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Programming project comes to primary schools - imagine a future when kids grow up coding... we think it's pretty exciting. Do you?
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It's good to see stuff like this kicking off again, especially now the Pi is out and about if schools need a cheap computer.

When I was at school we were lucky enough to be on the rise of the BBC micro in schools and had a few but beyond some basic BASIC it was desktop publishing orientated.

Secondary school was worse than Primary and I didn't get started until college. After a long break from coding it is now part of my day job in a minor way and I enjoy writing scripts.

Watching the kids at home get to grips with the laptop or the iPad is amazing, the youngest being two has no issues with using and finding what he wants on the iPad, games at this stage, but hopefully the start of a lifelong interest in technology.
Be interesting to see how this project pans out.
what a great project. i hope they make a go of it.
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