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Ayushmaan Singh
Nomosots "The Firm" Provides Legal Outsourcng Services (Saves time & 50% Cost monthly) exclusively for lawyers & lawfirms based in US/INDIA.
Nomosots "The Firm" Provides Legal Outsourcng Services (Saves time & 50% Cost monthly) exclusively for lawyers & lawfirms based in US/INDIA.


If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

- Jim Rohn
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Nomosots does not believe, only in giving promises just to lure customers but is actually very keen on keeping those. We assure our customers of the best quality service from us. Our other customers have got no complaints from us because they are highly content and impressed by our works in all these years. Nomosots is working in this field since many years and we have gathered a huge experience in the LPO industry.
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Nomosots offers you several legal services. Some of which are stated as follows :- Litigation Support Services, Legal Research Services, Paralegal Support Services, Medico Legal Services, Documents Drafting Services, Documents Review Services, Contract Management, Patent Search Services, Patent Proof Reading, E –Discovery, Bankruptcy Support Services, Legal Transcription Writing, Deposition Summaries/ Indexing, etc. These services ease the work load of individual lawyers and lawyers working in law firms, instead they can focus on their core business and work towards enhancing profits.
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Our outstanding and quality services have made it handy for numerous lawyers out there to get victorious and draw the acknowledgement we had always been desired.

As doing LPO for law firms is just as to chew iron grams as the service contributor is expected to furnish effectiveness, productivity, money saving and triumph in the market but we take pride in getting the best in every outsourcing services.
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Nomosots as an LPO (Legal process outsourcing) industry is experiencing a boost day by day.

Legal process outsourcing as an industry is experiencing a boost day by day. There is a cut throat competition between all service providers in the market and amidst all this competition we are here to provide you with best services by our legal experts. Our prime focus is always giving the best output of our work and satisfies lawyers & law firms because we believe that satisfaction of Lawyers & Law firms is the only yardstick of success. Nomosots delivers you the best services with a perfect blend of profitability and quality.

Nomosots Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is the leading law firm in India which is offering lawyers with the best of legal outsourcing service. We are here to accomplish all your day to day legal works in the most efficient way and in the minimum cost. Your day to day legal tasks are done by our highly qualified lawyers.

We are available for Lawyers & Law firms 24*7. Moreover due the advantage of different time zones you can send all your legal works to us in the evening and expect it to be done by the next day morning. We are one of the best legal service providers in India with the best of professionals working for you.

Nomosots are here to help you with all kinds of legal tasks of your company like:
1. Documents coding
2. Reviewing of documents
3. Litigation support
4. Medico legal support
5. Legal and corporate services
6. Administrative services
7. Secretarial services
8. Legal research
9. Legal advisory services
10. Summarization of documents
11. Paralegal support
12. Data entry services

Outsourcing your legal works to Nomosots will be of great benefit to you. These benefits are jotted down below:-
a. Huge cost reduction – Our professionals can complete your legal tasks in a minimum cost. The cost is reduced to almost 50% than the cost in US.
b. Advantage of Time zones – Due to complete different time zones it is the best option of outsourcing your tasks to us.
c. Focus on business – Outsourcing helps you to focus on your core business activities.
d. English speaking lawyers – We have all fluent English speaking lawyers and attorneys which makes it easy for you to communicate.
e. Better understanding of common law – Our professionals has a better understanding of the English Common Law which is the most important thing.
f. 24*7 service and reporting – We are here to provide you with our 24*7 service and reporting.

Apart from all these benefits, Nomosots understands the privacy of work between our lawyers and our clients. We give great importance to the confidentiality of matters and don’t compromise on it in any way.
With all the experience we have gathered in all these years we are sure to deliver you the best of quality work to the growing companies and as well as to those companies who are in their nascent stage of growth.

We are sure of enhancing your business and help you make humongous amounts of profit. Since very long we are handling the legal tasks of other offshore law firms and help achieve success in their businesses.
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A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.
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Working hand in hand with Nomosots will offer you several benefits like a reduction in labor cost, 24/7 work and reporting hours, common law doctrines and several others. The services include PI Lawyers Support, Real Estate Lawyer Support, Litigation Support, Real Estate Lawyer Support, Analytical Services, Motivational Services, an Operational Support and an Integrated Business Support. The Legal Process Outsourcing would encompass these:
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Merry Christmas to you and family. Happy Holidays.
#Nomosots #Lawaid
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Merry Christmas!
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