Earth Day 2017 - My Planet. My Part.

We'd like to invite all of you to participate in the second Create Earth Day Initiative.


THEME: we encourage personal posts that address your own thoughts/feelings/actions on this Earth Day. The idea here is to not to share content that is available elsewhere but it is unique to you.

1. You create an original post on the theme: Earth Day 2017 - My planet. My part. The content is up to you: photos, text, video etc, whatever inspires you.

2. You post it to G+ public, under whatever Collection is the most suitable, on Earth Day in whichever of your collections makes most sense to you.

3. POST TIMING: Wherever you are on April 22, 2017 post and share your contribution, whatever time is convenient for you.
However, if you would like G+to consider your post for promotion through their Create A Better Earth collection, you have to post before Friday.


Examples from last year:

+Nina Trankova shared her personal involvement with a community that is creating numerous green policies.

I talked about cleaning our beaches.

And there were posts on the ecosystem, the role of bees and the threat of rising sea levels.

Looking forward to your posts!
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