You Can Help End the Freeze for KidsCare
Since 1998, KidsCare has linked working families with affordable health insurance through a public-private partnership. But today thousands of qualified children in Arizona remain frozen out of KidsCare health care coverage. Since KidsCare was frozen two years ago, enrollment has plummeted from 47,000 to 12,000, and the tremendous gains Arizona had made in insuring children have begun to erode.

This week, the Appropriations Committees will be meeting to examine the AHCCCS budget that includes KidsCare. And Arizona’s lawmakers are already beginning private discussions about what should be in next year’s budget. They need to hear from you that KidsCare should be at the top of the list! With the money the state already invests and $10.7 million offered by three hospitals to help pay for KidsCare, it would take just $6 million more next year for Arizona to end the KidsCare freeze – less than the increase the Governor has proposed in her budget for tourism.

Please click on the link and contact your legislators to tell them you support ending the KidsCare enrollment freeze to give more kids the opportunity to stay healthy, grow up strong, and do well in school.
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