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Half of all app store revenue goes to just 25 developers - sobering news
Apple's App Store and the Google Play store each claim to offer over 700000 apps to choose from, but only a tiny fraction of them bring in significant revenue for their developers, according to resear...
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That's coz 90% of apps on play store are pathetic Chinese Garbage! 
#Don  you are really funny. I don't believe that is the reason. I think is because one person could have let say 20 apps in the store and not that is made from China.
Amaoh trust me it its....I can't find any decent brand name quality apps I the play store but plenty of " impress your friends with fake wifi hack app"...
After reading the main article it makes sense, if you have a company that has the ability to publish 'some 962 games for iOS, either under its own brand or those of its subsidiaries.' basically using a trawler net to gain revenue. .....
+Don Felipe You have a serious android problem don't you? either that or you work for apple.. you and your ridiculous comments get everywhere... 
You can't find any brand name apps... like all the need for speed games by ea? or is it the ubisoft games you can't find.. like prince of persia... or the gameloft games?

Maybe these quality IPhone apps you refer to are ones like.. Wooo! button.. or what about that quality new Mapping app you guys just got? 

Mayeb you should read an article such as:

And that will explain to you why revenue goes to only 25 devs...

oh and the article this whole discussion is about, talks about the app-store aswell as play store.
+Paul Flowers hear hear! Apple staff me thinks (or, like religions, will ignore facts to ensure their faith in their brand stays strong)
After all, as you quite rightly pointed out, there are many, many, many (can I fit one more??? I think so) MANY! apps on the play store that are branded, as-popular, cheaper et
I'm not going to defend the crap on the play store but I'm 100% sure there are pointless fart apps on the Apple app store too...
There IS an incredible amount of noise in both stores, from what I've seen. Call it crap, or call it trivia, next time you browse the "New and Noteworthy" list in your respective store, ask yourself how many of those apps are going to be used a year from now? Who makes those? Chances are quite good that it's one of the top 25.

Look at the apps on your own phone that you fire up at least once a day, or once a week. How many of those, especially non-game software, are you going to be using a year from now? Why? And who developed them?

I've got something over 200 apps installed on my iPhone as I type this; I use perhaps 20 apps more than once a week. A couple of those are very specialised apps written for a very narrowly-defined market that I happen to be a member of. The rest all share a few traits: regular bugfix updates; developed by a team or company rather than a lone developer; ferociously tight focus on features that make sense in context, well thought through and implemented with the old Apple ideal of "good enough, isn't". My Android device tells a similar story, but with a "larger" constellation of less than 50 apps I even bother keeping on the system, let alone use regularly (again, about the same absolute number).

It seems a reasonably hypothesis that, no matter how much of a "collector" a user is (e.g., my iPhone), she or he will only actually use a limited number of those. Call it avoiding decision fatigue; call it just getting things done. I've heard lots of people talk about how many apps they install. But I've never heard anyone claim to use more than a dozen or two apps, on any computer. I remember a couple of years ago, one of the historically Windows-centric analyst firms published research that said the average Mac owner bought and used twice as many apps as the average Windows licensee. Neither of those were, as I recall, more than I would expect my 75+-year-old father, for instance, to carry around in his head from day to day. Neither of those numbers were higher than I'd reasonably carry around in my head.

I think that's the true crux of it: people only use a limited number of applications because people generally have other things to do in life; even people, like many of us, whose livelihood revolves around apps. Given that limited attention span, excellence, especially repeatable excellence, counts for a lot. Generally, that takes more resources than any but a small, lucky few small developers can manage. And most apps, quantitatively, are written by… small developers. Qualitatively? If they started out small, they don't tend to stay that way.
Oh look it's Google's agony aunt +Paul Flowers ....I wished i worked for apple and yes I have problem with android as it's not living up to expectations on my note 2 boom-- wasn't expecting that was you
Yes I was.. You have consistently made snide remarks about android in favour of apple for quite a while now. Yet you still bought a note 2.. Why? More money that sense?
Either way a Samsung phone wouldn't live up to my expectations either, but luckily with android I'm not tied to one specific device..

Now where exactly do you feel Samsung's android has failed you? I will see if I can aid you in using the device.. (I know they're not as "intuitive" as apple products).
I only bought one cuz A) am not a blind fanboy despite my unwavering preference for Apple B) didn't want to wait upto 4 weeks for I phone 5 nor fancy paying serious somes of money to 3rd party retail stores that stocked them
C) if I was going to switch to Android I might as well jump in at the deepend with the biggest baddest device out there.
This device has failed me A) despite its beast like
Specs the experience is quite bug ridden and the os quite choppy. ..4.1.1
The play store like I said is a joke the same apps I had on ios I can't get via the play store due to my location however I'm told I can't change my location settings for the play store unlike ios app store
Also it's only 1.7gb ram and not the 2gb as often quoted and I've only got under 11gb internal memory.i know no one ever gets the true 16gb but to be missing over 5gb is a bit ridiculous and no i don't have the phone packed with content. The keyboard is also quite hit and miss. Is swype now baked into android or available as a separate App? Now I understand 4.2.1 is the latest os yet I've no idea if or when I will get it. .. Apple have their shortcomings too but I'm not fully convinced Android nor Samsung are any better. Now let's see bb10 cuz that looks promising and I wish Webos could replicate the success of Android
oooh think you hit a nerve there Paul!

Shouldn't have bought a Samsung branded phone then... get a Nexus, they're awesome...
Well most of the issues you pointed out are more Samsung related than android related. 4.2 won't bring anything to an OEM device so I wouldn't worry about that too much.
The 5gb memory loss will be down to the size of Samsung's touchwiz/android and the bundled in apps.

You would be best getting a nexus before making a comparison as the nexus is the iPhone equivalent.. Very easy to make a stable system when you only make one phone a year..

With regards to the market place.. You cant change you locale because its based on ip address.. Try a VPN.
Also find all the lovely apps that you have to pay for on iPhone yet are free on android.
Oh and you complain about 1.7gb ram.. How much does the iPhone have btw?
It will have 2gb in it I assure you, 300+mb will be cached data and not display in SYS info.
Paul is right... Android hater or not, you can't make a fair comparison with a non stock Android phone.
Sure 300mb won't be missed just seemed a little odd. I have a vpn (again couldn't install via play store) I will try out the play store whilst it's active. I phone has 1gb ram if am not mistaken-- yet I don't see any benefit in this device for having double the ram.
As for the free apps that other wise I'd pay for on ios, well if I could at least download them to begin with I might agree with you. However the same app I downloaded on ios I simply can't get or download in the play store.
And drew I believe it's a fair comparison seeming Samsung are market leaders and the poster boy for Android. As for the nexus my friend has one and I'll check it out. 
Personally I see market leaders to mean best marketing strategy, I don't personally believe the mass consumer market is interested in snap-this or exynos-that.. Or care about quad vs dual any more than as a bragging right.

Android is designed for the nexus and essentially ported to other devices.
I am sorry you're in an excluded region of the world with regards to the play store.
With that in mind... you should have got an iPhone :P
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