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Updated the AuthorSure plugin logo with a strapline
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The change log for AuthorSure 1.0 doesn't include what's new / changed for 1.0. Please advise as to what is new, deleted, or changed. Thank you!
The changelog was in fact updated - sometimes the WordPress takes a while to show it though, For example, on http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/authorsure/ WordPress shows the last updated date as 2012-02-14 event though the plugin was in fact updated yesterday - if you look at the readme.txt in the plugin directory it has the updates.

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 = Add option to inject profile icons with link to Google+ on an author page that already has a bio
= 0.9 = Add options to disable the author box on all pages and on the home page

The change is a minor one; it provides a mechanism to append the rel="me" profile links to the bio description of the author page - this is only applicable for those WordPress themes that already are insert author information at the top of the author page

The release also implements the Skype button a bit better by loading the skype script at the foot of the page rather than where the button is located - the means the page load no longer pauses midway through the page when doing the skype stuff.

I will update the About Page on the AuthorSure site with more about the release
This lazy WordPress update is affecting all plugins, for example, Digg-Digg was updated to 5.2.5 yesterday and their <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/digg-digg/changelog/">changelog page</a> shows the last update as March 12th.

The delay in the changelog updates appearing is a bit annoying as this means you don't know what is in the new release until you update the plugin to the latest version.

For my next release I will update the a <a href="http://www.authorsure.com/changelog">change log page on AuthorSure</a> in advance so at least the release information will be available somewhere
I have a custom post type called "news" where our company posts news updates for customers. 

http://www.dynamicnet.net/news-event/wordpress-3-4-green/ is an example of one such post.

In the edit post area there's no check box for me to exclude authorsure from processing the news posts.

How can I have authorsure only work on blog posts?

Thank you.
Hi there - not sure where to put a question to you, so hope this is OK here .... I'm loving the plugin!  I think I'll start using it on quite a few websites we deliver (I own a web design agency in London) ... 

My question - I'm trying to DEREGISTER your stylesheet, as I've copied the styles into my own stylesheet, but the normal method isn't work - any ideas why?  I'm using:

wp_deregister_style( 'authorsure' );

I've got other styles deregistered (CF7, etc) without issue.

Thanks in advance!

Mark :-)
Hi (love the plugin!) Im having a bit of trouble with one of my websites on the multisite: it assigns the author page to /author/admin (which is the superadmin webmaster) instead of the user's name 'mrgnlcht', is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance, Nick www.mrgnlcht.nl
Hi Mark that's it! I've been editing posts as admin and just found out I can change this editing the post!!! Thanks man
oh hi Russel, thanks for your help I think you're great!
G'day from Australia...

Took a while but it seems to be 90% right at the moment?

The Author Box shows this link: http://online-jewelry-appraisals.com/author/David%20Foard/ but when I click on it all it shows is an Error page?

I am using a child theme under twenty ten. Any ideas?

Great plugin BTW. I really like it and would recommend it.

Hi Dave,

You need to go into the database and fix the field called user_nicename - WordPress does not like having a space  (%20) in your nice name.

See http://wpcanada.ca/2011/how-to-change-user-nicename/ for a video of how to change this field.

BTW this has nothing to do with AuthorSure per se; however once you have fixed the nicename that you page has a chance of validating correctly
Worked like a charm - brilliant - many thanks.

If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Hi, my face does not always show up in the search results. It is there for a certain amount of time, then suddenly disappears. Why is that ?

This is the mystery of Google's algorithms - it might be the search term used, what other results are are on the page, it is hard to tell.

 All AuthorSure can do is help make your face eligible for display in the SERPs. 

The best plan is to keep producing quality content and promoting it on social media channels and hopefully Google will behave more consistently. 
@Josh. I have just released AuthorSure 1.2 with a fix for this. I had an additional space before the title which your theme may have been converting into a break tag. The space has been removed so the break tag should go too.
I thought we had it there. AuthorSure calls a standard WordPress function to get the avatar which returns an img element

get_avatar( get_the_author_meta('email', $id), self::get_option('box_gravatar_size') );

For some reason something on your site adds a break to the end of the avatar.

Look into your theme and your plugins to see if any are adding a filter at the 'get_avatar' hook. The code will look like this


The other thing that could be in play is any filter that processes all the images on the page (like an auto-lightboxing plugin)
Okay. Do you have a suggestion for how to easily search globally for either of these? I know my theme has some kind of lightbox function, but not sure how to find if that is the cause.
It will depend on your hosting arrangements as regards what is possible. If you have shell access then go to the document root of  your site then type: 

grep -R 'get_avatar'  * | grep add_filter

On my site this returns the following lines, which show that the jetpack plugin is doing stuff with avatars

wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/comments/base.php: add_filter( 'get_avatar',         array( $this, 'get_avatar' ), 10, 4 );
wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/gravatar-hovercards.php: add_filter( 'get_avatar',          'grofiles_get_avatar', 10, 2 );
I'm on hostgator, so not sure, but I'll figure out a way and will let you know. Thanks.
There is also the systematic approach of making temporary changes. E.g
Switch theme to TwentyTwelve, and see if the break tag disappears, and then
switch back. Similarly try switching off each plugin one at a time - this
will help you pinpoint what software component is adding the break tag
I hope this is the appropriate spot to ask my question. Sorry in advance, if it isn't- I can't locate an alternative.  We just set up AuthorSure on our custom WP site. We have a few authors, but I am not looking to utilize all the features for everyone. So all my questions pertain to myself as author. I have tested in GWT and it's all working at Google, but not on the site. http://www.fateyes.com/author/gina-fiedel/ 

Here goes:

1. All that is showing up at the top of the Author page is "About Gina Fiedel" and the social icons. No bio text. Is it supposed to be the extended bio text and/or a repeat of the bio text on each blog? Neither is showing.

3. Same author page- The gravatar that I set up on gravatar.com isn't showing up (or any gravatar, for that matter).

4. There is no "Find out more about me" text next to the icons

Thanks for your help!!
1. You can choose to have "No Bio", "Standard Bio" or "Extended Bio" in AuthorSure settings - Which have you set? And does Gina has a bio?

3. The Gravatar is based on the author email address - is the email address set up at en.gravtar.com?

 4. Turns out you have some weird CSS in your style.css - the font-size is set to 0px;
body {
color: black;
font-size: 0px;
The extended bio is present but your stylesheet sets its size to zero.
Thank you for responding!
1. Extended. And yes, I (Gina) do have a bio. It is showing up on the blog posts but without the gravatar. I have some "test" text in the Extended Bio Info on the Users page for Gina.

3. en.gravatar.com cannot be found. But I do have the correct author email address set up at gravatar.com

4. I can have my partner look at the style.css. But I do know we have no other text problems. Which style/class is the bio using?
1. Yes I saw the extended bio when I did a view source
2. Whatever happened to 2? ;-) 
3. http://gravatar.com redirects to http://en.gravatar.com - it might be your theme - AuthorSure just calls the WordPress function get_avatar() - it does not do anything special - 9 times out of 10 the issue is that the email address associated with the WordPress login is not registered at gravatar
4. The bio is just paragraphs to uses the default style for paragraphs for your site (which for your theme is font-size: 0px; which is why it is not visible)

1. Great- then we know it's the css and I will have that looked at.
2. I wondered what happened to 2 also. I thought that maybe you're superstitious about twos.
3. Aha! I do login using my partner's admin which is set to his email. I just set it up so I can also login just as an "author" which has the same email address as en.gravatar.com
4. That pesky style...Now that I know it's paragraphs, it should be an easy fix -I will ask for that to be changed.
thanks again!!
Thanks! That probably is a better way to go.

The gravatar still isn't showing in either the bio box or the author page. Is it something that takes a bit of time? I did set myself up to login as author only with my email address (the one registered at gravatar.com).
Hi Russell- still no gravatar and still no luck getting the text to show...
The page is the same because the style.css is the same. The minimized style.css does not contain a line to change the font-size from 0px to something visible

The font-size is determined by 

body { font-size: 0px;}

This line is not present:

#authorsure-author-profile p { font-size: 14px; }
I appreciate your patience in trying to solve this with me. Thanks!

We tested changing body to 14px and it still didn't show up. We cannot permanently change body anyway as it's negatively effects all the text on our site. And sadly, adding your code also didn't work. It's frustrating to see the text in the code but not on the page..

Testing the avatar worked on your page, but it's still not showing up on our site either on the author page or the blog page boxes.
As for the CSS then I do not think your updates are being applied - when I search style.css for "authorsure" it is missing so maybe your changes are being lost in the minification process or are not arriving on the public site due to caching.

The missing avatar will either be an that the email address on the user account is different from the one you think it is, or that you WordPress theme, or another plugin, is killing the avatar.
You were right about the caching. We have never seen that kind of delay before...
If you have any code suggestions for the avatar, it would be much appreciated. I think our theme may be killing the avatar. We will look into that with our programmers. Guess it may be another plugin as well. hmmm.
I have installed Authorsure in my site:
There is a problem as below. Can you help?
This is not done:
Authorship rel=author Markup
Cannot verify that rel=author markup has established authorship for this webpage.
First rel=author link from webpage: https://plus.google.com/u/0/107769338008503142642
Link (direct or indirect) from website to Google+ profile: Yes
Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to : No
Sonu Perito
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