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Payments by text message service to launch in UK in spring 2014 - this seems overdue!!
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this is mpesa... mobile money transfer only invented by Kenya!
come on guys! it truely is long overdue. welcome aboard though, Kenya has been using this Mpesa system for like 10yrs now.
I'm pretty certain I will not be opting in to this.. I have enough concerns about security without adding to it!
As long as the Money Text is free of service provider charging then its a welcolme step in cashless transactions.
Bravo, kudos and keep it up kenya for a world wide pioneering move in transaction deals.
Its been around for about a year in Nigeria where it's called mobile money 
New world order! Government control over money
Fail, we had that in Norway for 10 years now, impossible if a company pays your phone bill directly. Want NFC based solution now
paid bus fares by text already about 5 years ago in Sweden
I remember a few years ago the string of Bluetooth hacking (especially at festivals and large gathering) where a group were using an exploit to get mobiles to dial premium rate numbers, and there has always been SMS scams either charging via premium SMS or tricking the user to dial a PRS or more recently a Shortcode. This is an awful idea and there are more secure App or Hardware based ways to pay. Seems an outdated development and it'd be disappointed if Tax payer money is being used to develop this or pass legislation/law around it's use.
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