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Are there any possibilities of taking 2 courses in summer semester? I believe only one course is allowed in summers, but would the registrar office entertain any exceptional scenarios?


Guys, really need your help - my brain is fried.

Scenario: I haven't finished the foundational requirements, so I can take only 2 courses max.
I really want to take ML4T and DVA, which I am waitlisted in, but I just got into Comp. Photography. I have 12 hours to decide to take CP or wait for other courses.
Can I Register for CP and if DVA and ML4T both are offered, I drop CP, and take those two?
OR, I register for CP, take one of either DVA or ML4T?
OR, ignore CP for now, and wait for DVA and ML4T?

Historically, how many seat are usually there in DVA (CSE 6242)? I have a waitlist number of 315 (!) and I am wondering if there will be enough seats added (and people dropping the course) that I can get in...

To all 6300-ers, what exactly were the previous final exam dates? And anyone has an idea about the exact date of final exam for 6300 SDP? I just booked a flight for 14th December and realized that the final are between 8th to 15th December
... yikes

So, I had my account locked out without moving locations.
I happen to use multiple laptops - and yesterday I accessed my GT account from my office laptop while at home, which I believe was routing all traffic via one of our servers based in Europe (I wasn't connected to VPN, but I have an idea that the default proxy in my office laptop which we unfortunately cannot change forces the web requests to be routed from some other location than my original physical location - to filter web access). I haven't paid the fee yet and tomorrow's the last day and the OIT doesn't open till Monday morning, so its kind of frustrating.

I am thinking to start using GT VPN religiously to access my GT account.

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For all those fresh entrants who are looking for links to communities for the courses they are registering, please refer to this document:

It is under the "About Community" section fo the new G+ layout (lower left hand corner).

Registration was supposed to start 6:00 pm ET on 12th August (today), but now it says that I can register starting 15th August 8 am. Is it me or has everyone this new registration window? 

The rain-weeping and the sun burning twine together to make us grow.
- Rumi

Much love for Karachi.

Rain... Karachi 's true love, returns. KESC lashes out in a jealous fit of rage.

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“I can do things like that, I can spin skies,
I can be woven into love that can bring warmth to people;
I can be soft against a crying face,
I can be wings that lift, and can travel on my thousand feet throughout the earth, my sack filled with the sacred.”

- Rumi
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