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More than 40 percent of Americans qualify as low-income or are just getting by

This is what 8 years of Bush did to our economy. 3 years and some change since Bush left office and things are finally starting to turn around. But it will take a while longer. Voting republican these days is like voting against the American dream, it's like asking for more joblessness and a continued destruction of the middle class.

More than 40 percent of Americans qualify as low-income or are just getting by (a finding based on household incomes below $45,000 for a family of four), according to one recent study.
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It's the same in Canada. Canadian Conservative governments historically have ended in sagging economies, big deficits, low employment rates and high inflation. Yet they try to pass themselves off as the run the country like a business, fiscally responsible, political party. Apparently running government like a business turns out to be bad for the economy and the country as a whole.
It's kind of simple - you can't stimulate the economy by cutting spending to the bone by the biggest spenders.
We are thrifty people, if you've seen my truck, you know we've never bought a new car. We bought a foreclosed home and all of our big items but three are second hand. (The stove and our bed and frame.) That bring said, and assuming the photo is one of the couples, even on Craig's list, I could never ”afford” that bike.
If we do not develop an appreciation for the systemic problems that plague our economy, we can not hope to make things better. Let's not trivialize our situation by oversimplifying what has brought us to this condition. The Obama administration after four years has still not caught on to what must be done to eventually turn things around.

If one wishes to start appreciating the depth of our problem they can start by watching Chris Martenson's energy presentation:

Chris Martenson's presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid

One response to this predicament is to fast-track the development of a new generation of nuclear energy production, because we do not currently possess the technology to adequately address this situation. If we join the Thorium Race now, our future could be one filled with many thousands of inherently safe, affordable, efficient, and clean nuclear plants, a good portion of them synthesizing the fuels (predominantly moderately toxic ammonia) we need to maintain a healthy transportation sector.

I also recommend reading Tom Murphy's Do the Math blog:
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