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Take control of your G+ stream by re-organizing your circles to optimize the use of filters

Unlike Facebook, Google Plus gives you full control over what you see in your main stream. But unless you know how to take advantage of this feature, it might actually be filtering stuff out that you want to see.

G-plus allows you to take any of your circles and optimize how many posts come from that circle. This is an incredibly powerful feature and will make it easy for you to optimize your main stream to leverage a large number of profiles you follow.

I've created a "Top of Mind" circle, that's where I put my favorite profiles where I don't want to miss anything. And of course, I set it to "Show All", because I really want to make sure I get all the posts. I follow a lot of really interesting people, so the "top of mind" circle is indispensable for a good G+ experience.
Now, you can now actually create a "Muted" circle where you can put those profiles that you want to follow out of politeness, but they might be loaded with content that you're really not interested in. Just set the filter to "Show Nothing". You may actually prefer putting someone in a muted circle rather than using the "ignore" feature, because you might still want to interact with that person even though you may not want to see all their posts. But this one is a tough call.

Want to make sure you don't miss any posts from your family or friends? Then set the filter to "Show all" on those circles.

You can actually create circles that are named after the amount of content you want shown, that's also a very good approach to organizing profiles you follow. Then you can distribute profiles according to how many of their posts you want to see. But in general, I still prefer to categorize profiles with a focus leaning more towards content.

The bottom line is that the filters put you in charge, so make sure to take full advantage of this feature, and set the appropriate level of filtering on all your circles to make sure you don't miss valuable posts.
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+Shara Jean one at a time, that's how it works best. At that rate, it will take you a year? :) In all honesty, I've had to look at individual profiles to maximize the quality of my stream.
I might regret this later, but I set all my circles to "Show All."
Your strategy is opposed to creating semantic/meaningful circles. Also I still lack any information what gets filtered and what filtering applies to people, who are in several circles. This is really unsatisfying.
It should be mentioned that the filtering is only for the main stream. So if you do a round around all your circles (by selecting them individually) once in a while, you will not miss any. On the other hand if you want to limit what you see in Facebook you will actually never know what you missed
+Alex Garcia your are right. But FB doesn't bother me, cause I do not use it. Clicking at cricles individually? I hardly do that, I'd rather click on certain people, to inspect their latest posts for now. Maybe I should get used to click into circles.
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