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Google Is Deliberately Cutting Off Windows Phone Users Out Of Using Their Sites Correctly Without Any Valid Reason

I first noticed Google proactively using redirectors and messing Google desktop and mobile websites around a month ago. Quite disgusting. More when in regular Windows OSes. In both IE9 and IE10. They happen to have optimized most of the sites. Making their messing around with Windows Phone users blatantly obvious, shameless and nonsensical. Since IE9 and IE10 are the same whether it is used in W7, WP7, Xbox 360 or W8, W-RT and WP8 respectively.

How do i know for sure? Because with a simple change to make sure IE9 in WP7 is recognized as IE9 in W7, suddenly makes all problems go away to check the desktop websites. Likewise for Mobile if you identify as an Android Device.

Now my only doubt is if this is also happening in the Xbox 360 version of IE9 or not. Have not bought another one yet. So i cannot check on that one


I have been now told by +Marc Jansen and +Immanuel Schweizer  That google sites work in Xbox 360 version of IE9. Making it so that Google IS specifically targeting Windows Phone on this clear example of anti competitive foul play.

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+Damon Devitt We are not talking IE6, 7 or 8 here, but IE 9 and 10. Those are perfectly capable, standard compliant browsers and this behavior by Google is alarming. Cutting out users without any technical reason.
I was working on a write-up of my own on this very thing a few minutes ago, but got too tired to continue.  

There's no doubt that Google forcibly redirects traffic when it detects a Windows Phone.

I've bee told that it's merely because they cannot support every platform, and so they must design the non-iOS/ non-Android option to be the Lowest Common Denominator.

And, honestly  that just makes Good Business Sense, but why in the Hell does Google insist on forcing my phone - which is perfectly capable of giving me the full G+ experience, by the way - to give me such a useless mobile experience instead? 

So, they're either not being entirely forthcoming with us on this front, or the Right Hand simply doesn't know what the Left is doing.

Or does their current "It's just business" stance give them some sort of an exemption from their Do No Evil mantra?
+Marc Jansen That is the thing. They don't need to do much at all when it comes to IE9 and IE10 in WP7 and WP8. Something they seem to have not got when they went on and did this messing around.  It all started with they removing the option for loading the desktop view. Then by forcing the most basic mobile version on Windows Phone users. Then by overriding the regular order of windows phone if set to prefer desktop web.

That is foul play all around.
Incidentally, I do get the full G+ experience on my Xbox 360, so Windows Phone is being expressly targeted.
Its like they take the FTC ruling to demonstrate to Microsoft what real anti-competitive moves look like... 
Now it is just the time when it would be great if someone like +Chris Pirillo and +Danny Sullivan that probably know about this by now to take note it is not just a issue with Maps. but with several Google sites. Including G+ if they by any chance decide to post about it.
Confirmed. Posting from my Xbox360 now - I have access to Communities and everything.
I brought these shenanigans up in a different discussion earlier tonight, and someone suggested I contact +TechCrunch about it.
+Marc Jansen How interesting is that uh? IE9 in Xbox 360 can run google sites. But IE10 in WP8 cannot do it? O RLY Google?  ;)
MS should look at the situation as an opportunity to Bing Maps!, why not, its also good!
+Dennis Mar You realize how damning it is that they are even BLATANTLY LYING or playing dumb on the record?  Then how you explain IE10 in W-RT or IE9 in Xbox 360 supporting all Google sites?
The entire argument that +Avatar Equis and I are trying to make is that WP doesn't NEED the "mobile web".  We have a fully-functional desktop version that would work just fine, if only it were allowed to  - for ALL Google products.

I'm just doubly-grateful for my Nokia Drive app now... ;-)
simple: XBox platform & communities have huge eyeballs, WP8 platform is just starting <5%??.... So this is just a business decision on the part of Google....  solution? --> make WP8 platform awesome so El Goog and other developers can't ignore!
+Dennis Mar Sure. not the actual point though. The point here is that Google says they cannot support Windows Phone versions of IE. So they instead block or downgrade the experiences with  forceful redirectors. The problem is they don't need to support IE in Windows Phone since they already support them in the desktop.  That is the lie and the foul play.
ie10 and ie9 on windows phone do not support the necessary javascript events for google's mobile maps site. therefore google blocks them. the desktop site does not use these events and desktop ie9 and ie10 work fine.
+Edouard Tavinor Not the only point. Then why use a forceful redirector and not respect WP7/WP8 settings for IE9/IE10 is set to prefer desktop version sites?  They do it on maps, they do it on g+, they do it on youtube sometimes, etc.
Then also serve the basic mobile versions and not the featured mobile versions? Why remove links that let you load up the desktop version on demand? etc, etc.

There are many things Google has been doing that you would not notice unless you are are Windows Phone power user. But i have noticed and i remember.
+Avatar Equis So you admit that the mobile site doesn't work on wp7 and wp8? do you also consider it in general a good idea that google does something to stop a broken webpage from being delivered to windows phones devices?
+Edouard Tavinor That is also the thing. it semi-worked. janky and choppy. yet you could say it worked. But then why don't redirect to desktop version? then why also hijack users that have set up that they want the desktop version.

Why if you are not developing an app for G+ in WP. why not at least serve the featured mobile site well? etc, etc.  Those are the most important questions. Regardless of their not credible stance on not worth it to support WP. Which is bullshit.
+Avatar Equis It would be difficult to support the standard browser on wp8 and wp7 because these browsers do not support the necessary javascript events. 
+Edouard Tavinor I have pointed out that things before were better. regardless of there was not enough support for the mobile maps. They changed it to something that is worse. Then you are actualy trying to make me believe that Google could not easily rework a mobile site to support W3C sanctioned HTML5 that would work with IE9 and IE10 on WP? Hell, if Google asked, Microsoft could get it working for Google for free.  The point is Google is not only playing hardball it is going for foul play. If you still disagree then so be it. Will leave you the last word.
W3C has not made a finalized specification for touch events. In their working drafts (the first of which was published in December 2011), however, touch events as implemented by firefox and webkit (in July 2008) are included. The different touch events, recently added by Microsoft to the browser in Windows Phone, are not included in the draft specifications. 
Essentially, the claim is that Google is being evil. What I don't understand is why; if this is deliberate, they are essentially encouraging those few consumers to use Microsoft's own map service. 
+Avatar Equis, Google could fix an issue for WP, but given that WP share on the market is about 5% (or less), this is definitely lowest priority (some quite annoying bugs in their own products sometimes are not fixed for several months or even bit more). And yes, MS could fix the issue - they could simply fix WP version of IE. But they didn't - why?

Concerning desktop version of maps on WP - did you try that? Is it fully functional?
+Alexander Demenshin That was the point. Google had not to support anything if they didn't wanted. They were proactively screwing Windows Phone with Google Maps just like they are with YouTube and G+ for that matter.

Read my latest post. Thanks for commenting in.
I still don't see why Google is being evil. Windows Phone does not support touch events in accordance with the draft W3C standard. Google codes to this standard. Therefore the site does not work on Windows Phone. What should Google do in your opinion? Code a new website for every browser no matter what idiosyncrasies the manufacturer builds in to that browser? 
+Edouard Tavinor If you read my very last two posts in my profile stream and have maybe read the comment threads in the four posts i did on this. And you still think Google didn't do anything wrong at all and don't get what the real issues are that by now have been discussed a lot, the same  issues that are not limited to Google Maps, then no answer i can give you will satisfy you unless i lie to you.
+Avatar Equis the problem is that you keep ignoring technical explanations and instead hang on to a conspiracy theory.
No, Google does not go out of their way to support ie on wp. Yes Google does go out of their way to support ie on desktop. What Google has recently started doing is not deliver websites to ie on wp which would not work on ie on wp. You could regard this as a positive thing, that Google had started thinking about ie on wp. But instead for you it is held up as proof that Google is evil. 
+Edouard Tavinor Ok one last summary.

- It is not me saying it.
- it is all about the redirectors been forced beyond the IE setings in Windows Phone. This as demostrated by the viral video where a Microsoftie shows that Google is blocking Windows Phone Users by specifically targeting them, but working fine if you show up as anything else.
- It is about the fact that if you want the full desktop website, you are not able to get it. even if said site works as it should.
- It is about the fact that previosuly that was not in place. And that such previous time was merely a few weeks ago.
- It is about Google FORCING redirections in several google sites that work fine if you visit the desktop web versions.
- It is about Google removing desktop web version links to load up said versions on demand apart from forcing a redirection. Like they did with the mobile version of G+ site.

And if we go to the big picture it is about the fact that google sites still work in the IE9 version of Xbox 360 and that no redirection was added there. Or that Google is still denying Microsoft the API's for YouTube in Windows Phone, but gave them willingly when it came to the Xbox 360. Without even mentioning the whole mishandling of dropping EAS for Windows Phone, while at the same time not dropping it at all. Without any clear out attempt from Google to just ask for a negotiation or deal with Microsoft that would also benefit their paying customers. There are several other examples. But it is a long list. What they have in Common? Windows Phone.

Then the point is: Google can very well decide to not support Windows Phone. That is OK, if they want to be stuck ups, that is their right. What is not OK is they going out of their way to block Windows Phone users out. If Google instead had said: Ok, fuck it. we will not support Windows Phone. We will let them decide if they load up the desktop site or give them a link to change website versions in the mobile websites.Guess what? in late 2011 and early 2012. They did that and things were better than now. 

Now the question is if you can get how Google is wrong or not?If you don't, then don't.