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We are a full service Marketing Company
We are a full service Marketing Company

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Learn how to embed a YouTube video in your website

Do you know that it is possible to embed a YouTube presentation right into the content of your website? With AXIOM, it is easy! Click HERE to learn how.

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Should You Hire Someone to Write your Blog?

If you have a website or even a Facebook page, you may have considered a blog, either self-written or produced by a paid writer. The informational content of a website has a huge impact on how effective your web marketing efforts will be. Design, graphics and technical excellence are all important elements in digital marketing, but in the final analysis people return to your website because the content is engaging, informative and useful. The web is full of pretty sites that fail at web marketing because people view them once and never return.
The quality of a website’s written content has a direct bearing on its search engine ranking and on your internet marketing success. Google, by far the most important search engine ranking organization, has made this clear in its “Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.” Those guidelines state that, “High-quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.” The guidelines go on to say, “…it should, likewise, be written in a professional style and will need to be reviewed, updated, and edited regularly in order to ensure that it remains current and authoritative.”
One of the “killers” for webpage ranking and web marketing success is the presence of poorly produced, out-of-date or plagiarized written content. This is especially true for sites that fall into the “YMYL” (Your Money or Your Life) category. This is Google’s term for sites that can affect a viewer’s happiness, health or wealth. These sites ask you to spend money, frequent a professional practice, buy a product or service, shop at a given store, or make life changing decisions. In short, these are the types of webpages that are produced and maintained by a business marketing organization or an online marketing company like Axiom Administrative Services.
A great many personal websites would not benefit from hiring a professional writer. They are meant to be personal expressions, not business marketing or internet marketing solutions. If the webpage suits the needs and tastes of the owner, leaving it “as is” will hurt nothing of consequence. However, if your webpage or blog on Facebook has a serious online advertising or digital marketing purpose, hiring a writer to do your blog or other content writing may be a good idea.
Keep in mind the fact that this advice is coming from Axiom Administrative Services, an internet marketing company. Obviously, as an online marketing company, we believe that professional help in search engine optimization and web marketing will benefit almost any type of website. However, we also realize that professional help in writing web content and blog articles is not always useful. If your website is intended to help people find your restaurant or to order a pizza, hiring a content writer is not going to help much. For other types of websites, the situation is far different. Clients, patients or customers often visit these sites looking for useful information.

Imagine that you are an accountant or a principal in an accounting firm. Some people might visit your firm’s website simply to get directions or a phone number, but how likely are they to return? Not very, unless your digital marketing content interests or informs them. If your homepage contains a leader into a topic of interest to the viewer, you are far more likely to hold their attention. In tax season, a concise, well written explanation of Form 1040, line 37 might get a casual visitor’s interest and this makes it far more likely that they will stay ‘tuned in’.

Few people would argue that well-written content does not improve a blog or website, but there is a legitimate question as to who should write this material. The best-informed people about the services or products offered by any organization are the people on the “inside.” On the other hand, those people may already have their hands full taking care of business as it is, and they may not be inclined to write anything. Communications experts recommend that when writing assignments are given to in-house employees, they should dedicate a specific amount of time to be spent on the assignment. Most doctors cannot take an afternoon off to write a blog about good immunization practices, most attorneys can’t take time off to write about state probate laws and most small business entrepreneurs are all too busy to take added responsibility.

If the blog, web content or newsletter is part of an ongoing series, this becomes an even greater burden. This is the time for a professional practice, non-profit, small business or entrepreneur to consider hiring an outside writer. We say “small business” because most large firms have their own in-house communications departments that do this task for them. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering this issue:

Is the written content important to the website? This is not always the case; some websites rely more on embedded videos, visual material or other media.
Do I have the skill to write this material myself? Get someone to read your material and give you an honest opinion. You may be surprised.
Do I have the time to do this and is the task worth my time? For many business and professional people, the answer to this question is, “No!”
Can I sustain a blog, a newsletter or the task of updating page content over the long haul? Writing one blog is easy, writing one a week for a year is not.
Can I locate competent writing help? This may be the hardest part!

Content writing is only one part of a successful web marketing, digital marketing or internet advertising effort. The professionals at Axiom Administrative Services (AAS) can help you to master the digital marketing techniques needed to achieve an effective web presence. Axiom is more than an internet marketing agency. AAS is able to combine traditional marketing techniques like printing and direct mail marketing with its creative web marketing services. Please visit our home page to find out how Axiom Administrative Services can fill your web marketing, search engine optimization and other digital marketing needs. You can also call us at 800 888-6348 for a free consultation.

On behalf of Axiom and our Team, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms

Check out our experience with medical websites

Professional practice is changing. AXIOM knows this very well! After all, AXIOM’s founder has an extensive background in medicine. To see examples of Axiom’s medical sites, click HERE.

Consider a newsletter for your clients

Newsletters are important or essential to some types of organizations, building a bond between the reader and the organization itself. See how a newsletter can help your business, non-profit or professional practice. Click on CONSIDER A NEWSLETTER to learn how.

Get full-service marketing with Axiom

Axiom Administrative Services is a FULL SERVICE marketing, internet and web services organization. From printed brochures to online social media marketing, AXIOM can help you meet your digital and traditional marketing objectives. Click on AXIOM to see our full range of services.

How can SEO help your organization?

You have probably heard about Search Engine Optimization and what it can do for your local organization. An important part of SEO is knowing and correctly placing keywords and key phrases. Learn about this important topic by following the link, KEYWORDS AND PHRASES.

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The Role of Social Media in Business

If you are involved in business marketing, digital marketing or any form of internet advertising, you have had some exposure to the idea of using social media. The truth is that the term, “social media” is frequently misunderstood. Please think about “social media” and how it can help you in your web marketing effort. A business person or entrepreneur should think of social media as being an integral part of their internet marketing and overall business marketing plan.
You should not think of social media in the narrow sense of sites like Facebook or Twitter, platforms that are heavily involved in interpersonal relationships and chatter. Certainly, they cannot be ignored, but web-marketing experts also use web-based sites like Yelp or YouTube. A query in Yelp will get you a local listing for anything from dental offices to taco restaurants, while YouTube is now a primary source of information about almost any subject from patio screen repair to gastric bypass surgery.
The term ‘social media’ should be understood to mean any web-based technology through which an individual or organization might promote their service, business or professional practice. Social media has changed the ways in which customers, byers, clients and patients find the product, business or service they need. Search marketing has made it possible for someone to ask dozens of friends questions like, “Where is the best Happy Hour?”, “Do you know a good dermatologist?” or “Who fixed your shower door?”
“Web-based technology” once meant desktop computers or laptops; more and more, it means mobile devices, especially smart phones. This means that a balanced digital marketing plan must include mobile marketing. Social network marketing and social media marketing are now important parts of online advertising. Because social media grew so quickly, some business people might still think of it as being a passing fad or a minor part of a digital marketing plan. This is definitely not the case! Search marketing is now the primary way in which many products or services are chosen.
Do a quick test. Go to and search for “cardiologists near “ + [your zip code]. Most people do not think of cardiology as a social marketing subject, but this search will almost certainly turn up office listings and reviews for most of the practicing cardiologists in the area. Most cardiology practices will now have at least a web page and many have their own YouTube channel where you can learn about angiograms, vascular stints or how to help control your cholesterol. Both the web page and the YouTube channel are forms of digital marketing and internet advertising.
A presence on social media sites can help your business, non-profit or professional practice in numerous ways. First, it makes you or your organization more recognizable, accessible and familiar to customers or potential customers. The value of this familiarity is huge. Imagine that you are looking at a large store display while shopping for toothpaste. Are you more likely to choose a brand that is familiar or one you have never heard of? People almost always choose the familiar name.
The role of traditional advertising was to establish this brand familiarity. In the past, only large advertising budgets could make names like ‘Colgate’ toothpaste familiar to shoppers. Digital marketing, social media marketing and search marketing have made it possible to achieve this familiarity at a tiny fraction of the cost.
Second, social network marketing provides a chance to demonstrate your expertise, to show that you know your business, be it computer repair or tile installation. A complete internet marketing strategy should include traditional digital marketing like a company webpage, but also informative articles or online video marketing presentations that educate and inform your audience. Social network marketing can make you not only familiar, but also trusted as a source of services, products or advice.
Perhaps the most important reason for giving attention to social media marketing is that your competitors are already doing it. This is true of almost any service, profession, product or even idea. If you are providing a cat grooming service, you will find that entering the term ‘cat grooming’ on Facebook returns dozens of results that include descriptions, maps, directions and other information. Many people turn to Facebook to find this service. If you are a non-profit serving the needs of homeless people, a Facebook search returns dozens of results that relate directly to your local area. Social media marketing provides an effective, low-cost way to reach the consumers of your product, service or idea.
Future articles will take a close look at specific search marketing and social media marketing websites. As a business person, service provider or non-profit manager, you probably do not have the time or skill to devote to social network marketing or web marketing in general. At AXIOM Administrative Services, social media marketing is one of our primary concerns. AXIOM can help your business with any form of web marketing, including social media and social network marketing.
AXIOM understands the needs of small businesses, professional practices and nonprofits. Please visit AXIOM’s Small Business Services page or by calling 800-888-6348.

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