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A Minecraft server for children with autism and their families.
A Minecraft server for children with autism and their families.


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One of the children on the Autcraft server just said "I think I'm retarded"... when the rest of the server assured him that he is not, he replied "i feel it true because its been said so long."

THIS is the problem with bullying.

Bullying doesn't toughen you up. It doesn't make you stronger. Mistakes do that. Mistakes happen and then you move on and you learn from them.

Bullying isn't a mistake. Bullying lasts. It persists. It does not stop. And even if you do get away from the bullies, that feeling stays with you. It wears you down.
When you're different, as children with autism clearly are, you become a target for these bullies. Not just for a single bully but for multiple bullies. For many many people. Sometimes even their parents.

When you have to endure that for so long... you start to believe it. You start think you don't deserve to be happy. You don't deserve to be proud of yourself. You don't deserve to live.

It takes a lot to bring a person back from that, especially a young child with autism. But that's why Autcraft is here. A community can do what one person can not. A community can support you more than a single person ever could.

I wish you could see all the others telling this child "I care" and reassuring him of what he's worth.

This is why I need Autcraft to continue and to do well. Not for my sake but for his sake and the sake of everyone that needs it.

It's no exaggeration... the Autcraft community is saving lives.

If you'd like to support the server, or read more on what we're doing, check out
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Happy New Year!!

One of the first things I ever added to the server was a fireworks launching system because I knew that children love fireworks but autistic children often miss out because how overwhelming they can on the senses.

I wanted a way for those children to have their very own show where they can control the volume, the brightness and watch in the comfort of their own home... without the crowd.

Since that first day, over 3.5 years ago, we've continued to add in more and better fireworks shows for as many of the big fireworks days as we can.

This year, as we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, we'll be doing more fireworks at our latest spawn at the top of each hour through out the day.

We can't promise to be there for every single hour because we have lives too but we'll do our absolutely best so that as many people get a show as possible.

So, with that being said... thank you so very much for being with us for another terrific year and I hope you look forward to all the great things to come in 2017 as much as we do.

Happy New Year!

- AF
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Autcraft is now 1.11.2!

That's right, you can now smelt down your old armor, tools and even horse armor to get gold nuggets and the new iron nuggets.

Plus you can also fly around all you want with the use of Firework Rockets. To get those, just craft gun powder and paper together. Then, while you're flying with your Elytra, right click a Firework Rocket to go faster!

Also, as a reminder, this is the very last day of our holiday sale so if you have any points, or are thinking of purchasing points, today is the last chance to get 25% off!
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Autcraft 1.11 Is Coming Saturday, December 10, 2016!

Friday night, when the server restarts (at midnight EST, New York time), the server will remain unavailable approximately 6 hours as we do all the final work for the 1.11 update.

The reason that it will take so long is that we must migrate some older plugins that are no longer under development and move to newer plugins which still receive frequent updates. We've done a lot of testing on this and know that nothing will be lost, everything will keep running as it always has and that the process does take several hours.

In addition to moving old plugins to new plugins, we'll also be adding in some extra new features for Autcraft players along with this new update! But we're not telling what those are just yet!

We apologize for the downtime that'll happen on the weekend but it's the best time for us as that's when we'll have the most admins and helpers around to answer questions and make sure everything is working properly after the update.

So again, Friday night after the restart, the server will be unavailable to players for approximately 6 hours while we move to the new 1.11 update and add in new features.


Will the build worlds reset? No.
Will the build world borders expand? Yes.
Can you tell us what the new features are? No.
Will we have to update our MC clients to 1.11? You should, but you won't have to.
Will our inventories be reset? No.
Now can you tell us what the new features will be? Still no.
Are you sure it will take the whole 6 hours? No. Could be less, could be more.
Can I make a mansion my base? If you are the first to find one in the expanded areas of a build world, yes.
New features? Still not telling.
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The Minecraft 1.11 Exploration Update is out today

Yes, the Minecraft 1.11 Exploration Update is out today and no, Autcraft has not updated to it yet.

Also, no, we don't know when the server will update. We will as soon as we can but first we must make sure that the server itself and all of it's plugins will work, which may take a little time.

Because of this update, you may find that you're no longer able to connect to the server. That's because your launcher has updated to 1.11 and the server is still 1.10.2.

To fix this, when you load up Minecraft, before clicking on the big grey "Play" button, first go to the left where it says "Profile" and click on the button that says "Edit Profile".

A small box will appear and there, you will find an option that says "Use version:" with a box beside it. Click on the box and a long list of Minecraft versions will appear.

Select "release 1.10.2" and then click on the "Save Profile" button.
Now when you click the big grey "Play" button, it will load Minecraft in the same version as our server and you can join in again.

You can still try 1.11 in single player, just follow the steps all over again and select 1.11 in the list of versions instead before loading your game.
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Please Monitor Your Child's YouTube Viewing Habits!

We all know that YouTube can be a scary place, from the hateful comments to the bizarre twists and turns that the "recommended videos" section can take you on.

What you may not know is that there are a handful of YouTube channels that we see brought up in chat repeatedly, over and over again. And these channels are directly responsible for the increase in rudeness, anger, vulgarity and disrespect that we see in the players who watch them.

These channels thrive on shocking their viewers, using what ever they can to stir up drama. They hate on other people, they attack other channels, they troll people in their videos and the just outright bully everyone they can, all to shock people, increase drama and to make people laugh at the misfortune of others.

These channels go so far as to troll and hate autistic people for being autistic and yet over and over again, we see autistic children on the server watching those very same channels. They come back to the server outraged and start upsetting everyone else with what they've just seen.

We've seen so many young players spiral into deep, hateful depressions and it can be traced back directly to YouTube channels like these.

They start to pick up and learn from the people in these videos, even if they hate them. They start to think that being vulgar and obscene makes them sound mature and funny, they think that being rude and harsh makes them "real." They think that being really mean to people makes them strong.

The more they do this, the more the other players become uncomfortable, even upset with them. They take the animosity that grows against them as if it's fuel for their fire, they start to think that the other players are too immature for them, like no one understands them. They just become more angry, more rude. They start insulting the other players using the same insults that they hear in those terrible YouTube channels because they think it works... they think it makes them better than everyone else.

So please, please take an interest and see what they're up to. These channels are really huge, as shock material often is, so it's really easy for your children to stumble upon them. And once they do, they become hooked.
In YouTube, you can check their viewing history. There are even ways to set up secondary accounts to tie into your own account, giving you alerts and access to their viewing habits directly.

Do the work. Put in the time. Otherwise your child could be the next one to become more and more angry until eventually we're removing them from the whitelist for the protection of everyone else.

And I really hate having to do that.

- AF
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Earth Hour

In 6 hours time, at 8:30pm EDT, the Autcraft server will be turned off and go dark for 1 hour.

Don't message us, don't try to find out what's going on during that hour because we won't be online to read them. Our computers will be turned off.
There is no denying that climate change is very real, our world is changing rapidly. 70 years ago, the world had 2.5 billion people on it.... today? Over 7 billion. Our energy needs grow exponentially, our land, our resources... our needs are placing a larger and larger demand on our Earth, the only planet we
We at Autcraft encourage you to take this hour, 60 minutes, to talk to your children about the world that they will one day inherit from us.

Turn off the lights you don't need to have on. Do not litter, in fact, pick up a piece of garbage if you see it on the ground. Use filtered water, not bottled... or re-use a bottle as many times as you can.

This isn't about simply doing a good thing, it's about having respect for our environment, each other and our planet.

One hour is all we ask of you. Turn off your computers, turn off your lights, take an interest. Because one day it'll be too late to turn back.

To learn more, please visit

- AF
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Read all about Autcraft and the benefits that it provides children with autism in this month's Your Autism Magazine.
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Earlier I wrote about a special player who's vision is failing and how we're trying to allow him some exceptions in order to better accommodate those needs.

That night, I was approached by Raum, a plugin developer (he created the Stables plugin) who read our story and was eager to help! So last night, he and I worked together to create a brand new plugin that is already live and in use on the server today!!

Line Breaks

I mentioned how this player was beginning to spam chat a bit more and more, using a long line of characters such as dashes to break up the messages. Well, now this can be done automatically!

The plugin has a command called /splitchat which will break up the lines in the chat with any character you wish, such as dashes, asterix's and even blank lines! This makes chat way easier to read.

The bonus to this is that when you set it, only you see it. Not anyone else. This means that chat is broken up on your screen but no one else will shout "spam!" because they'll never see it.

An example of dashed line breaks can be see in the attached photos.

Name Highlighting

Another way in which we wanted to make chat more visible is by personal name highlighting.

This means that if I say your username in chat, you will see your name show up in yellow text. This makes it stand out in a big way and it's near impossible to miss. Again, this only happens for you. Everyone else will see your name in white.

More so than this, it's customizable. We know not everyone wants yellow so there's actually a command to change the colour using Minecraft color codes, such as &3 for cyan.

The command is
/ach highlight <colorcode>

Available color codes are in the attached photos.

Role Play

A big one on our list was to have the ability for players to create their own chat channels so that groups playing together, in particular, those playing in a role play game, can separate off into a separate chat where they won't see the public chat and the public chat won't see them.
Admins still see all chat regardless of channels so everything is still monitored.

By doing this, chat speed will be reduced greatly when there are high numbers of players on, making it much easier to read and keep up with.
This can be used for groups off mining together, building together, playing minigames together or any number of other situations.

While in chat channels, private messages can still go to anyone and messages can still be sent to the main public channel using

/chat <message>

Commands for channels are:
/channel create <channelname>
/channel join <channelname>
/channel leave
/channel list
/channel who

These are custom changes made especially for the Autcraft server to my specifications. In fact, the plugin is called Autcraft Helper.

We had two main focuses in creating this:

1. readability/visibility for those with poor vision. The ability to separate lines in chat and have their name stand out are key to this as is slowing chat down a bit by separating groups off into channels.

2. role play is a wonderful thing that sparks creativity and teamwork and creates great friendships. But it can be overwhelming in chat, especially if two or more groups are role playing at the same time. We needed a way to give those players their own space not just for our sake (so those of us not role playing don't see it) but so that they can role play without distraction from the main public chat.

I am super excited about this new addition to our server. I hope you all are too. And I can't thank Raum enough for working with me late into the night last night to make this a reality so quickly.

There's a thread in our forum listing all of the commands and features here:

If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Thanks for all your support!

- AF
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