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Axel Kratel
Dad, Gardener, Physicist, Software Geek
Dad, Gardener, Physicist, Software Geek

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Low chill trees breaking dormancy. 
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Need to find a Diesel gas station? Don't count on +Google Maps totally useless for that. 

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Good bye Android, I am done with crappy Google phones

My MotoX Next Gen finally died after 9 months of use. What a piece of garbage. I hate this phone for the simple reason that it costs $300 to replace a screen. But here is a real list of reasons I just purchased an iPhone. 

1) Every time I get into my car, when my phone connects to the car bluetooth, it fucking plays my main ring tone. It just decides to play the default Android player. I am sick and tired of this crap, three releases, and this is still not fixed. 

2) iPhone ALWAYS shows the song title for whatever is playing, no matter which app is playing. Not a single one of my Android phones can do that, even though Android is now 5 versions old. 

3) Address book synch doesn't work, period. Screw you Google for never fixing this, you lost me as a customer. You're obviously too busy trying to make money to care to make good products. So all my contacts always end up left on the phone and I can't recuperate them. That by itself is a good enough reason to go back to Apple. 

4) Lollipop upgrade got rid of the group feature in contacts. Screw you, Google for removing this, I used this all the time. 

5) Stop putting my 30K Google plus followers in my address book. And while I am at it, why the heck do you force all your users to use Google Plus? What a joke. 

6) For a search company, your contact search is pathetic, what a joke. I type in "Mike" and I get contacts that don't even have the word "Mike" in them anywhere. 

7) Who's idea was it to change the synch option on GMail? Wow, horrible. 

8) I am sick and tired of "Contacts" crashing all the time. 

9) Lollipop destroyed the battery usage on my phone. 

10) Yes, lollipop sucks. 

OK, this is a major rant, and I am writing this in the hopes that Google sees this, if you love Google products, don't flame me for saying this, I used to love Google products too, but gradually, more and more of them are just getting worse and worse. The new Google mail inbox is terrible. I upgraded to lollipop on my Android, and I hate it, it's also terrible. My wife saw my phone and swore never to upgrade. I was happy with the previous release, but I am not alone in hating lollipop, one star on many reviews. Now Chrome is just getting worse and worse, so I've switched to Firefox, except for when i use Google web pages, which really only work well on Chrome and seem to be incompatible with other browsers. Now to top it off the search engine has changed and the new results are so much worse in relevance, so I am switching to BING, which is amazingly better than Google. Why is this happening? Who runs Google product management? Are you people really that unwilling to listen to customers? It's so sad to see such a great company go down the toilet. Even Google plus was better before they put so many bells and whistles on it, complete with two columns that it makes it unusable to me. So I am here just to post this rant in hopes someone at Google sees this. But they probably won't care since they are convinced they are smarter than everyone else. And as I write this, the text is getting garbled so I can't even read what I wrote. Yikes, terrible quality, such buggy software. What a bummer.

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Here's a suggestion for +Google Drive , when I save a document from GMail into Google drive, it just disappears never to be found again, getting lost in my files. Please make it appear in the "Recent" list. The fact that it doesn't show up in my "recents" list is a bug. 

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The Firefox Developer Browser

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Is Android really truly open source?
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