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The 'Doctor Who: Best of the Christmas Specials' is set to air on December 24th, and we're giving you a chance to be featured alongside the musings of Hardwick, Adsit, and others.

Grab your camera and upload video of yourself responding to some of our questions. Remember to make your video clever, festive, and fun!

See the questions and upload here: We want YOU in the next Doctor Who Special!
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When does the the sixth Doctor Who season come out in America?
Not to change the subject prsay but how do i find the 1rst Doc. Who videos?
Stop necroing this post. Sheesh it's been nine months since they posted this and four months since BBCA has put anything up on G+

Let it go....
Sweet! But the closest thing to a vid cam I have is my iPhone...and 10 people on the planet look good like that.
+Sike Mapleton , did you even stop and think that maybe they're reusing this call...for THIS up-coming Holiday Season when they're Intro'ing the new Companion, before you started bitching about it?
Just wondering.