Growing Gap in CPS Need and Resources
A data report released by the Department of Economic Security last week shows the growing gap between the capacity of Child Protective Services and what's needed to protect children from abuse and neglect. During the six months from April to September 2011, the number of reports to CPS surged by more than 2,000 and the number of children living in foster care grew by 828. At the same time, the number of CPS staff dropped by 78 and the number of foster homes fell by 99. CPS is struggling to meet the growing need in our communities.

Click below to see a summary of the new data and current CPS conditions.

Buried deep in the details of the state budget is an issue that could make this problem even more severe -- with fatal consequences for some Arizona children and permanent harm for some who survive. Arizona is losing federal funds that have been supporting CPS. Governor Brewer has proposed replacing these funds with $45 million in state funds to sustain current Child Protective Services. But the budget approved by two legislative committees puts in zero dollars. Without this funding, CPS will fall much further behind and kids will be in danger.
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