Carnival of Cultures in Berlin.
Just as every other year, Berlin is going to proudly present the Carnival of Cultures, which will take place between May 25th and May 28th in 2012, with a four-day street-festival, the Parade (28th of May) and various parties throughout the whole city.
Berlin is home to more than 450,000 people from around the world and proud to be the most international city in Germany. The Carnival of Cultures pays tribute to Berlin’s ethnic diversity and the peaceful coexistence of its different cultures with this fun spring festival.
The Berlin Carnival of Cultures is a four-day open-air festival with exotic food and drinks, concerts, performances, and parties.
The colorful highlight of the festivities is the street parade, where more than 4,500 performers in authentic costumes, elaborately decorated floats, and musicians from over 70 different countries dance through the streets of Berlin.
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