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1995! Nostalgic! Bata pa ako nito, pero naalala ko parati kong naririnig yung With A Smile, theme song kasi to ng mga tita at tito na umiibig.hihi

1995 din noong nilabas yung ang pambansang awit ng barkada, Ang Huling El Bimbo. At dalawang taon mula noon, sumikat sa Asya yung El Bimbo, noon din ako unang natuto tumugtog ng gitara. At syempre, ano pa ba ang unang kantang matutunan ko, Ang Huling El Bimbo!!!

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YouTube Game
1. Pick random video on youtube
2. Pause at 0:00
3. Press and hold left arrow
4. Press down arrow
5. Enjoy!


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By popular demand, we’re rolling out a feature that lets you disable comments and lock your posts before sharing to the Google+ stream. Watch the video to see how it works, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Ebby and I’m an engineer on the Google+ Sharing team.

One of my favorite parts about Google+ is how circles help me control who I share things with. And if I want to go a step further, I can do things like disable comments, or lock my post to make sure no one reshares it.

We've heard from many of you that you want these disable and lock options before you share, not after. So today I'm happy to say that we're doing exactly that. Let me show you how it works.

Say I want to share this picture from my friend's party. As usual, I choose the circles I want to share with. But as I hover over the sharebox, you’ll notice I can now disable comments and lock the post -- before sharing to the Stream.

We hope these features help you feel even more secure about sharing on Google+. We'll keep listening, and rolling out more improvements in the coming weeks and months, so let us know what you think!

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nice short. mahna mahna! :)

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I'll be waiting with a hanky...
Heads up: Major Facebook changes launching today

From Mashable: "On Thursday, developers will be elated, users will be shellshocked and the competition will look ancient. On Thursday, Facebook will be reborn. Prepare yourselves for the evolution of social networking."

Full article from +Ben Parr here:

Should Google+ be worried? Is Facebook about to get an insurmountable lead?

Wait?! Did Microsoft purchase Facebook already?... The recent Facebook update works perfect with IE.

Nope. It's just Chuck Testa.


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Some more tips and tricks for using Google+ search:

* Saved searches are like streams When you hit the "Save this Search" button, you're creating a new stream that shows up below your ordinary streams. Circle streams are built around groups of people; search streams are built around common interests. So if you save (e.g.) "BBC Sherlock", what you're saving is a stream of people who are interested in that show. It can be a great place to meet people, and to talk about the things you care about.

* You can use hashtags like #plustips Hashtags are just strings that begin with a # symbol, but people use them to identify subjects or topics of interest. Stick those in your posts, and you can search for them, too. (For example, check out the searches for #plustips or #storycircle) And hashtagging is a collaborative effort: if you add a hashtag in a comment, that tags the post as well.

* You can share searches The URL you get when you do a search is just<whatever>. You can share this link around and other people get that same search stream; they don't have to be logged in, or even Google+ users, in order to see that link. (Of course, if you aren't logged in, you'll only see public content)

And of course, we're working intensely on making Google+ search a more and more powerful experience. We want to turn these searches into a place where you can find your (and your friends') content, where you can find people, and where people with common interests can meet and talk -- and there's a lot more in the works to make that happen!

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I miss NURock.

Alam mo yung minsan, pag wala kang mapiling kanta sa “over-played mp3 playlist” mo, bubuksan mo ang radyo (o mag-stream online) at ipauubaya mo na lang ang lahat sa NU107. Nakaka-miss yun! Lalo na noong panahon na wala pa nung ipod o mp3 mahal pa ang CD o DVD meron lang NURock. Solb ka na sa NU maghapon, magdamag.

NU107 is DWNU FM at 107 dot 5 megahertz in Pasig… Home of NU Rock.

Pero wala ng NURock, mag iisang taon na din pala. Heto pa nga yung Huling Kanta na isina-ere nila: The Final Song Before The Signing-off Of NU107
… la la la la la la la la… lumipas ang maraming taon, di na tayo nagkita… magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig na tunay…

Mabuti na lang nandyan ang DIGRadio. Isa syang internet radio at nandun din yung ilang NU jocks.
Heto link:

Hahaha. Trip. :P
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