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{Gargantuarz} On G+ For Ingress
{Gargantuarz} On G+ For Ingress
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+NIA Ops +Ingress
Dear NIA,
I'm a lvl 15 RES Agent from Kunming, China,My ID is Subhell.I believe I was incorrectly banned.
In January 21, 2017, During that time I was just XMP on my home way(,102.71204&z=17&pll=24.982985,102.713139 ). At the same time I got your the ban email. I can't access my Ingress account inventory since then.I was shocked that my account got banned.

Digging into the similar cases happend to other agents, we got the conclusion that it was probably caused by something Xiaomi did in MIUI system (the famous Chinese Android System) for Xiaomi cellphone. I was using the built-in MIUI (OS Version:MIUI Global 8.0 stable, Android 6.0.1 as attached screenshot). We assumed it introduced some new feature to save battery however messed with GPS. I think this was the reason that triggered your anti-spoofing algorithm.

I must insist that I did nothing wrong. I was playing the game without breaking any of the ToS.I really love this game. It provides opportunities for me to meet new friends and explore the world in an innovative way. Really appreicate if you would investigate my case! Hope I could get my account back. It holds my dearest memory of the past 3 years.

The attached Images are:
1. My path
2. Manage apps' battery usage(screenshot)
3. My agent profile(I find in my old phone)
4. System Version screenshot
5. Got from google email

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Operation BlueBerry CheeseCake

Just done with a huge Op Brihadeeswarar, Resistance agents in India thought they could take a break till another plan comes into the picture.
However, agents in Southeast Asia had something else in mind for us. They wanted us to join in a south Asian smurf collaboration on the 21st Jan.
Admittedly, some of us hesitated with the time frame, while some of us went into overdrive and immediately got down to figuring out yet another BAF in India.
We have always liked tilting the global scores with amazing ops. This time was going to be no different.
After several proposals and rejections, @NecroMerc and @rastafa07 found a challenging yet feasible plan to work with.
Actions speak louder than words.. and so within a week we scrambled agents across northern half of India to turn it into a 8 layered deep blue triangle.
From finding the right keys and waking up a bunch of agents from slumber within Pune to finding last minute travellers from Mumbai and Chandigarh, this turned out to be one hell of a Flash Op.
Not surprisingly the MU captured was a mindblowing total of 3.3 Billion+.

A big shout out yet again to all the agents who cleared the way for this, dedicatedly and meticulously meeting all the requirements in time.

Cross Cleaners


Intel Operators

Thanks to agents in Singapore and Indonesia for inviting us :)

+Ingress​  +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Pooja Srinivas​ +Matilde Tusberti​ +John Hanke​ 
#Ingress   #Resistance   #SitRep  
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Good start to the new year!
#ResistanceIndia  agents in the south and west had a great Sunday afternoon making this happen.
Cumulative 2.6 billion MU captured.
Somebody is writing the sitrep, we hear.

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Will be available in a swag store near you soon! Stay tune...

#Ingress #LuxAdventure #LuxOdyssey #LOLA #Coin

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Fantastic work by Malaysian agents 
SITREP: OPS 1000 P8s - Gotong Royong (RESMY)

How it all started ...

Sitting at a small farming session one night and someone quietly said "I wonder if we can make 1000 P8s",and that was how it all began.

The Introduction

"Gotong-Royong" is a Malay word that means "communal work", or "working together in achieving a common goal". 1000 P8s within an area measuring approximately 1000km2 was never going to happen without teamwork.

And thus, Ops Gotong-Royong was born.

The Preparation

4 fantastic agents stepped up to volunteer as team leads - @lenglui +Melina Lee (Alpha), @Berbacat +Berbacat Berbakat(Bravo), @zullearnstorock +Hairy Blackwood (Charlie), @aavenc +Aaven Chen (Delta). Right off the bat, they got to work gathering their troops and planning their routes, and planning farming sessions.

Oh, the farms. With each player needing a few hundred shields each, we met almost everyday to farm weapons and mods. So. much. farming.

D-Day - Sunday, 23 October 2016

The troops assembled at their respective meeting areas. Under the dark cover of night, Ops Gotong Royong started. With Intel covering us in the background, the teams began to move to their designated zones and started making P8s as quickly as they could.

At one point, Intel noticed one of the teams veering off-course, when the call went out, the reply was not what they expected. With a full car load of agents, they weren't able to continue on their designated route due to the number of speedbumps and had to detour, with that understanding, a new route was plotted to compensate for the number of portals missed.

In the early hours of dawn, 3 handsome agents, @aerohh +Aerohh, @imjoel and @kitzman started heading to KLCC. Despite nursing an ankle sprain which made walking painful, @aerohh nevertheless soldiered on, still heading to KLCC with the rest. They made KLCC Park into P7s with links and fields to increase the mitigation.

We also found out that a part of the Southeast KL P8s built by Team Charlie were unfortunately destroyed by ENL @wiragalaksi, even as the operation continued.. However, the destruction did not discourage us - our spirits still blazed in the early hours of Sunday.

Finally, we started heading towards our final location, The Petronas Twin Towers. It seemed only fitting to end at this world-renowned iconic building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Along the way, we continued building P8 after P8 as we approached our target. With all of our weaponry, we blasted all green portals! MAKE BLUE, NO GREEN! We whacked 'em! Despite the blazing sun, we pressed on. The Petronas Twin Towers - Normally an Enlightened stronghold, with the onset of so many Resistance agents, it became a shining blue beacon early on Sunday morning. @jamesjoewoonz decided to commemorate the event by deploying a beacon to draw attention to the, now, vibrant blue, KLCC.

Finally, we gathered for group photos taken by our multitalented agent @B33HAWK, to cap off what had been an intensely exhausting effort. Starving, we then gathered at KFC to EAT! and swap stories of the early morning's adventures. Though many of us had barely slept, we still headed home with smiles on our faces, recalling our epic achievement.

The Summary

At measurement, we managed to get 821 P8 Portals which, while short of our goal, was still an impressive effort by all involved. I would like to thank all that put in the time and effort to make this OPS a success and look forward to the next round.

Agents Involved

Team Alpha
@Lenglui (TL)

Team Bravo
@Berbacat (TL)

Team Charlie
@Zullearnstorock (TL)

Team Delta

Team KLCC Walking Warriors


Ops Planner

+Ingress +Ingress Resistance (Unofficial) +Ingress Resistance Malaysia 
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Happy Birthday, Ingress. To commemorate our four year anniversary, everyone that reaches Level 3 by 11:59pm Pacific Time (PST) on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 will earn a special Luminary Medal. The Luminary Medal will be awarded based on the following tiers:

Bronze Medal: Level 3 - Level 8
Silver Medal: Level 9 - Level 12
Gold Medal: Level 13 & 14
Platinum Medal: Level 15
Onyx Medal: Level 16

Additionally, for the next two weeks, each Portal action will generate double Action Points (AP). For example, capture a Portal to earn 1,000 AP or establish a Field to earn 2,500 AP. Hack output of the Portal Network has also been boosted.

During these four years, we’ve seen so many incredible moments - Anomalies, field art, epic operations, Ingress weddings and much more. If you have a favorite situation report from your experience over the last 4 years, we’d like to hear it. Share your SITREPs with the #IngressYear4 hashtag.

It’s time to move.

#IngressYear4 #IngressBulletin

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Heavy spoofing around Asia since 2 weeks back. Multiple blockers consistently taken down by unknowns. Reported spoofers making mega fields. Time to start work, +NIA Ops

+Andrew Krug +Pooja Srinivas

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Using NIA Ops Approved Format Of Missions For An Event Competition

Something that we have encountered at +Project Isthmus​ during the past year is a thing we have watched our friends at +CLIME​ also experience… Both our groups have wanted to use Missions in a manner that is slightly different than +Ingress​ intended. This also heavily applies to #FS #FirstSaturday events. After A LOT of thought on the topic, I have the following proposal/method that I’d like to release, both in hopes that it can solve the problem & also to gather community feedback, as many of you may have ideas to improve upon this idea!

Problem Statement: Ingress players who host events would sometimes like to use Missions for competitions at their events. As is, there is no way to either schedule a mission’s release date & time – nor is there the ability to “password protect” the start of a mission. This results in the inability to use Missions to gate a competition, because they must be published early and can then be started by a player prior to the actual event.

Proposed Solution: Publish a set of missions early, instead of just one mission. Have these missions meet +NIA Ops​ criteria (IE no passwords, etc..) Then at the start of the event reveal the sequence in which the missions must appear on the agent profile to meet the win criteria. It would even be possible to have a mission that is used as a disqualifier. Because the sequence is not known ahead of time, it is impossible to complete them to win ahead of time.

Example: (See Graphic for alternate display of this section.)
A) In this example, a group known as EventHost wants to have an event that uses “Mission” to determine the winner of a competition. They have chosen to use missions that are Glyph names.
B) A week+ prior to the start of the event, the following 7 missions go live at an event site:
C) Each Mission has text that states “NOTE: This mission is part of an event set. Do NOT do this mission prior to the start of the event. Please visit EventHost G+ to learn more about the event.
D) At the start of the event, both at the physical location as well as on G+, the following information is given:
“Please complete the event missions in this sequence to qualify. Be the first to notify EventHost you have completed them to be verified as the winner.” (Be sure to specify notification method.)
E) Optionally, also include this:
“If you have not heeded the warnings to avoid doing these missions until the start of the event, please know that if you have the following mission completed you will be disqualified from winning:”

Known Shortcomings: This method does not really allow for any aspect of “mystery/trivia/unknown path of portals” to be leveraged, as all of these prompts could be flushed out early by attempting the missions prior to the start of the event. To me this seems a minor trade off.


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