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Thanks +Ginny Marvin & +Search Engine Land for reporting what I spotted on the +AdWords blog! Mystery inside — original blog post removed by Google!
Further thanks: +Barry Schwartz, +Yair ben david

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אנא שימו לב – מרכז באוהאוס עובר לדיזנגוף 77, ממחר.
+מרכז באוהאוס תל אביב is permanently moving to 77 Dizengoff St., 6433249, Tel Aviv. This is only 10 buildings from our historical location, but we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please note that tomorrow, December 5th, 2016, the center will be closed for the move. Thank you! — The Bauhaus Team
+מרכז באוהאוס תל אביב עובר באופן קבוע למשכנו החדש בדיזנגוף 77. זה אמנם רק 10 בניינים מביתנו הקודם, אך אנו מתנצלים מראש על כל אי-נוחות.
אנא שימו לב כי מחר, 5 בדצמבר 2016, המרכז יהיה סגור לרגל המעבר. תודה! — צוות באוהאוס

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Tomorrow I'll be moderating a #SEMPOchat on Advanced Mobile UX. Our panelists: +Luke Wroblewski - #megaguru , currently @ +Google Spaces, author of 3 UX books - trust me on that one - a true maven. +Michael Montecuollo - Director of UX & Design @, amazing experience, who'll bring us the agency side. And last but not least, +Dean Niemiec from +FindLaw For Consumers who'll bring us the angle of both the enterprise of which he's part, +Thomson Reuters, and the numerous SMBs he's working with on a daily basis. It's gonna rock. RSVP down here:
In this informative session, presented by the SEMPO Education Committee and Industry Expert Guest Speakers, we will discuss Advanced Mobile UX.

Moderator: Avner Pinchover, Member, SEMPO Education Committee

Expert Speakers:
Luke Wroblewski, Product Director, Google
Luke is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and built software used by +1 Billion people worldwide.
Luke is currently a Product Director at Google. Earlier he was the CEO and Co-founder of Polar (acquired by Google in 2014) and the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Bagcheck (acquired by Twitter in 2011).
Prior to founding start-ups, Luke was an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Benchmark Capital, the Chief Design Architect (VP) at Yahoo!, Lead User Interface Designer at eBay, and a Senior Interface Designer at NCSA: the birthplace of the first popular graphical Web browser, NCSA Mosaic.
Luke is the author of three popular Web design books (Mobile First, Web Form Design & Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability) in addition to many articles about digital product design and strategy. He is also a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world, and a Co-founder and former Board member of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).
Luke also founded LukeW Ideation & Design, a product strategy and design consultancy, and taught graduate interface design courses at the University of Illinois.

Dean Niemiec, Digital Marketing Strategist, FindLaw
With experience as both a front-end developer and digital marketer, Dean manages the online marketing strategies for law firms across the US. He’s interested in the growing landscape of mobile usage and social media and how that will impact the future of digital marketing. Personally, he digs going on long walks with his dog, Rudy, while listening to podcasts like the Nerdist, Bill Burr & Marc Maron.

Michael Montecuollo, Director of User Experience, DOOR3, Business Applications, Inc.
The Director of User Experience & Design at DOOR3, Michael Montecuollo has been with the company since 2007. He is tasked with overseeing all enterprise, web, and mobile user experience work for the company.
Michael manages a staff of talented UX and visual designers in ensuring that DOOR3 builds solutions that are highly usable, easily adoptable, and up to the latest standards and best practices within their solution domain.
Michael has played a critical role in DOOR3's success including work for companies such as Bowne, Elizabeth Arden, Fresh Direct, HP, New Balance, and Teach For America. In addition to his project work, Michael also serves as a consultant to DOOR3's strategic partner, EMC, in their user experience and strategic digital endeavors.
With a background in information technology, programming and development, Michael has a deep understanding on the inner workings of the solutions that his team designs and delivers.
Michael holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Informatics from Rutgers University and is a member of the New York City chapter of the Usability Professionals Association and Interaction Design Association. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, music, fishing, and spending time with his wife, Larissa.

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Proud of my client in the past 7 years, +Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, for receiving +TripAdvisor's 2016 #CertificateofExcellence. As they say in Israel: "Start at your fastest pace, then keep on accelerating."

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Edited liveblog:
The intro vid and the first minutes of #GoogleSummit were about the #micromoments buzzword that's been around for a long while. Nothing new, if we keep in mind that #SEM was always about #intent and Google's just minting a different name for that.
But by the end of the #Keynote I had a different conclusion: Big G has more competition than ever and is starting to sweat. Announcing tons of features that were long sought for by the community but denied by Google, as well as others that convey even more stress. Here are the ones that could've been introduced a long time ago: 1. Demographics & similar audiences for search 2. Bidding adjustments for tablets (why did they take it away and now bring it back—to make us beg?) 3. Desktop maps search inventory & promoted pins (wouldn't they have claimed they're not user-friendly in past days?) 4. Copied the intuitive marketing objectives menu from FB Ads 5. Overhauled UI for AdWords (remember how terrible it was for years when Google was a single player?)
P.S. Toyota as an e.g. for understanding customer intent?! Not if you ask their acceleration pedal... #runawaytoyota 😱
P.P.S. Is #Google just trying to cut #Pinterest revenue by pushing them off the 1st page for the query "promoted pins"? ;)

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This +Coldplay music video by +Vania Heymann should be taught in film schools. And - who will be the 1st #contemporaryart museum to commission a video work by this genius that will be art for art's sake? Because he got a lot to say about #realism  and #surrealism  today. +MoMA PS1? +Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam? +Louisiana Museum of Modern Art? +Kunsthalle Zürich?

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Check out these sleek animations from +Google, launching their new small group messaging app, based on amazing SVG and PNG elements #animation #googlespaces #io16 #svg   
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+Google Webmasters Structured Data Testing Tool gets new design, moves to new address #structureddata #semanticweb   #SEO . Wonder why they double index it ;) Perhaps they forgot to tag it semantically :0 (which they did, not a bit of structured data on the page, actually not even a rel=canonical) +John Mueller BTW, isn't the color a bit Bingish?

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First website for a 🇨🇭 customer :)

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Can a TV show be hilarious and revolutionary at the same time? This video is the proof that YES. #lastweektonight  
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