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Avi Rappoport
I like to fix broken search engines
I like to fix broken search engines

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What I'm doing this week (ask me about Enterprise Search ;-)

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Good sense on the HP acquisition of Autonomy

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I'm starting to see some patent filings that describe some of the bits and pieces behind Google Plus and Google Buzz.

This first one I'm writing about discusses what an "Asymmetrical Network" is, and the choices that Google might make in the images to show you when you attach and image to a post.

It has me thinking about making a couple of changes to my site to make it more likely that better images show up in posts like this one.

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Interesting rumor that HP is buying Autonomy -- it makes sense if they want to compete with IBM, Oracle, SAS, Salesforce, etc. Autonomy has a lot more than just search.

Also nteresting: Google+ "could not load" the Twitter near-real-time search URL:!/search/realtime/hp%20autonomy

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Evolution of Anonymous. One of the more social-science-aware articles about this group

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Some more Google+ experiments that are rolling out as we speak:

You can now + reply anyone who commented on your post regardless of whether they have "find me in search" enabled. Hey, if they wrote to you, seems to make sense that you should be able to write back, right?

We removed the "blocked circle" and added a new menu for managing your blocked people.

We added a new invite dialog that provides a URL you can give out to your friends so they can join. I know, Vic already posted this one. Just re-posting in case you missed Vic's post.

For technical reasons, the little black bar across the top of the page, and the rest of the page, used a different event system. Now they don't, which means that if you add a friend from the notification bar on the top of the page, they will immediately show up as a friend on the bottom of the page. I know, crazy.

Fixed the count for # of followers. The number used to be capped at 10,000 in the people editor (even if you had more), now it is accurate. Also, we used different algorithms for calculating your followers in profiles vs. the list on your circles. We now use the same algorithm for both so they should always match.

My team just got a list from our consumer operations group of over 25,000 suggestions of great stuff we should be working on. Almost 6,000 of those were about the #s not matching in profiles and the circle editor (fixed!). A couple hundred were questions about whether sharing to your circles included your block circle (fixed!). Needless to say, much of what we do is based on what you guys ask for. We even had a few people tell us it was just cruel to show photos of their X's in their block circle, so, we removed photos for people you've blocked =)

Now, off to go address a few more of the issues. Stay tuned, lots of great stuff coming.
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Best plain-language Terms of Service explanatory sidebar I've ever seen. Only problem is that it's JavaScript. But still. +Whitney Quesenbery what do you think?

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Google's new search interface for tablets announced (rolling out over the next week). Some people hate the unchangeable font size, lack of pinch-and-zoom, and general "kindergarten" style. I wonder how much testing they really did on that.

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Good times, those were, even with dialup, command line, and a truly obscene phone bill.

I still miss The Well's great "read new" function (and the people, of course).
If you think social media started with Facebook, you might be interested in this video of a party by a virtual community, The Well, in 1989. WELL Party scenes courtesy of InCA productions, copyright InCA.

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