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The beginning of quantum computing

Single atom transistors are paving the way for quantum computers.
A controllable transistor engineered from a single phosphorus atom has been developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales, Purdue University and the University of Melbourne. The atom, ...
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I think at some point we'll have to start measuring computing performance in "weirdness".
Lets push this to actual usage faster instead of controlled monetization throttling.
We see personal QUSP's in the near future.
And, if you can plug your Infinite Improbability Drive in for data storage :)
Greg Egan kinda sounds like a tool (despite the quality of his writings). "I don't do cons, I don't sign books, I don't take pictures. Oh, and I'm a vegetarian."
I grow 5 Organic Garden's.... this is Odd... much like Round-Up Monsanto Vegetable Growth...
This level of development spells the beginning of vapor ware. Between this and the Electron quantum chip, concept, we can achieve a great deal of vast technology that we've only read about in Sci fi novels. We soon will achieve the singularity within the next 20 years, not the originally perceived 75 years. Technology is accelerating into a new epoch, we have altered the J/ Bell curve yet again!
it means a computer product still at the stage of it development
Lets try out. Wats dis about
i clicked the link joseph i have to go in detail in the link time???????? to do so
IMHO, observing, intuitively, I submit that "single atom transistors" are more than feasible. Seems that physics and quantum theory both support, if not encourage this.

"May be the beginning of quantum computing?" No. IS the beginning of quantum computing.

Think of the possibilities..

Let there be a Revolution....that will change everything ....
Quantum as in keeping all results in coherence until it collapses into a result, or quantum as in atomic level computers? If it is the former it is more (!) than Moore's law that has become obsolete. Btw, I would have thought that it would be the Scots who would have done this.
single atom computing could never be end of moors law,since sub atomic particles are both particle and waves simultaneously,the ultimate components with wihich atoms are made of needs clarification in future research
Did we all miss the "must be immersed in liquid nitrogen" part? That's not a device that's going to be installed on your iPad kiddies. Like high-temperature superconductors and a few other breakthroughs that have stalled we'll need to see a lot more development before this is anything more than a very expensive curiosity.
You won't think this technology is so cool when Skynet becomes self-aware...
The fundamental point is that the electron transfer mechanism which has been the basic enabler behind every transistor, AND, & NAND gate ever built, will no longer be viable once gate geometries shrink to mono-atomic levels. We will have to develop quantum computing or other methods to implement logic if we want to continue the perpetual increase in computing density that we have become addicted to.
That is a huge step toward all kinds of future projects, especially when it comes to cheaper ways to engineer space craft and propulsion systems! Bravo!!!
I keep hearing about all of these "step's forward into quantum computing". Somehow I doubt that quantum computing is right around the corner with this news.
Quantum computing is goin to improve the standards of computing as mentiond so may i ask which software is goin to work with the single atom and i hope it hit the shelves soon coz i wana try that out before i get old
wow, finally quantum game computers can be invented. :-o
They have built a single transistor. I still don't know how scalable this is as a quantum computation architecture.

Also, for people talking about software: You don't really write code for a quantum computer. You initialize the system and specify which qubits can interact with each other and you can obtain certain computational results much faster than any classical computer. However, readout is a probabilistic process, so it isn't really amenable to running deterministic programs. It seems more viable to have a classical processing unit running the core program code and offloading specific calculations to a quantum processing unit. Still, this is all decades away, if it's even possible.
Some day someone will create a transistor from 1 quark
I was just watching yesterday a quantum physics documentary. I was impressed that they are able to measure time in atto seconds. Impressing is that one atto seconds relates to a second like a second to the age of the universe.
Thing is that they're still needing copper in-between for the transfer.... <hope>enter nano optics</hope>
Quantum computing? Cool thing
Someone is a slashdot reader I assume.
Good boy.
what is quantum computing, can it actually replace the existing system
As started by at least one person above. There is now a new bell curve.. Technology does not increase at a steady rate, it increases exponentially.
in a hundred years, when quantum computing is old hat, i bet there will still be things similar to the blue screen of death. Only this time, it'll be a mini nuclear meltdown inside your laptop. Happy days. lol :D (although, i must say that i have not witnessed no where near as many bluescreens with newer kit over the last decade - I run Win7 on a custom built PC which is just over a year old and it's been the most reliable PC i've EVER used!)
Say hello to AI and Pandora's box.
a step to new era...Quantum Age.
The mathematics of Quantum Neutrino fields. :D
What're they gonna do?--build a time machine that runs WIndows?
Frank M
Of course. Problem is, you can only go back in time with a Windows-powered time machine. And it'll be able to Blue-Screen before you turn it on!
so , we are ready to leave windows and grab OPenSource , with that every body will be carrying a super computer with a size of a Tab in this pocket..... guess "Who needs a data-center..?"
Oops wrong word. I was thinking of the term that either Gibson, or Stephenson coined, meaning super high end software that was so fast and so efficient that it became modular, and functioned like smoke. It was a term commonly used in the cyberpunk fandom scene, but sadly I don't remember what the term was, I thought it was "Vaporware", But apparently after searching again for it, apparently its not. Which means I will need to find the term again and write it down. Time to reread a few dozen novels! lol thanks for the catch!
The single atom transistor is without a doubt paving the way for the singularity to happen. it also paves the way for machine consciousness. Will it happen by 2039?
Its very plausible to happen within the next 20 to 30, when you consider that the human neural structure is only on the Pico scale, where as this is clearly on the Atto scale. It makes for a major difference in functional capability, allowing for complex circuits, Processors, and Beowulf clusters. While we may not see it on the day to day basis, which is the variance of difference in perception, They key is not in the presence of number, but in the fact that it happens at all. If one person can create just 1 self aware unit, then we've all succeeded as a race is achieving a level above the perception of time.
Scientists and other knowledgeable people should be more humble to that we know so very little yet. Assuming that the brain is merely a very complex neuron-based computer - because that is the only thing we have found so far - is to grossly underestimate Nature. Until we get a lot of steps further and realize that information is more than information as we know it today, we will not create self-awareness or conscience, no matter how powerful is the computer.
That is a very insightful observation... The world that each of us experiences is so subjective that quantum mechanical theory states that all potential outcomes of any given situation can be an actual reality, depending upon who is observing it and from what perspective said observation is is being observed...Sorry if that seems as clear as mud...but, to me, that is the nature of quantum mechanical theoretical concepts.
If people applied the same skepticism to mysticism that they do to science they'd generally be better off.

The concept of the observer causing collapse is one interpretation that assumes without stating why the observer is special. An interpretation that the interactions needed to make the observation cause the collapse seems equally valid or that this causes divergent observers.
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