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Empathy seems to be missing for people who get lung cancer—“should have known better” is the attitude many cancer patients experience. Even a 6 year old child who lost a lung to cancer feels she must tell people, “I didn’t even smoke!” - See more at:
You think that progress is being made in getting people to rethink the idea that lung cancer is self-inflicted or even deserved. Then a well-known journalist dies. Tributes flow. (1) Until two days later when the tweets are all about the cause of his death. (2) What was the point of using his death to point out that smoking can cause lung cancer? As Janet Freeman Daily, an advocate who has metastatic lung cancer wrote, “Lung cancer has an image p...
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When monitoring people with chronic illnesses or providing specialist care to people in remote areas, there is no significant difference between Telemedicine and face-to-face interactions, according to research. - See more at:
What is telemedicine? Telemedicine has been around for over 40 years, but it is only now getting mainstream attention. So, what is telemedicine and why is it getting so much attention? According to the American Telemedicine Association, “telemedicine is the remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. This includes a wide array of clinical services using Internet, wireless, satellite and ...
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It's important to know you can rely on your #specialtypharmacy for help!
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Researchers have found that sleep deprivation on the cellular level leads to an accumulation of proteins inside the cell. These proteins are not folded correctly and so just can’t work. Sleep helps to clean up these poorly folded proteins. - See more at:
What Does Sleep Do For Us? Researching sleep may seem like a snooze but it is, in fact, far from boring. Indeed, sleep may be one of the most dangerous things animals do. That’s why some animals have worked out ways to stay alert while they sleep. Marine mammals like dolphins and whales are unihemispheric sleepers. During “logging,” one half of their brain is asleep the other half stays alert and ensures that they do not drown. This is known as “...
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The Rising Costs of Specialty Drugs – Specialty Pharmacies Can Mean Savings for Payers, Providers and Patients – Part II - See more at:
In my last post about rising specialty drug costs, I touched on what many believe are price increase catalysts: inappropriate drug access, utilization, and care optimization. When stakeholders throughout the specialty drug continuum do not have collaborative strategies and tools to manage these factors, the result is a higher cost for everyone across the board. With the latest generation of specialty drugs, costs associated with their innovations...
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According to Dr. James Levine of Mayo Clinic, for every hour of sitting we do, we shorten our lives by two hours. - See more at:
Movember: It’s here again, the month where men worldwide start November 1st with a clean shave only to have their faces taken over by a ‘mo.’ What’s a ‘mo?’ It’s Australian lingo for a mustache. (1) The annual Movember fundraising campaign is a worldwide effort for men’s health. Its funds support prostate cancer and testicular cancer research and awareness. Monies have also gone to reducing the stigma of mental illness and providing services ...
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When you hear about a co-worker being treated for sepsis after having their appendix removed, you realize just how prevalent sepsis is. Learn the signs and save a life!
“When did this happen?” That is the question that keeps going through your mind while reading the Flatley family’s account of their experience with sepsis. It sounds like something from the Dark Ages, in a third world country, in a time before antibiotics, IVs, and the word STAT. But this happened in April 2002. Erin Flatley, age 23, had routine hemorrhoid surgery. Seven days later she died from sepsis. In the intervening days between surger...
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Since 2004, Thanksgiving has been declared National Family Health History Day. - See more at:
Everyone’s had this experience…you’re in the doctor’s office filling out all of the forms. There are lists of questions to answer about your health. But there are also questions about the health of your parents, grandparents and siblings. You scratch your head, panic a little, and then leave lots of blank spaces. Yet, while those spaces are blank, the missing actually matter a great deal. Your family health history—your genes—can play a role in...
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The public knows the physical manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—fatigue, weakness, loss of balance and coordination— better than the emotional consequences of the disease. Yet, for people with MS, emotional changes can feel just as disruptive. - See more at:
The public knows the physical manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—fatigue, weakness, loss of balance and coordination— better than the emotional consequences of the disease. Yet, for people with MS, emotional changes can feel just as disruptive. Emotional changes can affect relationships, impair one’s ability to work and significantly reduce their quality of life. Mood Disorders Everyone goes through times when they are irritable or sad. ...
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You don't have to rely on package inserts when dealing w/ this #specialtypharmacy.
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Your Helping Hand..
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We're at The Liver Meeting AASLD in San Francisco! Updating, learning and sharing on liver diseases.
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At Axium, we make life easier for those managing chronic disease and complex therapies—we do this by offering a helping hand and a better path to therapy management.

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