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Avery Sen
Strategist | Futurist | Science Policy Analyst
Strategist | Futurist | Science Policy Analyst

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"The program's manager, artificial intelligence researcher Paul Cohen, says its goal is to help scientists cope with complexity at a time when most read more and more narrowly... Big Mechanism, if it succeeds, could aid researchers studying complicated systems from climate science to military operations and poverty."


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I organized an "unconference" two weeks ago.  Here's how it went down... #fl

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"People need explicit permission to take an uninterrupted block of time not to ideate or experiment, but to actually put everything together in useful form..." #fl

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"Ease of access to the wealth of climate, weather, and environmental data NOAA is making available will have an enormous impact on researchers across many disciplines. The purpose of the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) collaboration with the NOAA is to make finding and accessing this data easier for the academic, non-profit, and research communities, to enable scientific analysis and to drive discovery." #fl

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clutter-free living #f
One of the more popular challenges in this movement. 33 items of clothing challenge is the other.

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Climate change: Embed the social sciences in climate policy : Nature News & Comment

"The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is becoming irrelevant to climate policy... the insights that matter are out in the darkness, far from the places that the natural sciences alone can illuminate." #fl

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"Nelson emphasizes CCRMA's interdisciplinarity, which stimulates creativity at the intersections of fields; its commitment to open sharing and users; and its pioneering commercial engagement. He shows that Stanford's outsized influence on the emergence of digital music came from the intertwining of these three modes, which brought together diverse supporters with different aims around a field of shared interest." #fl

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"Greater religiosity is almost uniformly and very significantly associated to less favorable views of innovation." #fl

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So You Want to Build a Weather Satellite - YouTube

Nice animation explaining why weather satellites are never on schedule and always over budget. #f

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"Innovation is not simply a technical matter but rather one of understanding how people and societies work, what they need and want. America will not dominate the 21st century by making cheaper computer chips but instead by constantly reimagining how computers and other new technologies interact with human beings." #fl
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