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Atari files for bankruptcy, hopes to survive by selling off Pong and other assets <Pong is having its assets frozen :(
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Info games bought them after the jaguar 64
Kee Lo
Sad news, still have my ST
Atari has been a corporate shell for over a decade used to brand games written by other companies.  There's been no "new" atari product since the 90's.  All they've done with the Atari assets is sue anyone trying to create retro experiences of their old games (even the crummy 2600 ones!)  And THAT is VERY sad.
Atari has been dead a long time 
+Rich Tornambe Its not PlayStation, xbox  , wii or anything else come to that but as one of the elder statesmen of the gaming industry , show it some respect !
I hope they manage to survive  one way or another. The father of the gaming industry must not die!
I hope they rise from this and revent the gaming word, like they did.

Atari ste 1040 the peak for atari
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