Google Is Deliberately Cutting Off Windows Phone Users Out Of Using Their Sites Correctly Without Any Valid Reason

I first noticed Google proactively using redirectors and messing Google desktop and mobile websites around a month ago. Quite disgusting. More when in regular Windows OSes. In both IE9 and IE10. They happen to have optimized most of the sites. Making their messing around with Windows Phone users blatantly obvious, shameless and nonsensical. Since IE9 and IE10 are the same whether it is used in W7, WP7, Xbox 360 or W8, W-RT and WP8 respectively.

How do i know for sure? Because with a simple change to make sure IE9 in WP7 is recognized as IE9 in W7, suddenly makes all problems go away to check the desktop websites. Likewise for Mobile if you identify as an Android Device.

Now my only doubt is if this is also happening in the Xbox 360 version of IE9 or not. Have not bought another one yet. So i cannot check on that one


I have been now told by +Marc Jansen and +Immanuel Schweizer  That google sites work in Xbox 360 version of IE9. Making it so that Google IS specifically targeting Windows Phone on this clear example of anti competitive foul play.

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