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Hello, profile visitor. Welcome to my little corner of Google+ :)

Take a look around, say hello, listen to some music, join a discussion... Whatever you do, be cool :D

My new policy on internet arguments:

Does the statement I want to argue against have a wealth of information available to disprove it outright?

If so, do not engage. Back away slowly.

Does the source of the statement have an account filled with such statements?

If so, do not engage, Back away swiftly.

Is there no chance whatsoever of me being able to convince the person their statement is incorrect?

If so, do not engage and find something more fun to do.

It works :D

We can determine the values and morality of our leaders by their immediate actions.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Queen took time to visit the victims of the fire in London on their first visit to the scene.

Theresa May needed an outcry before she started caring enough about poor people's suffering to visit them.

Actions speak, and any non millionaire that voted for the Conservative party should take note.

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I joined some dating sites. After reading a few profiles, I had to share this song.


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Just been down a rabbit hole that started with MC Hammer and ended here, and went via Chic, Cameo, Carl Douglas, Falco, and The B-52s!

That rabbit hole was... A zone...

Of Danger!

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Got some toffee... It came with a hammer!

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Another bloody brilliant one!

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This is bloody brilliant!

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If anyone is thinking of signing up for the Keystone closed beta, please use this link to increase our chances of getting in 😀
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