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Facebook Will Let People You Don't Know Message Your Inbox For $1 - we can see this being unpopular too
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I don't use my fb account much at all, but this could well have me deactivating it... well, maybe after sending a message or two to Zuck first...
Deactivation time soon. 
+Ahmad AlAmer the more I look at FaceBook it just seams well tatty.... a messy interface like MySpace before it went to the wall... (new MySpace looks natty BTW)
At some point most of Facebook users are going to turn the backs on the company . Facebook will become like bebo, hi5 and myspace because people will turn to something else. 
What exactly is wrong with fb and where are they getting these ideas from? 
+Adetola Ibitoye they made wad's of cash selling information on peoples activity online (same as google). Now they have shareholders and on the stock market  they have got to push any crazy renenue stream they can think of - to justify the widly over priced stock price when they sold up  
Thats nothing costs anybody £1 million to send me a message via Facebook.  Least thats my price to open a Facebook account, even chuck in a freind invite for gratis.

That said with my acidic overture and love for Facebook most pointly bestowed upon many occasions I suspect Mr Zuckerberg may actualy pay me that as a good PR investment in coutering negative marketing.
bye bye facebook, your time is up....
Between Facebook and Instagram, Zuckerberg is probably one of the biggest cause of high blood pressure these days!
+Amit Shah because of there high user base they think they can do what they want.... people will moan a bit and then put up and shut up - a few more sh*ty ideas like this and I think it will hit a critical mass and they will go the way of myspace
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