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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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The Pinned Welcome Post

Hello, profile visitor. Welcome to my little corner of Google+ :)

Take a look around, say hello, listen to some music, join a discussion... Whatever you do, be cool :D
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☺️Hello !!
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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This is so cute! :D

Be sure to click the link and read the whole thing :)
This actually works: Win. Note: I’m not the original author. Related
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I totally misread this as How to Scare a Sad Person.
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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That's just crazy!
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+Ambra Vanderpool I'm terribly unhip to anything post, say, '94. 
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Me in three characters...

Mal Reynolds: I'm like him because I'm a dreamer. I'll put effort into the dream, no matter how far away it looks.
Oliver Wood: Stubborn and focused. When I'm in one of my obsessions, all things are measured by how they affect my obsession.
Inigo Montoya: Open and relaxed. Yes, if I was about to have a duel to the death, I would allow my opponent rest and tell him (or her) my life's story, and regret the need to fight them :P

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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Ok, so, I'm a little late sharing this, but something reminded me of it.

Here's my question, though: Doesn't that cut scene at the end of the video make you think that ME: Andromeda is just Borderlands 3, BioWare style?

#Gaming   #Crosspostall  
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Had a chat with a new therapist today... He thinks I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and that the anxiety led to stress which led to depression.

I agree with him. I've always been the worrier, and with my imagination... Well, let's just say I can devise some pretty insane scenarios.

When I see him again in a couple of weeks, we're going to start working on ways to reduce the amount I worry.

Should be fun :P
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yes,good luck,mine says it is all related...but have you got to where your subconcious is making deals you know nothing about....
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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This is what I got up to today :D

Our UK correspondent shares his thoughts on Marvel's latest cinematic adventure!
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you're alive! yay!
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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This is brilliant! 
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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When you're in-game and turning your wrist to see your watch could mean the difference between life and death...

When you're watching a show and you can't tear your eyes from the screen...

When you're just too damned lazy to lift your arm to see the time, or even glance sideways to see your phone screen...

"Alexa, what's the time?"

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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Busy week last week...

Had another therapist appointment, and he's recommending a few brain exercises to stop me from worrying about everything. I'm doing them, but I can't tell yet if they're helping.

Speaking of exercise, I went to the gym today. Planned to do an hour, managed half of that. No pain, because I warmed up and then warmed down, but I really started to feel fatigued.

Better to build up to that hour long session, methinks.

Still not sleeping as well as I'd like... Waking up too often for no reason.

And that's all for this update :) 
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Thanks +Meirav M. :D
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Boosting the signal on this one
Recently I've asked a lot of the WHY questions.... Why did my husband pass away from Glioblastoma. Why me, why us... Don't know those answers yet and not sure I ever will in this life but maybe one reason I do have a microphone everyday is to help raise awareness of this incurable disease. So please watch MidDay Sunday that aired today on +FOX 11 Los Angeles at these links. And I thank you for sharing this.
Midday Sunday: Raising awareness for glioblastoma (Part 1)
Midday Sunday: Raising awareness for glioblastoma (Part 2)
Midday Sunday: Raising awareness for glioblastoma (Part 3)
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And thank u for sharing Signs and symptoms
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Ayoub “Alex” Khote

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Hugging is a martial art :D

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Love the cuteness!
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Excellent facilities, and affordable too!
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The hotel is beautiful and perfectly positioned for jaunts all over the West End. The service from the staff is friendly and impeccable. The rooms however are tiny. Barely enough room for the bed.
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Just had a wonderful baguette and a mint tea. Friendly service and tasty stuff!
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Full of all the best shops, and some great little food places. The best place for non grocery shopping in Leicester!
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Good coffee and selection of drinks, but a little overpriced... Serena provided the best service ever! She's awesome!
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There is an immediate sense of calm upon entry to Inkling. The people are friendly and effortlessly put a nervous first timer at ease. The place is open plan, so whilst getting inked you're surrounded by art and the same relaxing atmosphere. I'll never go anywhere else. Michelle is awesome!
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A wide variety of fruits and veg from around the world. Plenty of choice, but never enough parking
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