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Aviv Manoach (Icel)
Game designer, web designer, digital artist, blogger and marketing professional; writer and publisher of roleplaying games.
Game designer, web designer, digital artist, blogger and marketing professional; writer and publisher of roleplaying games.
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Working on the new Vanor Adventure Roleplaying revised edition, featuring a fresh design in full color.

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Get Vanor: Adventure Roleplay (Hebrew) on

I need inspiration...

Sometime ago in my campaign, the Thief was almost killed but succeeded on their Last Breath roll - with a price. They saw a vision of an avatar of their god, instructing them on a mission to repay the debt. This quest is going to end in the next couple of sessions.

The Thief is also in the possession of a intelligent, somewhat cursed crown, a key item for the current adventure. After the events of this adventure are concluded - at which point the Thief's divine mission will also be completed - I want to give them a useful magical item. As we treated the crown as a treasure already, and I think it is appropriate for the Thief to get something after having to leave the crown.

So as the Thief worship the god of humans, a god of fire and war, and the campaign had a strong fiery theme surrounding this god's followers, I thought about giving the Thief an Ember Heart - which may literally replace their heart. It is also a symbol of the second life the character got from their deity.

Problem is, I have no idea what power or unique move to give this magical gift...

Your help will be appreciated.

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Progressing on my vision of #DarkestDungeonWorld , which is ending up being a somewhat deeper hack than some might want (I'm now working with different Stats), but I decided to start rewriting the basic moves and further solidify the wording of new moves I've been thinking about. 

I've made some clarifying comments on many of them, and note which are definitely works in progress, and I think its in a state where I could use some feedback.

Also, here is the Character Sheet I’m working on:

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Hey folks, just wanted to drop a quick word.
In 2013 I published a Hebrew adaptation of Dungeon World in Israel, called Vanor Adventure Roleplaying. Some of you may remember the art and stuff I shared from it.

In the last year or so, I've been working on a adventure card game set in that same campaign setting and once again adapting Dungeon World, although this time a bit more loosely.
It's called Champions of Fate and we just started playtesting it last week, with the hopes of hitting Kickstarter later this year.

I don't want to be too off-topic on this group, so if you'd like to be kept up to date with it's development, checkout the website and Facebook page.


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Hello Internet, 
My name is Aviv and I'm looking for work as a freelancer or work-from-home.

My experience for the past 6 years was in digital media for small and medium businesses (SMBs): web development (mainly using WordPress), web design, social media, search engine optimization, search marketing (PPC, Google and Facebook ad networks) and media creation (content writing, audio and video production).

Beside my clientèle work, I've volunteered for a number of gaming-related organizations to create awesome events, and have developed my own brand for gaming and geek related media:

Please share this post and content me if you have any open positions available.
Thank you.

Full CV:
Professional Website:

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Hey, I made a tag sheet for dungeon world!

Right now, this is just tags from the base game and a few I've added in. I'd love some feedback and suggestions for additional tags.

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פודקאסט שורפים משחקים: פרק 7 \\ הרבה ויקטור וראן, חלונות 10 וחדשות מכנס ג'נקון. פרק חדש של הפודקאסט לגיימר העצלן.

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