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St Laurent borough.
Public library in suburban Montreal wins 2017 Green Building Award from RAIC - Canadian Architect

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Delta's disgusting behavior.
Airlines now act like paying customers are to be treated like dirt....
Instead of acting like thugs, the Delta pilot and agent could have found some other way rather than kicking someone off the plane, delaying all other passengers, and providing no support to the passenger.

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researchers found that letting your mind wander can lead to better creative problem solving.

Ha! Finally.... with excessive attention in the world to laser-focused tasks and mindfulness and how to be better and better at specific things, good to know someone appreciates the positive aspects of letting the mind wander.

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How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes
Using a cloud service on Amazon or Google.

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I struggle with this a lot - I prefer to give to organizations that help the homeless, but this is really good advice ...
Give to panhandlers and whatever they use the money on is fine... and ..."You should not simply drop a bill into a cup and walk away. You must stop, look the person in the eyes, and touch his or her hands.
The reason is to preserve dignity, to see another person as a human...."

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... to celebrate Montreal’s 375th birthday...
... project to plan 375,000 trees in the city is now fully financed ... and will be a good legacy for future generations.

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Syrian/Armenian food.
Filet-mignon with a special spicy sauce – Chiche Kebab Terbialy. Absolutely the best, this is always a safe choice.
More at the link below...

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Multiple rooms to hang out in, free coffee/cookies, just pay $2 or so per hour "rent", invite friends like it was your house!!! Interesting concept....
"Anticafe Montreal is an open-concept space where you can sip a coffee, eat cookies,enjoy entertainment, and appreciate a laid-back ambiance. Think of our space as a second home: you can invite people over, relax as long as you want, and work at your own pace. Take advantage of our stress-free, unhurried environment when you decide to visit us."
294 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal - Place des Arts


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Place des Arts/Place des Festivals
Major construction and setup for Montréal en Lumière festival and activities starting Feb 23, 2017.
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