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Azure Mallone
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Azure Mallone

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Worst Sunday...
24 hr flu bug.

Whatever it was, it was a different strain. I already had the really bad flu. Apparently, this one wasn't on the same level, but damn if it didn't fuck me up. It began with waking up to explosive bowels and ended with pain everywhere.

Tried to post, but my headache and pains were too much. Anyhow, fought it off. My defenses proved to be far superior. My white blood cells are like little Judge Dreads.

Still, I had to contend with the aftermath of the war inside. Pic related...
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Just make sure to drink lots of fluids to replenish those lost.
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Azure Mallone

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This is what my intestines told me...
... moments before I sent myself flying into the restroom like a shrieking banshee.

A great way to wake up and stay in shape...
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+Le Andre' Ward not IBS -- 24 hr flu bug attempted to invade Azureland and got ass raped by a large force of highly trained, mobile suited white corpuscles.
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Azure Mallone

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Them skills.
Donna “Diva” A originally shared:
Dat Moment when he finds out she got skills Nom Nom Nom lol 
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Azure Mallone

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What you don't see is the Persian rug she kicked over the cliff before her shout out.

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Isn't this shot from 'hippie hill' too? :)
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Azure Mallone

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Dear Diary...
Today, someone tested my power...

A minion destroyed them. I try to be polite and supple. As any good girl would... I educated my team to know their boundaries. Never to push them unless needed...

But my inner Buffy came out today as well. And I'm not going to let my subordinates be pushed into doing something against policy. So I stood on it and smashed the bitch who would have made shit bad.

Still, it altruistic as their perceived stance may be... I am the queen and you need to get past me.

Rule one, fuckers.

Learn it.
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+Teresa Samwell do you even English?
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Azure Mallone

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So this just happened...
I just saw one of my workers properly stand up to a middle manager from another department.

The song really ties this feel into this pic of the event. I couldn't be prouder when my lead-by-example method produces positive quantifiable results in my subordinates.
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+Teresa Samwell awh, you're so cute! Boom like my ego. That's such a widdle kid nonsensical correlation to make. :::head noogies:::

Go play in the street.
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Azure Mallone

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A beautiful positive story from a tragedy.
She died and gave life to four people.
A brain-dead woman was kept on life support for more than seven weeks so the baby she was carrying could survive, Omaha doctors said.
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Mya Kay
Beautiful. Not only did she save her son and organ recipients, but having her son will bring joy and happiness to the loved ones who are grieving. 
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Azure Mallone

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This reporter (like many) doesn't entirely understand what she's reporting. She's regurgitating and trying to make sense out of it.

Food for thought: (because I read, researched and understand a bit of what's being said on the source blog)

1. The law of conservation of energy is not being violated. The microwaves are not pushing on the inside to make it go in any direction. The real fun is in quantum mechanics. QM states a law of conservation of information. It's similar, just know that information cannot be deleted in the same way it cannot be cloned.

A stronger version of the no-cloning theorem and the no-deleting theorem provide permanence to quantum information. To create a copy one must import the information from some part of the universe and to delete a state one needs to export it to another part of the universe where it will continue to exist. -

Therefore, inside the drive, information is created in an open time-like curve. The information states that the microwaves are in motion toward the back. However, the microwaves reflect and say they are still in motion to the back, despite going forward, because another wave maintains direction without prior knowledge of the first wave's reflection. So the waves share information and the first reflects again, joining the next unaware wave as they cross the second wave. Each successive wave is a frame of reference that thinks they are going faster and faster, but are the same first wave.

They have not cloned. They have become entangled. However, each successive wave becomes stronger and louder, like ocean waves crashing against a sea wall. The universe is aware that the microwaves say they are in motion in only one direction. So, the information is being conveyed, cannot be deleted, and the universe says energy cannot be destroyed and momentum must be conserved, which would result in a paradox, so the universe says, "oh, you're moving... OK." The thruster then moves because the universe has to move it - the universe is a closed time-like curve.

2. It's similar to a warp bubble, but it isn't a warp drive. The warping of spacetime is isolated to the interior of the drive. It's being caused by frame dragging.

Frame dragging is what happens to matter, big examines like planetary and stellar cores, and more notably black holes or small examples like spinning particles that slow down over time and align with bigger spinning objects. General relativity states that dense matter warps spacetime. Not to be confused with a warp drive (which also warps spacetime), frame dragging states:

Since the energy absorbed by spacetime has to go somewhere, many scientists predict that spacetime would be "bunched up," or folded. This can also be phrased as a curvature (bend) in spacetime. This would indicate that the particle generated gravity. The reason that this theory is called "frame dragging" is probably due to the effect of particles effectively "dragging" or "grabbing" spacetime as they spin. Not only would space be curved, but time would as well.

This explains the inferometer readings. The interference pattern is similar because it's the predicted result of frame dragging as described by the warp field equations for doing a similar process. The difference is this: You can move a car with a jet engine, but you can really move a car inside a jet.

3. The test success only is a step, it doesn't prove more than the drive is working. How it's working is still being investigated. It may not be violating physics, but it may be capitalizing on yet unknown physical laws or some medium we cannot detect currently.

4. If it does really work, one drive is not the end all. These test models are very small. Their power increases with size. Yet, there is a law of diminishing returns once you get too big. Nothing stops you from strapping on multiple thrusters for a combined effect, except cooling and energy generating mass. You still have to fuel the thruster and it generates a lot of heat.

5. It's more am inertial dampener than warp drive in energy generation mode. When in this mode, motion is converted back to energy. It's not efficient, but it will generate electricity in exchange for slowing the thruster down. This is two principles: Conservation of Momentum and Frame Dragging.

6. The warp drive projects a bubble around a ship, formed to generate a wave of gravity that the ship rides in like a car. The universe sees the tilt in gravity and moves the spacetime bubble, not the ship. The warp drive creates a closed time-like curve. This is opposite the EmDrive. Inside a warp bubble, time flows at the same rate as the starting point. Now that I think of it, that would explain the concern of operating a warp drive inside a deep gravity well. Not only would making the bubble prove difficult, you would carry that frame of reference until you stopped and started again.

Example: You're in a well of 7:1 (watch interstellar to get the reference) where 7 years pass for every one year in your perspective. If you leave Earth seven years ago without stopping and stop in such a well, only seven years has passed. If you turn around right away and leave the well to return to Earth without stopping, 56 years will have passed on Earth but you thought you only were gone for 14 years. Conversely, if you went from Earth to another 1:1 gravity well seven years away, turned around and came home, 14 years would have passed for you and on Earth.

This has to do with general relativity. It's also probably a better explanation as to why the warp drive doesn't violate causality.

We're getting there, but let's keep the cray cray down to a manageable level, OK? Keep calm and stay rational. I could even be wrong.
Star Trek seems to have done it again.

So how long till Gene Roddenberry story researchers and writers are discovered to be from the future.
Nasa has tested an electromagnetic propulsion drive in a vacuum and sent beams faster than the speed of light.
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Azure Mallone

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So recently, I was under attack by a couple of trolls...
They claimed I said and did not do things.
But despot as they may be,
And irritating as any shall be...
They missed their mark.
Writing a lot.
Worrying their message may not be received.

So down they went.
Along the tirade they gave.
Upset that one of their own used their true profile against me.

Care I not.
For they're root of rot,
They fall by the side of too little, didn't read.

And for those they tried to scare,
Out of their underwear...
That I'd do the same to them.

Of course I would.
Because of the one rule:
Fuck not Azure
And you shall be understood.
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+Teresa Samwell like your ass?
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Azure Mallone

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A dear friend of mine shared this...
And it inspired something horribly awesome in me, because it reminds me of the ship in Event Horizon.

Tony: Natasha... this suit has gone farther than I had dreamed possible.
Jarvis: Um... Sir.
Natasha: Tony, we talked about this -- Talk to Pepper about your sex life.
Tony: It's gone beyond the boundaries of this Universe...
Jarvis: Sir, that's not even remotely true.
Tony: Quiet, I'm working here.
Steve: Don't look at me, I took out the trash. What is it with you people and not doing chores?
Tony: Can.... Can I just... Can I just finish here? I'm like... doing a thing. Here.
Jarvis: Sir, I'm trying to tell you that ...
Tony: Jarvis, not another word until I'm finished.
Jarvis: Yes, sir...
Tony: Now... where was I... Ah, right. Ahem... Bruce, this suit has come back as something more.
Bruce: Um, did someone forget to throw out the shawarma from last week?
Tony: Really?
Clint: Oh... wow... Nice... suit. Is Tony in there?
Jarvis: Unfortunately, yes. As you can clearly see, I'm better equipped.
Tony: What did I say, Jarvis?
Jarvis: Right, sir. But may I...?
Tony: No. Now... Sam... where was I?
Sam: Nice suit, Tony. Event Horizon model? Should I tell him?
Tony: Yes, now that my moment has been RUINED! Tell me what?
Maria: Your fly's down.
Tony: I don't have a fly.
Thor: Ah ha! See there? A real warrior has no fear of exposing their most sensitive flesh to their adversaries. Excellent job, my friend! It is both distracting and disturbing.
Tony: :::looks down::: SHIT!
Jarvis: That's what I've been trying to tell you, sir. The lower pelvic armor fell off.
Tony: Take a note. Fix armor. Never jump from shower into armor after having a brilliant idea, without putting on clothes.
Jarvis: Would this replace the previous note of the same ilk?
Tony: Whatever. Thor, stop staring. :::walks off:::
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Oh that works!
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Azure Mallone

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It wouldn't be Danica Patrick...
If she didn't eye the finish line before she reached it.

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I am a cat in a box staring at you. Maybe.
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