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Increase Growth for yourself and others


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Today we have +Ajay Prasad speaking on Digital Marketing Strategies. He has been in charge of marketing departments for large corporations ranked in the top 10 of Fortune 500 companies.

Can you discuss Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Advertising?

Back when I was leading marketing for corporate companies, we didn’t say we are in “TV marketing.” Nobody ever said, “We’re in television marketing.”

We looked at our marketing strategy with the bigger picture in mind. Where is the role of TV in our marketing? The role of radio, print, and direct mail in our marketing campaign?

You must understand that there is a difference between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Channels.

Television is a marketing channel, not a marketing strategy. Strategy is the whole picture, the message you’re trying to get across, the response you want to generate, the specific targets you want to send your message to. The strategy, message, and the way you advertise is much more important than the channel you use.

It is the same way with Digital Marketing. When people say they do Facebook ads or Social Media Marketing, it is like saying they do Television Marketing. Facebook is just a marketing channel to promote your message.

Here are some examples:

Say someone creates a blog article to get on the first page of Google:

Strategy = SEO

Content = The blog post

Channel = The business website and Google

Read the full Interview:

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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

–Michelangelo Buonarroti

We were last talking to Chris on professional networking. He explains why networking is the #1 predictor of career success. Keeping open networks can be the fastest way to grow your professional career.

Chris continues his discussion on how having the right mindset is critical for success and why the people you surround yourself with may be the missing key for success.

Can you discuss having a billionaire mindset?

Based on science, there are thinking patterns proven to affect your self esteem, confidence, your outlook on life and how you feel.

Having a billionaire mindset isn’t about being a billionaire. It’s about holding value for yourself.

It starts with changing from having a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.

Read Full Interview:

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Mimicking the Federal Reserve

Today we have Eric Tait, MD, MBA, a physician and alternative investment expert. He discusses the monetary system, using debt to create cash, and the best way to fight inflation.

When I was trying to figure out what to invest in, I asked,

"Where do most millionaires and billionaires make and hold most of their wealth?"

This lead me down a path of understanding that,

"Todays money will always be worth less in the future"

The money you have sitting in your bank account is eroding. It's value is continually going down 4% every year.

So you need to learn how to stay ahead of inflation if you want gain wealth. You want to start using debt to create cash for yourself now and into the future.

Read full Interview:

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The Key Secret to Reputation and Reviews

Today we have +Ajay Prasad discussing the importance of building and maintaining your reputation online. He will share why people want to write reviews and how to consistently get positive ones.

Can you discuss the importance of Reputation for businesses?
Reviews are extremely important. Every business needs a good reputation.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, where you can talk to the owner get a good feeling about them, you can't do that online.

For example, say a patient walks into your office. They meet your staff and get a chance to talk to you. They’ll have a different perception of meeting you in person versus meeting you for the first time through your website.

They can’t get that personal touch from you. As a result, they need to look for cues to make a decision. Reviews are one of the biggest cues online.

It used to be that they would come to your website and read your testimonials. Now most people won’t trust testimonials on your website. They don’t know if it’s a real or fake review. It’s a website, so anybody can make up any testimonial.

But when they go on Yelp or facebook, there is no doubt that a real person wrote the review.

92 percent of the consumers read online reviews before they contact a business. 92 percent!

Especially for the professional service provider, reviews are very important.

Read the rest of the Interview here:

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Are You Missing Out on the Mobile Market?

Why Mobile is all about NOW and how to leverage it.

Did you know that there is a significant behavioral pattern people have when they go online with desktops versus on their mobile phones?

Learn from marketing expert +Ajay Prasad, who has led marketing teams of the top 10 of Fortune 500 companies.

Ajay, can you speak on the difference between Desktop and Mobile Marketing?

This difference is extremely important, and many businesses still do not understand this.

The behavior and patterns of people browsing the web on their desktop and mobile is very different. Just understanding this difference can make a dramatic impact for your business.

When people are browsing the internet on their phone, they are much closer to making a decision. They are ready to take action and call you.

For example if someone is searching for information on a restaurant on their desktop. They’ll be at home or work and maybe planning their dinner anniversary in a week or two.

But mobile browsing is about NOW, it’s immediate.

Read the Full Interview:

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These days its critical to have an updated Website for your business. Having an outdated website looking like it’s from the 1990’s can be a turn off and hinder your business.

Today, we have Jinstume discussing Web Design and How it Impacts your Business.

How do you guys help others?
We do website and app development, SEO, ASO, and online marketing.

To have a strong online presence, you need a well polished, professional website that’s easy to navigate. You also need to give value, giving quality content to engage the viewer long enough to want to do business with you.

What is critical for improving your business website?
User Flow. You need to simplify navigation for viewers to find information on your webpage.

You optimize to eliminate as much friction as possible from achieving your goal. If your website’s goal is to have people enter their information and submit a form, you want to make it as simple as possible, eliminating unnecessary clicks or pages they go through. Make it 1 click instead of 4-5 clicks to achieve your goal.

Read the full interview:

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Today we have Ben Leboyvich, a professional real estate investor and syndicator of multi-family income producing properties. He is an expert in creative finance, the art of investing with no personal money down.

He is going to speak on his journey and experience with Real Estate investing and why it is one of the best ways to build wealth.

Can you tell us your background story of how you got started in real estate?

I am a classically trained Violinist. I have played since the age of 5 and knew I was destined to be a professional musician for as long as I can remember.

One day, during my 7 hour practice routine, a freshman walked into the classroom. I immediately sized him up and thought he was no competition. His skill was nowhere near my level, but there was something strange about him.

He just didn’t seem to care about others around him. He was enjoying himself with nothing to prove to anybody. He was secure. I couldn’t figure him out until I found out about his living situation.

He was living rent free and was financially set. His father bought him a 4 bedroom house right next to campus and he was renting out the other rooms to classmates.

The kid was a landlord. ....

Read the Full Interview here:

#RealEstateInvestment #PropertyInvestment #WealthCreation #WealthGeneration
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CPAs understand the financial aspects of business better than most business owners. They thoroughly go over your financial reports and prepare your taxes. Yet most business owners only meet with their #accountant once a year.

Today we have Eric DeVriese who has over 20 years of experience in finance and taxes. He understands the bigger picture of how businesses grow and the systems and processes needed for growth.

Can you go over a before and after case of a client you’ve worked with?

We’ve had clients come to us performing at a 20% return on profit and not understanding their financial statements.

The problem is that financial statements don’t mean anything unless they are attached to a Vision or a Goal.

Business Financial Statements don’t hold any value until you attach them to your Vision.

When you look at a financial statement, a lot of times, they are just numbers. They are dead unless there is passion behind them. They need to help you accomplish something.

Read the full Interview here:

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Why Profitability is More Important than Your Overhead

Do you focus too much on Overhead Expenses?

Many small businesses and professional private practices tend to focus on overhead and cutting costs.

But the best way to grow your business is by increasing your revenue and maximize profits. To do this one must be committed to tracking a practice’s performance. What gets tracked, gets measured and managed.

Read the full interview here:

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