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Everything you believe about lying is probably wrong.
The Liar in Your Life describes the surprising and sobering reality of lying in everyday life, based on nearly three decades of research by author Robert Feldman. One of his most striking findings, that has been tested repeatedly, is that new acquaintances will lie to each other about three times in the course of a ten minute conversation. These may seem to be so-called "little white lies"—innocent evasions like "I feel fine" or "I like your dress" or "You were amazing"—but those lies exact a cost. When we know we’re being dishonest, we feel less trusting about our environment and the people around us. And those little lies create a climate for greater deceptions, leading to "a culture of lies" that pervades today’s society.

I did it I did it- or just do it-

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I still like this one-

Coca-Cola Buys Stake In Monster Beverage For $2 Billion

what's your aspirations in life?

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oh happy flight 108.00 should see a bounce there-

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I think shes cute-

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I guess so, she'll only wear them when she swims

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going bullish=0 ) 

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looks truly amazing they may make a move on earnings they me be empty however some things turn into disinformation which a short on a float I cant promise you, though em drop another album-
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