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Via +Michele Predmore
This is huge. First person cured of the HIV virus.

Cured: Doctors are being inspired by Timothy Brown who was infected with HIV for more than a decade when he was given an transplant of bone marrow with HIV resistant cells in 2007.


Best part, it was an accident! :) 

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It's good, but... isn't this quite old news? I mean, it was 5 years ago, and since then it's been on the news quite a few time.
+1 doesn't seem to sufficiently express it somehow. :-)
Incredible! Fingers crossed for a scalable solution!
Wow. It would be good to have (say) 20 people confirmed as being cured to make sure that there are no other factors involved.
It was no accident, the donor was chosen for the resistance-gene.
Ada M
...Let the orgies resume?
It disgusts me that this breakthrough has not been constantly on the news for the past 5 years.  And triple funded.
They make it too easy for us to believe we are being lied to and manipulated every minute.  Also killed.
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