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Avon Pest Control (Leamington Spa)
Conscientous & Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Services
Conscientous & Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Services

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Are you fearing the posion-resistant rats and mice in your home or business?
Yorkshire County is synonymous with fine residential and business
establishments. In fact, there are plenty of new properties that
accentuate vintage and historic homes and stores across the region. As
beautiful as Yorkshire is - the county is not exempt...

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The British National Pest Awareness Week
Avon Pest Control is a reputable and seasoned pest control company in
the UK. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to meet
the needs of all our clients across Yorkshire and other areas. From
rodents and birds to silverfish and termite...

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Bird problems, making your life hell?
Yorkshire is home to several residential and commercial establishments.
It is also a haven for birds, pigeons and all types of animals and
creatures. While it's great to watch birds in their natural habitats and
niches - the last thing property owners wa...

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The problems caused by squirrels in roof spaces
The family of squirrels includes tree squirrels, chipmunks, flying
squirrels, ground squirrels and the marmots. Squirrels are known to be terrific
climbers, but they come to the ground in search of food. They live next to
humans and sometimes can be burrowi...

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How to clear pest infestations and the best ways to prevent the pests from returning
Most people prefer spending more time indoors in winter, but unknown to them, there are also other creatures, namely pests, who eye up the same homes for their winter warmth.  How Pests Enter Homes And Businesses These are common things that can attract pes...

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Common causes of pest problems in the home
Most of the time when a homeowner notices a   pest problem   or an invasion of pests in their home,
the common reaction is to apply a quick fix to terminate the problem; what they
fail to recognise is that it helps more to deal with the cause of the problem...

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What to do if you suspect you have a pest problem
Having a potential pest problem is never an easy ordeal for property owners. From squirrels and rats to mice and insects – infestation can truly damage homes and businesses while rapidly dropping their values as well. If you suspect a pest problem in your h...

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Problems that occur from having squirrels in your roof space
Squirrels look furry and cute but are dangerous to say the least. In fact, these rodents are known to carry rabies and other infectious diseases as well. They have also been known to attack domesticated animals in homes, while causing interior and exterior ...

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Common problems with squirrels and other rodents
Squirrels and rodents are synonymous with destroying exterior and interior furniture. They also tend to reproduce at alarming rates, and even carry a range of diseases. These vermin also love to congregate in warm and arid areas, which give them warmth, pro...

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If you have noticed more flies in your home lately, you could have a pest problem
Flies are not an everyday occurrence in the winter months which means that if you see them in your home you should get worried. All cluster flies gravitate towards a food source. If you are seeing them around it is because there is something that they are f...
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