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New study ,states that obesity in pregnant women now new cause of Autism,in children being born to overweight pregnant women. Just reported on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. What next are they going to blame this Syndrome they call diseases now. So next skinny women giving birth to children being born with Autism, NEXT you wont be able to conceive safely unless you go 100% organic pesticide chemical free . It's the chemicals preservatives and pesticides,plus all the other poison's they are putting in ALL the PROCESSED FOOD WE EAT . those are they points of investigation they need to get back into. Oh yeah there's no money in finding out what causes diseases. So why find out the truths or why even find a cure . Cause all the big money is in the diseases you find a cure no spends money on manageing it.
Am I wrong in saying there was also a "study" saying the father's age at conseption had something to do with autism too???? Which is it, weight, age, vaccinations, food?
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