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Author Lee Goldberg
Your long search is over. You found me, Lee Goldberg – author, TV producer and all around charming guy.
Your long search is over. You found me, Lee Goldberg – author, TV producer and all around charming guy.

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Wrote all day yesterday but did my best work & was most productive btwn 10pm & 1:30 am. Why is it always that way?

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Fascinating facts in an easy-to-read infographic: The DNA of a Successful Book 

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On my blog today, I interview bestselling authors +Rebecca Cantrell and +James Rollins   about how wrote 2 novels together. It's a fascinating look into their creative partnership.

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The second episode of REBORN by +Kate Danley   +Phoef Sutton   and Lisa Klink  is out today: Tanis Archer copes with the nasty side effects of resurrection & discovers horrors that will change her after-life forever.

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Amazon Crossing is releasing a German language edition of my book THE WALK next month and asked me to record this short video on my iPad for them to use in promoting the book. I thought I'd share it with you. I have to warn you, though, it's not the least bit slick or professional... Lee Goldberg and THE WALK

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THE CHASE is coming 2/25, but you can get a sneak peek at the first two chapters here:

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Tanis Archer is having a lousy week that includes getting herself killed. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she is resurrected and drafted by Matt Cahill, an ax-wielding "dead man," to join his rag-tag army of supernatural freaks in an epic battle between good and evil. And that's just the beginning of REBORN...from yours truly and +Phoef Sutton +Kate Danley Lisa Klink and William Rabkin

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This drives me crazy in the editing room: clueless background actors! 

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I absolutely love this story: murder plot exposed by butt dial! 

#Crime   #Murder  

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Check out my good friend +Joel Goldman latest book on Amazon. Available to buy TODAY! 
It's here - Chasing The Dead is available to buy on Amazon TODAY! Happy #Thanksgiving   or #thanksgivukkah  as it's known this year too. 

Public Defender Alex Stone is appointed to represent a homeless veteran who has confessed to the brutal murder of a prostitute. Alex is pressured to railroad the troubled vet straight to death row, but she believes he's innocent, despite his confession, and refuses to back down, putting her career...and her deadly jeopardy.

Feel free to read an excerpt on my website and share. :) 

#crimefiction #mysterythriller #books #kindle #booklaunch
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