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BeautyOfBirds (Formerly Avianweb): By and For Bird Lovers: Lots of Info about Birds and Lovely Images!
BeautyOfBirds (Formerly Avianweb): By and For Bird Lovers: Lots of Info about Birds and Lovely Images!

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Web Visitor seeking information about his Green-wing Macaw / New York - if anybody can help, please let us know. Following is the message:

"Have you ever had or ever get a green wing macaw male with PPH or PP (along with some other letters and numbers) on his leg band? Ive been looking for him for 16 years. Would love an update if hes not for sale or to buy him back. His name was Harley, Im that isnt his name anymore. Please contact me if you know anything about this bird. I sold him 16 years ago at a pet store in latham NY was told he was sold to a breeder. I'm assuming he is still in NY, but could be anywhere now. He would be around 20 years old now. I think about him every day and long to know he is ok. Please share this in as many places as possible also if you can. Thank you"

It would be so nice to reunite such a devoted owner with his previous pet. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Sibylle

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Our latest video about two singing Amazon Parrots is totally hilarious.  I DARE you not to laugh! Spanish speakers will particularly appreciate the talent of these parrots.  But even if you don't speak Spanish -  ANYBODY will enjoy their funny antics.  

Home needed for parakeets in NY:  A web visitor contacted us with the following message: "Hello my mother has 18 parakeets its getting out of control we would like to donate a bunch of them somewhere where they will be in good hands. Please help. "  If anyone knows of a good please let me know so that I can provide the contact information. Thank you! Sibylle

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We are now publishing a funny or interesting video about birds mainly every few days on our home page: ... This latest video shows very talented cockatiel and our visitors are obviously loving it :-)

New Home Needed for Amazon Parrot:  The following is a message from a BeautyOfBird web visitor: 
"I am 68 yrs of age and must move to smaller home very soon. I have a beautiful, tame,  talking (over 300 words) red headed , green amazon, Mexican parrot, male, He "Angelo" knows his name, answers "what" when you call him, sings, whistles, barks like a dog, meows like my cat,  mimics my voice exactly and others voices says too many words and even sentences like "Angelo is such a pretty bird" "hello, Jerri is not here right now, may I take a message" , "I love you" , "let me in", "pretty bird", "here Justice" my dog, gives many kisses, friendly , tame, had since a very small baby bird, now 18 years old , my friend, eats everything I eat, plus premium bird food, never sick, lots and lots of fun and love from this "bird" ..  Angelo loves to go for walks with me, never leaves my shoulder, plays on the floor with my dogs, and keeps my very large cat at bay.. Fun to watch the interaction, bird raised with the dogs and cat for last 4 years." 
IF you are interested and can provide a similar environment for Angelo, please let me know and I will get you in touch with the owner.  No breeders or bird sellers!  Thank you. Sibylle

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This is a movie about "Footsie" - a “shrink-wrapped” chick that hatched "foot first".  For close to 24 hours – nothing but its foot could be seen.   Hatching had to be assisted ... While this chick was struggling, one of its siblings emerged next to it with ease.

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Four more eggs hatched in our Mini Advance incubator.  Three hatched without a problem; one of them needed some help.  I had to gently peel away the entire outer shell and for some time, the little chick was tightly wrapped in the egg membrane with only its foot showing ... I am editing the movie right now since I doubt that any of you has the time to see the entire 24-hour hatch!  So I am cutting out as much footage as I can and focusing only on the more active moments.  The movie will be uploaded as soon as I am finished.  PS. The chick is doing fine!  Sibylle

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What an exhilarating experience it must have been seen to see one of these rare finds (with less than 400 of them still being in existence)!  The photographer - Imogen Warren - was so gracious to allow us to publish it on!
The Tasman Parakeet or Norfolk Island Green Parrot is a rare find on #norfolkisland . Listed as critically endangered, numbers are estimated at 200-400 birds. 

The Avianweb - now migrated into our new website:  

This website is one of the most comprehensive bird resources website, with over 8,000 species profiles and tons of amazing bird photos - in addition to in-depth information about birding, bird pet care and breeding. There is an extensive section on bird health; common diseases by bird species; sick bird care, and much more.  The breeding section covers everything from egg incubation (by birds or incubator), raising the young and everything surrounding these processes.  It is a valuable resource for the beginner to experienced breeders.

However, in addition to awesome content, the website now offers full interactivity.  You can post, comment and upload images, videos and audio recordings.

Feel free to ask questions, and we will try to answer the best we can.
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