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Website Design for your business.

Adelaide based Australian Webpage Effects is proud of their web site designs and our testimonials and happy customers are proof. Our developers can design a website that looks great, uses the latest technology and styles and also is easy to navigate, ensuring your customers and visitors can find what they are looking for with the minimum of time or clicks.
Using a range of design tools we can ensure your web site is responsive, mobile friendly and functions properly.

Call us now on (08) 7200 3714 or email to discuss your requirements.

Australian Webpage Effects

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Reliable Website Hosting
Have a website or want to create your own but need somewhere reliable to host it? We have hosting options to suit most business and personal sites and can even tailor make a hosting package to suite your specific requirements.

With plans starting from $110 a year we can host your website leaving you free to run your business with complete confidence.
See our hosting plans at
Ph: (08) 7200 3719

Important News!

From November 1st 2016 Google Adwords will be including GST on charges for sales in Australia. Google sent out an email to Adwords users to notify existing customers of this change and others. Below is a snippet from this email:
2. GST
Google Australia Pty Ltd is required by law to charge 10% GST (Goods and Service Tax) on its services so you will see this appear as a new line item on your monthly statement from 1 November 2016.
Please contact your tax advisor if you have any questions regarding the tax consequences of this change.
-<end snip>---
For most Australian businesses there would be little impact at all, since all businesses registered for GST can claim the GST back as tax credits on their BAS. For individuals and those businesses not registered for GST, this unfortunately means a 10% price hike. Since I suspect the majority of businesses using Adwords collect GST, this seems to be a change of little consequence but it does show the Australian Government attempts to stop the loss of tax dollars from a number of major International companies that has been a point of issue with Australian business and the Federal Government for some time.
For other information please visit:

If you have any questions for us regarding Adwords or SEO work, please contact us on Ph: 08 7200 3719.

Australian Webpage Effects

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Tip 1. Where possible register your country specific domain (eg. This will help to identify where your business operates and helps Google deliver location based content in search results.  (Also see tip 7).

Tip 2. Also see if the generic domain (eg. is available. If not, register it as well. This can help when people forget to add the .au when they type your web address (you don't want your customers going to an unrelated or missing website).

Tip 3. Avoid hyphens and numerals in domain names. There are some exceptions, but generally avoid it if possible. If you do, it might help to also register variants of the domain to capture mis-spellings.

Tip 4. Avoid using acronyms - unless it's a well-known tradename or catchy. Although easier to type, a domain like doesn't mean as much to people or Google.

Tip 5. It can be helpful to register a domain that contains high value keywords that relate to your business, business name or services. This will add relevance for Google rankings and people can see what you do even before visiting your website.

Tip 6. If you have a domain that is easy to misspell, register domains with the common misspellings and redirect them to your website so you don't miss out on visitors.

Tip 7. Australian domains are more regulated than generic .com's. Your domain name needs to be "closely and substantially connected to the registrant" and you need to have an ACN or ABN. For other rules and limitations refer to the Australian Domain Authority policy:

Tip 8. Seek advice before you register a domain. It's a challenge to change domain names down the track as you will lose the valuable reputation, reviews and rankings on search websites like Google.

For  more information on domain name choices, contact us.

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As of February 2016, Google has removed ads from the right hand side of Google search results. Instead, they have increased the top number of ads from 3 to 4 ads. This is as a result of studies showing that most people look primarily at the left side of screen and also, likely due to an increase in mobile users, people are scrolling further down the page more than in the past.
This is an important piece of data as with 4 ads and often Google Maps results all shown at the top of page, even ranking in #1 position in organic search engine results, you can still be well down the page and certainly below the fold (off the viewable part of the initial screen). Although Google Ads and Google Maps/Google+ are very important to be listed in, this news means that those ads listed at the bottom of page can still expect to see a good result for their money.

Visit for information on our SEO services.

Australian Webpage Effects

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