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Wii U: Expert viewpoints on Nintendo's games console launch - will you be getting one?
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So companies can buy a "What's hot" post now? Four pluses and one comment at the time of me posting my comment.. This is not what is hot.. For shame +Google 
+Erik Slavik: It is also 'recommended', it's not just stuff that is already successful. The BBC are pretty big, it makes sense for their stuff to be highlighted as worth reading. I'm not saying it's definitely not some sort of sponsorship thing, but I think it's probably more benign than that.
Whats with the Apple fetish in all things tech news related, seriously.
i think the wii u will be ok considering it is out before xbox 720 and ps4 but they will be making a loss in the console so nintendo may or may not lose money. it is probable that they might get a near      break-even
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