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Plus For Peace, the public Google Peace Circle Project

Plus For Peace is a peace circle entirely contained within Google Plus. This post represents the peace circle, and the domains plusforpeace,org simply points back to this circle so that if you ever want to find the circle again, you can simply go to

How to Join:

You can do one of three things:

1) Special Mention:
If you want special mention below, please contact me via a personal post and tell me what special mention you would like, and I will add it below in the special mention section.

2) Get Listed:
If you want to simply list yourself, just add a comment to this post and share a little something about yourself so that others can find you.

3) Quietly:
If you just would like to show your solidarity for peace but not draw too much attention to yourself, just plus one this post and that's all you need to do.

I will do my best to go through any comments/listings to make sure this can be a trusted list. Any spammer comment will be deleted. If you see a spammer that I missed, just let me know.

I am working on creating a mirror of the circle in various G+ user indexes. I will add URLs below here when I am done with the exports.

Anyone who re-shares this post and adds the attached graphic below to their profile, or mentions the peace circle on their profile will get automatic special mention as a thanks to help grow the circle. If I missed you, please send me a private post and let me know

You can put something like this on your profile: I am a member of the Google Peace Circle*. To show your solidarity for peace on Google Plus, join the peace circle by going to and add your name with a plus one.

<fill in your own list of whom you recommend others should add>

You can always come back to this post by going to

Special Mention:

+Muhammad Yunus is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, see for more details. He kindly re-shared the circle to his followers.

+Chade-Meng Tan Google's very own Jolly Good Fellow, the Meng wall of fame is famous at the Googleplex. Check out TED to learn more about him, he's got as talk there. And read

+Natalie Villalobos Community manager on Google Plus, several of us got to see the meditation room in Natalie's office. She is Google Plus' own celebrity now. She mentioned the Plus For Peace circle to her followers.

People kind enough to re-share the Plus for Peace Circle:

+KellyAnne Tearney
+Abraham Williams
+Jadey A-S Wilson
+Lona Carr Breitkopf
+Ardith Goodwin
+Chris Hoffmann
+Beverly Rivera
+Gwenny Todd
+Meki Cox
+Liane Allen
+Catherine Morgan
+Linda Lawrey
+Peter Pawlak
+João Portugal Vieira
+Nils Hitze
+Marilou Aballe
+Don de Belle
+Deise Lemos Almeida
+Munka M
+Salvador Sanchez
+Amyr Haq
+Betty Habash
+Gill Taber
+Lil Peck
+Michael Copeland
+Rob Michael
+Uri Sharf
+Martin Siamik
+Joe Bolin
+Jabulani Son
+Arin Basu
+Corrianne Lasevicius
+Oliver konradovich
+Quentin Finney
+Jim Tipping
+Gary Evans
+Muhammad Yunus
+Tracy Hutchinson Wallace
+Myrma Weinreich
+Ben St-Pierre
+Gunther Keim
+Misha Fazal
+Tyler Lovelace
+Zacqary Adam Green
+Ash Priom
+Kaurana Nathalie Merle
+Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
+Steph White
+Paula Jones
+Manuel Alejandro Lara Huerta
+Simon Condie
+Margie D Casados
+Loni Edwards
+Laura Montier
+Sue Muscate
+Laura Lawrie
+laheto Ah Hi
+Soesilo Wijono
+Rosa Longobardo
+Johnathan Chung
+Sandy Ao
+Julia Stone
+Adeniyi Onamusi
+Hani Anani
+emma rivera
+Moses Wilson
+Jason M
+Daniel Harder
+Ferzat Al Chayah
+Robert Pollard
+Liana Mascarenhas
+Rod Moore
+Eric Stepp
+john sawyer
+robin vabolis
+Peter Brunner
+Paul Aneja
+Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson
+Navaf J
+Vivian Clark
+Alejandro Malo
+David Ford
+Seth Goldstein
+Nancy McCoy
+Marianne Maurer
+Leo Fishman
+Soham Chatterjee
+Monty Montz
+Thomas Ciszek
+Alicia Keim Bautista
+Kacie Houser
+LD Williams
+Rob Salzman
+Jeremy Dahl
+Paul van Oss
+Balakumaran Balasubramaniam
+Louis Pierre Christophe MORIN
+Craig Nicol
+cassandra tribe
+Victor Panlilio
+Cece Blake
+Paul Clarke
+Lena Levin

Early Adopters - first 10 comments in order of submission:

+JD Schroeder +Ryan Schultz
+S Sriram
+Steven Vargas
+Joe Bolin
+robin vabolis
+cassandra tribe
+Amy Rothstein
+Gary Haden
+Steven Vargas
The Plus For Peace Circle on Google Plus The response to yesterday's post about creating a peace circle on Google plus has been overwhelming. In order to…
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You guys need to re-share retweet for this to go anywhere
11-11-11 happens to be my 40th birthday...
I want to part of this beautiful circle. Thank you for being here.
What a great idea. I'd love to take part.
I'm down with PEACE! Count me in...It would be great if collectively we can make things happen.
+Axel Kratel I've created PEACE PLUS 2011 --

We're opening on Sept 1

If you'd like to come help out - or spread it around - I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you!

You can see my profile for past posts - requests and informations.

+S Sriram a big hug and thank you!
I'm in! I've been promoting peace for years! I make art just for use in social networks. No ads... No registration. A gift to those that reaffirm to me every day that peace is possible! I get back more than I could ever give. PEACE is about every single one of us and it's up to each of us to affect the changes we need. Thank you for doing this! Kelly Anne at Please help yourself to anything on the site. (Hot linking is okay).
+Axel Kratel count me in your list. I'm for peace. I admire Yunus for his pioneering work with micro-financing. I'm currently a supporter.
I have to add that the above is pretty amazing - and +KellyAnne Tearney has been VERY supportive of Peace Plus 2011 - and the campaign.

I would love to have every one of you on the Peace Plus 2011 campaign...
+Meki Cox has been doing this very thing for a while now. She's on the right track with her heart in the right place. I hope everyone will join both groups! You can't have too much peace! xoxoxo
Please add me in to the most meaningful circle on G+!
In! A world-record sit-in (hangout) for peace is a wonderful idea.
The hangout for peace sounds like a great idea. Here is another wonderful idea for using Google Plus for peace: there are millions of lonely elderly people in old folks homes that are forgotten, lonely, and disconnected. Why not use Google Plus hangouts as a way to connect with these people. This would be a great volunteer project to use. All it would require to do is for you to go to a rest home, meet some older folks, and then setup regular hangouts with those people.
definitely would love to be added, it's a wonderful idea!
+Lucas Johnson is way cool - he's getting a song together for Peace Plus 2011 --- Peeps - please JOIN BOTH places - we BELIEVE that peace is the answer we are missing.
Time for PEACE is now. Lets us work toward achiving more peace, reach aggrements, and not war!
Ha, I suspected +Lucas Johnson was up to something cool! Well, we just need to all join forces now
We'll take any submissions by artists, writers, musicians, poets, photographers, video people - and post their information with it...

So - if you have some talented people who would like to get their art, creative stuff out there - we'll take it!

Please make sure they email via the contact page - and submit knowing that they are giving the RIGHTS to PEACE PLUS 2011 -- only for posting and usage on Peace Plus 2011 for campaigning, etc --- they retain all other rights - and may sell it as long as we have the right to continue to post it for them... There is NO money to be made off of this for either Peace Plus 2011 or the artist ---- HOWEVER - we aren't opposed to helping artists getting their stuff sold! So if someone sees something they'd like to permanently have - they are more than welcome to work out a deal with the artists!

We're looking for a Peace Plus 2011 spokesperson to do a video - and will take all submissions seriously.
oh - sorry - +Axel Kratel just in case someone doesn't want to scroll back up to find the address - it is:

And --- Thank you so much - I will send people to put their names on the list here..

Interesting idea. I think I managed to add myself to the list.
It looks like people can add themselves to the list. So if you haven't done so, feel free to do it.
Munka M
Thank you Muhammad Yunus for pointing me to this group of peace.
Absolutely! Count me in for peace.
I am in...
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. ~ Mohandas Gandhi
What a great idea. You can count on my support. Great meeting you on the hangout too.
Great idea! Count me in! "Aham Prema" ("I Am Divine Love" in Sanskrit.)
Thank you for this. Connection is key.
What a fantastic idea! Please add me. Thanks!
Please Please Please Add me..I wanna join this Incredible Thing..Love and Peas Peace from Philippines. ♥^_^♥
I think this is a great idea! Considering the reach available, not just now, but once G+ launches publicly, there could be opportunity for real positive change.
Sue T
Great idea with wonderful possibilities.
What a great idea. I'd love to take part
Weird, I clicked on "get me on this list" more than 24 hours ago (it said it might take up to that) but I'm still not on it. What did I do wrong?
+Marianne Maurer I am working through each profile, it's more work than I expected. It will happen today.
TY and press on, +Axel Kratel!

The elderly living in their homes is a significant and identifiable group that can be connected via hangouts. Even just regular phone calls have been proven to encourage and enable them. They were one of my first ideas for hangout uses, as well as latch-key children.

Including the latch-key and unconnected elderly in the upcoming worldwide Peace hangout would be something, wouldn't it? Everyone with an internet capable mobile device could visit someone and hangout with them for a 2-4-1 multiplier effect.

It would be great to have Plussers list the names of those who attended with them or the number of individual with them +Carolyn St.Charles +1, or +2 or +x...

Having a guest book also would be interesting and would allow for individual comments, too.

enough! Press on!
Thank you for the add... Peace comes from our inner selves... it needs to reach out to share with others... so is love!!
Shared and Tweeted!!! I wish I could do the hangout today but I dont have a webcam... Im not sure if I could still watch???
Wonderful idea. I will reshare.
beautiful idea, would love to participate! <3
We have to learn to solve problems without violence.
I've never liked war at all. Always thought peace was a great idea. Add me. =)
I'm in....Tony Beach Do it and do it and do it!
Alex, I'm in, profile updated.
Please add me to this wonderful circle.
I'm in, please. Peace is good for writers and artists like me...and you...and our Mother Earth.
I find your initiative amazing. Hope it'll go a long way.
Legal'm Brazilian, and support peace in the world live peace.
add me-- bugs and earth need peace, cannot accept Vaclav Klaus et al attitude toward Prague Gay Pride. Photos posted on G+.. Purple, green, pink or yellow, gay,straight, lesbian, transgender should be accepted and respected. Not treated as deviants or subversive elements of society. Prague Gay Pride August132011PragueGayPride | pogomcl
Thanks.. what the social media world needs is a forum for those who care about this.
Please add me as a participant and supporter. As a longtime peace activist, I want to be engaged in any work I can, with any allies I can find.
I'm all for peace until someone is trying to kill or harm my children or other defenceless people. I'm not sure what I am. Does that mean I'm not for peace?
+Mark Dilley Thanks, good idea. It would be nice to use the circle to come up with some great projects that people could participate in.
I'm not sure if i put my name on this, so just in case i'm sayin' yes, please right now. Thanks, i'm proud of all you Plussers!

>I did pledge at PlusForPeace... maybe that's all i had to do, i dunno.
Jason M
Is there an [easy] way to add all the members here to a circle?
I am working on going through each of the profiles and making sure no one is a spammer. When I am done I will make an export available that you can just import into a circle
I am so for peace & any path that may lead us to a lasting peace. 8-)
Consider compassionate behaviour and how to increase empathy in our society — peace is a work in progress. I am a filmmaker working on a project some maybe interested in — see here Stephen Ross, M.D., an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine. He is the Clinical Director of the NYU Langone Center of Excellence on Addiction, and the Associate Director for Addiction Fellowship Training at the NYU School of Medicine. Dr Ross is an expert in psycho-oncology and is studying novel pharmacologic-psychosocial approaches to treating psychological distress associated with advanced or terminal cancer. A highly compassionate and peaceful man, he is just one of the remarkable people I have interviewed for my film in progress, that also seeks your assistance.
I can pay it (peace) forward. Great project to connect peace with great circles.
You're all invited to our weekly peace vigil in front of the Peterborough NH town house at noon each Saturday.
Great idea. I love peace. Everyone should be ambassador of peace.
Wonderful idea. I'm a preschool teacher. I teach peace and peaceful conflict resolution to the children.
It's only together we can make a change. +Margareth Osju
Wondeful idea this group.' (ps: I don't know how I can write my name with a direct link even if I write a + in the front of my name..:)
This is a great idea! It shared it, posted it on my count me in.
i would love to be in.... Everyone is welcome to my peace art works!!
Like Mother Teresa said.... "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace really, invite me." Thanks for the invite!!!
This is a delightful idea and I'd love to participate~
This circle is a beautiful manifestation. I'm in. Namasté.
Great idea. Count me in, and I have shared this so more people hear about it.
Hello everyone :) I'm in too :) you google guys keep on giving us reasons to love you even more, right ?
So I found this on +Amy Redstone 's profile: "What if 11 million people made a simultaneous global statement of peace at 11:11 on 11/11/11?" I love this! Isn't it exactly the "pro-peace rally" that Mother Theresa was talking about in the quotation that +Stacie Florer cited above?
NAMASKAR......please consider me too....
that's a great idea, and i wanna be part of it.....
i love my world,my ppl,,,,,,
anything 4 them....
Beautiful idea... :) love the hangout use to share some time with people who may not be able to socialize as much as they wished.
Count me in! Thank you for a beautiful idea!
Count me in for such a wonderful idea and movement!
+Jussta . shared this great idea and here I am. We need peace and I am eager to spread it whenever and wherever I can! :)
Love the idea. Adding the link to my profile. Thank you!
Peace and Joy to You......Be the Peace you want to see in the World
+I would love +For Piece to really become a movement!
This is a fantastic initiative. Congrats and I will do what I can to spread the word.
+Robin Raindropcatcher Yes, because 8:11 is my BIRTHDAY!!!! Cosmic!
I'm all for peace. This is a great idea.
Peace is all you and I can ask for! I'm in...
OMG! This is genius! Would love to be a part of this.. thanks!
circles now can be shared, PLZ share the circle to save time and energy
If we can't live together we will die alone.
Shared. Peace is the answer.
When I become peaceful inside, I create peace in the world;
when I let go of us vs. them, I create compassion in the world;
when I let go of right and wrong, I create less judgment in the world;
when I refuse to identify with ego, I create less righteousness in the world;
when I let go of resistance to what is, I create less suffering in the world;
when I let whatever happens be OK, I can see the world as perfect, just as it is.

The world can't be changed by action, only by being;
Unconditional love is the path to peace.
Thanks Axel! This is a wonderful initiative and I'm glad to have discovered it and become a part of it.
I want to be in Peace.
If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. -Mother Teresa
I actively support the peace at #OWS and help anyone that needs a vpn proxy and secure communications worldwide #privacy
Being in on this list should be a given. I'm in.
Great idea! it's a small step, but nontheless a step towards peace
Mental health is a huge dividend from peace. Peace is a huge dividend of mental health...
Just last month I participated in "Poetry for Peace", a poetry reading organized by the World Poetry Movement. Joining this circle is another step towards building a peaceful world.
A mind in conflict,a brain in struggle ,cannot possibly understand peace
PEACE... To love LIFE and all things within and around that uphold its existence.
Peace is a must, however revolution and violence is only a necessity only when all other means fail. I hope we can peacefully settle our differences in the US, however I am beginning to lose hope. My question is; how do we restore hope and honest dialog to avoid that coming conflict??
sorry it took me so long to find it!
I'm an old soldier - I'm all for Peace!
Jeff G
Yes Yes Yes...11-11-11 The Peace circle is an amazing idea. Thanks for it..
Peace in, peace out, peace all about. Peace for me, peace for you, peace for all of us.
I am in. About me; Living in peace and always planting seeds of Love & Compassion.
Whilst I am only 17, I have witnessed horrific events around the world on TV and first person and it is quite obvious that, whilst these events were unecessary and preventable, nobody acted to stop them or prevents such events in the future. This is why I believe in Peace.
gr8 idea .. peace to all and i wish u the best of luck
I am in. A long-term pacifist and white poppy wearer.
I am in. Please include me. I am an artist and printmaker in Middleton WI.
The bigger the crowd of those passionate about peace, the better.
+Chuck Cuyjet +1 Creative dad/life coach/drummer/poet...Peace Seeker, especially for my children and grandchildren.
+Juan Valencia you will be on the list of followers on the page, and I added you back there as well.
US Navy Hospital Corpsman 1973 - 1977. Not a fan of war.
Awesome movement, I'm ready to participate and share.
Peace: A needlessly quixotic ideal which I wholeheartedly support.
I'm in, thanks for this peace initiative!
Tried to put more here but won't let me . .too long winded I guess . .check the about me on here . .and my facebook profile . .where I have had a virtual circle of peace fer many years. .it would be my pleasure . .and honor to be included in, and contribute to this very noble . .and most worthwhile venture . .and also would welcome any like minded sisters and brothers into my personal circle of Peace, Love, Hope . .and Hugs on here xoxoxo
Hi .. google+ is My best ... WAEL H.HASHEM
Artist , Graphics & Web Designer
I'm so in! Please add me to your list. Peace is definitely the way to go! +Lani Pratt THANKS! what a GREAT circle!
Count me in. I am all for peace as a WorkingBoomer. So glad to have found this post!
Peace is the only way... Too much sorrow and pain and human-animal misery in conflict and confrontation... but big armament industry profits from war and have politicians in their pocket and they act as their puppet...
Peace for all. Let us learn to express our differences through constructive conversations that are able to resolve conflict. Let us all find hope, and bring it with us for building a better tomorrow!
Peace is too simple, like water. It is sometimes hard for people to understand, until they have to survive without it. A long time ago Jimmy Carter said we should "socialize peace" - I wish we had been able to do that before so many bad things happened.
This is a great idea. Add me to too....
Peace? That is a legal term that means the opposite of a declared war by the USA. "WAR" means an armed conflict between the US military and against another nation's military. Anything else is crime fighting or self-defense from Pirates at sea or in the air space over international waters.

Using armed force against terrorists in foreign nations is not a WAR if they are not a part of a nation's military. What the US Congress did, with their half-ass resolution, was to violate international law. By definition, WAR has an end-goal. The distruction of the enemy's military forces and leadership and resulting in the US force annexing the land of the other nation or surrender of the enemy leadership via a peace treaty.

What Congress and Bush et al, should have done was to demand a UN military force against Al Qeada/Afghani terrorists. .

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the judicial branch of the UN. Their definition of “armed attack” is by a nation’s government. Because the leadership of the CIA and FBI both reported that they had no evidence that the Afghan government had any role in the 9/11 terrorism, the US is unable to claim Article 51 protection for military action in Afghanistan. The legal classification of what happened on 9/11 is an act of terrorism, a criminal act, not an armed attack by another nation's government.

The US attack of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 was a deliberate act of unlawful war,
Why we need a new Congressional Hearing about the CIA's plot to kill JFK

The following link is of a radio program called Guns and Butter
The information that Joan Mellen talks about is exactly what I have been researching and write about in my online book.

"How the Failure to Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Let to Today's Crisis of Democracy" with Joan Mellen

Here is the link to Joan Mellen's book A Farewell to Justice -
Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History

check out my online book and learn about the crimes of the CIA and US war crimes

I listened to a debate tonight on C-Span about torture and Iraq and Afghanistan as a war crimes.

One of the things that David Rivkin said, was that he thinks waterboarding is not torture and these wars were just wars. David Rivkin is a lawyer with Baker and Hostetle Law Firm and who was in Bush Jr.'s Justice Department. One of the things he said was that we waterboarded our own soldiers. This is the second person who has told me this. Therefore, I can now say that the US military used waterboarding on our troops that were sent thru the SERE school.

Rivkin just did get that he had just admitted that we tortured our own people. He mentions a number of several thousand US military people to whom this was done. The purpose of the SERE school was where they say our at risk capture, troops were taught how to resist torture (harden them up as called it). I want to stress that any torture, even if our troops expected our government would not kill them in this SERE school torturing, was a crime.

This debate again showed reminded just how far our Democratic Party public officials have become NAZIES because they failure to prosecute Bush et al, for war crimes. Yes, ALL of our publical officials who don't speak up, we can now see them as criminals, as accessories after the fact. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court has failed to take a stand and rule that our UN and Geneva and Hague treaties have been violated, and therefore they need to be impeached.

One thing that this debate failed to discuss in relation to the Bush administration's authorizing the CIA to set up Black sites/jails for enemy combatants/detainees. Our treaties require that the names and location of all EPOWs (detainees) be turned over to the Red Cross and the Red Cross must be allowed to visit the EPOW camps. Relatives of EPOWs, if I recall correctly, are informed by the Red Cross that their loved one is alive and a POW. Therefore, by definition Black CIA sites are a war crime.

The debate focused on the practice of the CIA of extraordinary rendition, alleged terrorist to third nations that were known to torture their prisoners. Do you know how many enemy combatants or kidnapped people were sent to such nations? But the issue of Black sites under the control of US government officials is also a war crime.
I discuss recently posted new chapters to my book on Watergate and the JFK assassinations. People are saying why this old news is important or why am I wasting my time.

My answer is because Chris Matthews on MS/NBC's Hardball said something to the affect/effect, that anyone who does not believe Oswald was a lone nut, is an extreme commie liberal.

The volume of evidence points to a criminal conspiracy and Oswald was a confidential informant for the FBI and US Customs, and he was working for the CIA and/or Naval intelligence when JFK was assassinated.

Dick McManus for Congress, D-WA, 1st, 2nd or 10th CD
Democrat, Everett, WA
Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, US Army, retired.
I request your endorsement, and it doesn’t matter where you live.
Excellent....Thank you....I'm in.
First, Peace begins from within...
I am about Peace and Humanitarianism. I am an advocate for Native Americans working to wipe out poverty and racism.
Im a lifelong musician who is passionate about peace, music, and cooking.
Apparently I'm a bit late to this, however I certainly would love to be included. ! Peace, compassion, courage, and love to all brothers and sisters!
+Axel Kratel : thanks for doing this. here is to peace in the world & peace inside our hearts, minds & bodies. count me in.
Not techno bright. Always attempting to learn. I have a clear picture of my expectations for PEACE! FEEL FREE TO COUNT ME IN.
I answered this way, it was simpler for me.
I just read all the comments. <3
Also I may not have the exact brain power (no dis, hanging in there) POINT: Peace...wishers (IQ 112 OR 160...) IS SIMILAR. Nice!
Mary T
Awesome! Peace, I'm in :-).
I'm an artist and I'm for peace filled with unconditional love. :)
What a great idea. Wouldn't it be good if the year 2012 could be remembered by our children as the year when society stopped banking irregularities and successfully promoted indigenous manufacture of home-consumed motors, cookers, and TVs by people who enjoyed using goods made by their neighbors in the same city. The year 2012 could, with our help, be the year with the lowest number of deaths caused by religious differences.
If two of the biggest brains that ever inhabited the planet can come together to urge the promotion of world peace (as Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein did here then I see no excuse for the rest of us not to hitch ourselves to this fine wagon.
Such a worthy sentiment, will work towards peace always.
Happy to discover this circle today and join with you standing for Peace here and throughout the world.
i'm happy to be in this circle .
Please add me to this circle and thanks for starting it!
Peace! Inside first and foremost; as we are, so we make our world.
Wonderful idea... please add me to this circle. I'm with +Alexander Deliyannis most recent comment -- cultivating peace inside is essential in order to create a more peaceful and just world.
Please count me in, as we must work for peace!
I am a peace lover, you can also call me (animal lover). I Belongs to Jain Relegion & try to follow its practices as much as i can, but when it comes to animals, i strictly follow that.
I'd be honored to be a part of the +1 for Peace Organization..
Don't know how I missed this til now - count me in!
I work for peace within my own country of the USA as an advocate for brother and sister Native Americans. Peace begins with humanitarianism and our love for one another.
Well I guess I am next in a long list of great people. Glad to be here in a selfless cause that benefits no one and everyone at the same time. I added the link to my profile twice.
+Axel Kratel Peace? Count me in. If Steven Pinker's right, this is a train I don't want to miss. :)
I'm all for Peace and Love. And thanks for sharing the post about the Spring Lodge!
I'll gladly share some peace around! I've shared this post and added a link of this post to my profile. Peace to the world!
Peace and love to all the world! I've shared this post and added the link to my profile. Thanks +Axel Kratel!
No war without a Declaration of War from Congress. End the Wars.
If only this idea would spread across the globe. Give Peace a Chance
Thanks +Axel Kratel for this wonderful social media peace initiative. It could be an influential lobby / movement for peace within a para-political context like Get Up has become for democratic participation in Australia. Please count me in for World Peace. I've shared this post and added the link to my profile.
I would like to be with you all for peace on Earth. Stop the war and take care for our planet.
I am for health healing PEACE love respect and spirituality
This sounds great!..I'm all for it. - artist Matthew Woodall
I LOVE this idea, I have shared it, not sure I fully understand the mandate but glad to help where / when - what else can a hippy do but work for peace? Especially at this time in this world. This is a-political?
Rae O.
When I think of Peace, it makes me think of John Lenon, "Imagine" I'm in!
As soon as I learned about this peace circle tonight, I thought about these lines by Edwin Markham

He drew a circle that shut me out--
Heretic, a rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!
Peace be upon you Mr. Alex and hope Plus For Peace be able to achieve the goal of it.
I have been here since July, I can't believe I haven't seen this before today. This is the best circle theme I have seen.
#Ibelieve People can change the world

We are called The10th Wall Of Defense and have a network of pages and domains which privately (not a non-profit, we are a private group) support three top issues in the world.

1. The Human Rights of Woman, first and formost to stop the physical/mental abuse of woman.
2. The Human Rights of Children, first and formost to stop the physical/mental abuse of children
3. To Bring into Awareness the 2.4-2.7 MILLION persons held in Slavery today, the second largest criminal financial network in the world at 38Billion Dollars Yearly. 25MILLION people have been affected by Human Slavery. America still does business with them, still supports their country. We still do business with them, one of the largest offenders is India and Saudi Arabi, and here America is Funding India by outsourcing to them. One of the largest outsources: Apple.

Stop Human Trafficking today!
+Axel Kratel Count me in. I'm a retired attorney who is now committed to peacemaking through mediation.
I posted the link on my profile.
Please add me. I am passionate about peace and human rights and am currently doing my part by serving a second year in AmeriCorps as a victims assistance advocate.
I practice peace, love and happiness every day of my life. And I teach it to my baby girl, and to all my family. Peace be with all of you.
+Szandor Xint
Impressed that it needed a declared Physican and Software Architect like +Axel Kratel to found this circle. Where are the politicans, managers, ... - would be proud to support too!
Always the question is, am I wise enough to be part of this circle, I am for peace among all peoples of the earth, but each for time I Crossed someone who does not respect others I become a warrior peace, and I can prevent my pen to point out to him that disturbs me to be like that, but on the other side, who will help to ask questions if I'm not doing it
Please add me to this circle, I am a pacifist , and i am part of the Y.O.U. group at Unity
It is a religious group that is not religious...
If you really understand what I mean, I am Buddhist, and I was a vegetarian for there years
I think peace is something everyone needs inside in order to have it around us.
Peace, love, tolerance, and happiness all are connected, as are we.
I have enjoyed google since it came out. I remember seeing an Oriental guy on Leo Laportes tv show, announcing it. It has grown! Back in the 80's I got my first 'puter job. Then we bought our hot 512! Computers are helpful in so many ways!
I am from the bay area (san ramon) and now Stockton. Learned graphics in cold type, using a vari-typer. All layout done on a table. A lot of cut and paste. I love graphics and am blown away by how 'puters have changed things! All simpler! I
I spend most of my day on g+ - love it! Why does the day only have 24 hrs.? Not enough time to read/find everything! lol
Great idea!  Thanks for doing this post.  A global Peace Rally always available. :)
free meditations at the community hub focus on peace all around us start with in and spread the vibe to others to keep the peace
I want to say "count me in" but the original statement is a bit short on details. What does it mean to be "for Peace" in the context?  I'm sure it's great and I am certainly "for Peace," but I do like to read the small print, as it were, and know a bit about who/what I am signing on with.
Peace is the way the world was designed to work.
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