case accounts. The people just need to find it and return it to circulation.
this whole thing is screwed in the worst way possible. all the control mechanisms of banks have failed big time. they gave away mountains of money in hope to get even bigger mountains of money in return. banks are avoiding paying taxes through tax havens, another billions of euros are being stolen from where they belong. universal dogma these days is that there has to be instand increase of demand for goods of all kinds. who creates demand? us. consumers. how can there be any increase in demand for new cars, services, houses etc. when the least important piece of the whole economical chain is consumer. EU is spending billions of euros to save the ones whose greed has created all this mess. but who cares about consumers? who cares if I will lose my job tomorrow because demand for new cars is sinking?
what happens at the end of the game monopoly... we congratulate the winner and get on with real life.. 
I have heard about the domino effect. i.e. the likes of Spain, Ireland, Portugal going the same way as the Greeks. It is not correct for David Cameron to give advice to the Eurozone countries when we don't even have the euro.
Greece. Spain. Italy. Ireland. Who next? England? Scotland? Belgium?
+Grant Buckley your thinking like a Nationalist.  The banks think Globally.  The banks and old money are bleeding the U.S. just like they are bleeding everyone else.  Better stop thinking about bows and arrows when the enemy is using orbital bombers.
I don't get this: If Greece was dragging down the Euro, and they jump out, why does that make the situation worse? Doesn't their debt go with them? Obviously I'm not an economist.
+Sean Curtin greece has borrowed lots of money from banks and spent the cash mainly on candies and luxury. then they manipulated economical results so that they can make impression that they're able to give the money back and borrow even more money.
then, slowly, the whole scam became obvious. that would mean that the banks will lose their money because greece can't return the money it borrowed. banks could ask greece to give the money back. this would mean that banks would own greece. which they do anyway. they chose to ask EU for compensation of their losses. which means you and me will have to pay for greed of banks and irresponsible greek polititians.
+Sean Curtin because it erodes confidence in the European Union and the Euro.  
If a bank gave you a loan because your parents co-signed, and then your parents just kicked you out and left the bank hanging what would the bank think of your parents?
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