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Welcome to the Australian Lending Centre, a specialist in debt consolidation and a leading supplier of home loans, personal loans, business loans and consolidation loans. We have helped thousands of Australians nationwide over the past 20 years.
Welcome to the Australian Lending Centre, a specialist in debt consolidation and a leading supplier of home loans, personal loans, business loans and consolidation loans. We have helped thousands of Australians nationwide over the past 20 years.


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Top Sources for Bad Credit Personal Loans

If only banks did not care about your credit, our lives would have been much easier. Most of the time, we would go with confidence to the bank to ask them for money, only to be shot down simply because “our credit is not good enough.” What can be done in these circumstances? Can someone who missed a few payments still hope to get a loan?

Of course, you can: they’re called bad credit personal loans. In instances when you can’t get a loan through traditional methods, there are certain alternatives – albeit costly ones – that can get you the money that you want in a short amount of time and with little hassle.

How Bad Credit Affects You

In order to understand how your credit affects you, you need to be able to know your credit score. The sooner you see the signs of bad credit ratings, the faster you will want to start fixing this problem. Here are some signs of bad credit that you do not want to ignore:

• You are paying interest rates that are much higher than what’s advertised for the company.

• You gave up on trying to pay off your debt early and simply settled for making minimum payments for your loan.

• You have already missed several monthly payments.

• Your checking account is constantly overdrawn.

• You have issues getting a mortgage or lease for your home.

• Telephone companies will not offer you a contract.

All the above may leave a very bad mark on your credit score. Keep in mind that finding a good company for bad credit personal loans is no easy task – but that does not mean it’s not possible. With some decent research, you may actually find a loan that is actually suitable for your needs.

Searching for Bad Credit Personal Loans

There are many reasons why people may be looking for personal loans. They may want it to go on a fancy vacation, renovate their home, or simply consolidate their home loan. However, if you have bad credit, banks will be less likely to take this risk with you. And if they do, they’ll probably make you do a lot of flips to gain their trust.

If you’ve made up your mind about looking for some bad credit personal loans, there are a few sources that you may want to try – official or not. All you’ll have to do is figure out which one is best suited for you:

1. Go to a Credit Union

When it comes to their services, credit unions are fairly similar to traditional banks, the only difference being that they are non-profit organisations. As a result, they can offer loans at much lower fees and are willing to look beyond bad credit as long as they see that you have the ability to repay the bad credit personal loans.

Long story short, a credit union will not care about your past; they will care about your present and future. If they see that you have a stable income and a strong character, they won’t care that you missed your payments a year before simply because you quit your job.

2. Family and Friends

Sometimes, friends and family may be exactly what you need to save you from a pinch. Strangers will not care so much about your well-being, so if you go to someone who cares about you to ask for a loan, they definitely will not say “no” if they have the ability to help you out. Plus, if it’s someone you know, you’ll be less tempted to be late on your payments, simply because you wouldn’t want to compromise your relationship with said person.

You may, however, want to make an official documentation of the payments for these bad credit personal loans, to make sure that everything will be properly respected. Not only will this avoid future problems, but it will also give your lender some peace of mind.

3. Online Personal Loans

There are so many online personal loans nowadays that it’s hard to choose. Everyone prefers Internet banking over standing in long lines, which is why companies such as the Australian Lending Centre surfaced to help those in need. No matter if you have good credit or not, as long as you have the capability to pay off the loan in the future, we won’t care how your past looks like.

4. Secured Loans

If your credit is not that impressive, look for something else to impress the lenders with. Banks can offer bad credit personal loans just as long as you “feed” them some certainty, a.k.a. collateral. As long as the bank knows they can “hack” into your assets if you miss a future payment, they won’t care about what you did in the past.

Bad credit personal loans are not that difficult to find. You just need to do some research and figure out which one is the most suitable for you.

Contact Australian Lending Centre today to find out about our bad credit personal loans by clicking on the link below:

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5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Business Loan

Business loans can be used as a method of financing your company when your financial income is low. You can apply for a maximum of two million Australian dollars if you run a medium or a big company. If your firm is small, you may be looking for something like a couple of thousands of Australian dollars.

With this money, you can help improve the quality of your business. But how can you achieve that? This article will offer some tips on how you can use your business loan in a smart way. Once you’re done reading this, you can also pay a visit to to check for further loan options. Using their services may actually help you increase your profits.

1. Your buyers don’t know about your business

If your company is brand new and not many people know about it, you can take a business loan. So what can you do with that loan? Well, you can make yourself heard. You can invest that loan in advertising and other types of marketing actions. A company that isn’t advertised or promoted well will have a short life span.

Do yourself a favour and invest in something that not only will get you more income in the long run but will also keep your company from going bankrupt in a couple of months.

2. Invest in products

When you start a business, let’s say a store, you may find yourself short on cash when it comes to filling that store with products. This is where business loans come in handy. With this loan, you can purchase the necessary products and buy more for your warehouse.

3. The company’s equipment

If your equipment breaks, let’s say a computer, or you need a new piece, you will have to invest money in that. If you need new equipment when the company isn’t doing so great, you might need to make a request for some business loans.

4. Pay your workers

If your business has had some problems in the last couple of months, how are you going to pay your employees? Are you going to make some cutbacks? Are you going to send some workers home? If you do think that this is just a phase, then you need to keep your employees and pay them using business loans.

5. It’s time to expand

If your business is doing well, you may need to expand it a little bit. Still, hiring more employees can be expensive. Interviewing them and paying them once they are hired will cost you. You can solve all those problems with business loans.

But where are the new workers going to work? You can ask for a business loan and expand your company physically. You can build a new hall or a new room for the new workers. With this sort of loan, you can develop on many levels.

Business loans can really save your company. Just be careful, once you commit to a business loan, you will need to pay it back (together with its interest rates), and that may affect your overall economy. So, make sure you take everything into consideration before applying for such loans.

Contact us on 1300 138 188 or click on the link below to find out more about our business loan options.

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Should I Refinance My Car Loan? Pros and Cons

Car loan refinancing is a tool that can offer many benefits to a car owner if used properly. But of course, it can also be a bad idea in particular circumstance. The rule of thumb is: if you’re 100% sure that refinancing your car loan will offer you benefits, you can do it.

If not, of course, you shouldn’t do it, in spite of the fact that it looks too good to be true (which it often is). In order for you to rest assured, let us show you the pros and cons of car loan refinancing.

The Pros

• Car loan refinancing can lower your monthly repayments. This is the biggest benefit of refinancing on your car loan. This, however, is not a given and depends on the lender. Moreover, it will push the term forwards, which can be both good and bad.

• Better interest rates: This is one of the main reasons why people refinance their car loans. Again, this depends on the lender; it isn’t something offered by everybody. If a new company approaches you with better rates – and you can verify that –, then you are in for a good deal, and you can refinance.

When it comes to reduced interest rates, many customers have little to no idea of what to expect from their lending services. Car loan refinancing can make a big difference even if it’s one or two percent lower than your first interest rate. You must always think about the long-term effects.

• Term-extension: This can be a pro because you will have to make lower monthly repayments. Extending the term can automatically give you more cash flow and peace of mind. In some cases, this will also bring some downsides.

• Fewer fees: When it comes to car loan refinancing, you should also look at the new fees and taxes. Some loans come with low-interest rates but bigger fees while others offer the opposite. There are some situations when both of them will be lower. In any case, you should always check the fees that come with your new loan.

The Cons

• Higher interest rates: Even though at first it seems like you’ve found your pot of gold and you’ve been blessed with lower interest rates, in the long run, it might be just the contrary. This is why it’s so important to read those terms carefully and to make a quick calculus before diving headfirst into the offer.

• Term-extension: You’ll have your debt for a much longer period, provided that the refinancing stipulated an extension of the term. This is a relative con, as it does not apply to everybody and might actually be a pro for a lot of individuals.

• Credit score matters: The lenders who offer car loan refinancing are a lot more focused on your credit score than the ones who provided you your first loan. That is to say: if you have low credit score, you might not even be considered for a refinancing loan.

• The costs: While car loan refinancing can be an excellent way to regain your financial status, it does come at a cost. Besides the above factors, you must keep in mind that you will have to pay some fees for this financial service. This is something that you will have to do with every type of refinancing service.

For example, you will have to pay early exit fees. That fee applies when you want to exit from your existing loan before the end of the loan term. You will also have to pay admin fees, meaning that you will have to cover the expenses for the paperwork associated with refinancing.

There is also a setup fee that your new lender may charge when you begin your new loan. So, in the end, you will need to balance the long-term costs with the short term ones. Sometimes, refinancing will not save you as much money as you thought and in some cases, you might lose more with refinancing.

• Refinancing traps: Some lenders will try to get you to accept a refinancing offer that may look good at first but may end up hurting your economy. Always do your research and read all the papers and contracts carefully before signing them.


As you can see, there are plenty of pros, as well as cons for car loan refinancing. Sometimes it makes sense, other times it does not. If the loan comes with evident lower rates and a tailored repayment schedule, then it’s a great option.

As long as the loan does not provide these two vital factors, you should not give in to the temptation, because you’ll end up paying more money. If you get an offer, give yourself some time to read everything in there.
If you want to find more about refinancing your car loan, you can visit our website here: You will find a lot of valuable information on this service and plenty of others.

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Tested Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Payments

If your debt seems to come to no end, the odds are that you believe it would take a miracle to get rid of it. As much as you’d like that to happen, your debt cannot vanish into thin air. Nevertheless, today we will introduce to you top tested strategies that could aid you to diminish your monthly payments so that you could eventually live debt-free.

Keep on reading if you want to find out how to reduce your monthly payments.

Negotiate with Your Creditors

So, if you didn’t consider doing this before, you should go for it. Collect the most recent bills and credit report statements and determine the amount of money you owe to each lender and creditor.

Afterward, you should establish how much you can pay to each lender or creditor. Contact each creditor in particular and indicate that you’ll pay your debt eventually. Nevertheless, you should say that you can afford to pay a given sum only (for the time being).

As a result, your credit card issuer could come up with a hardship plan that will reduce your interest rate or payments for a decided timeframe. Additionally, you should get the agreement in writing, to avoid any complications arising.

Consider Debt Consolidation

How to reduce your monthly payments when you feel overwhelmed by debt? One secure way of doing that is by turning to debt consolidation. By combining your debt with a home equity or debt consolidation loan, you could benefit from a lower monthly payment. Ideally, you should select a loan with a lower interest rate than your current average.

Considering that you qualify for the loan, you could use it in order to pay off your existing debts, and then concentrate on making a single monthly payment on the loan. Nevertheless, a debt consolidation loan isn’t the only solution to how to reduce your monthly payments. A home equity loan, a personal loan, or refinancing are viable options as well, depending on your circumstances.

Get the Help of a Credit Counsellor

Choosing the assistance of a credit counsellor could also help you in diminishing your monthly payments. That’s because they are proficient when it comes to negotiating low interest rates and payments. In this respect, you could actually enroll in a credit-counselling debt management plan.

Furthermore, a counsellor could help you in creating a budget and enhance your money management skills. So, getting credit counselling could be the answer to how to reduce your monthly payments as well
Transfer Balances

Considering that you have good credit score, you could obtain a balance transfer featuring a lower interest rate than your existing credit cards. So, you could consider this alternative, as well.

Loan Refinancing

Loan refinancing is another method you can use if you are wondering how to reduce your monthly payments. If you have a loan that has a high-interest rate and a long repayment term, then you can try and refinance it. You will probably end up getting a loan with a lower interest rate and fewer fees.

Just remember, even a small decrease in payments can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Restore Your Financial Habits

How to reduce your monthly payments if you have bad financial habits? Maybe you do have the money, but you are accustomed to taking short-term loans and just accepting every type of loan you are presented with. There are a couple of things you need to change if you want to benefit from reduced monthly payments.

The first thing was stated above: don’t accept every type of loan you get your hands on. Try to search the market for the best option you can find and go with that. Also, try your best not to throw your money away on useless services or products that have little to no positive impact on your finances.

Save the money for financial emergencies, so you won’t have to use short-term loans or other types of loans. Thus, you’ll avoid increasing your debt and you’ll reduce the monthly payments. This is not rocket science, and the best way to go about it is to take a pen and paper and calculate how much you earn every month and how much you spend.

It is all about making the right choices, and sometimes you will need to sacrifice some money to save some in the long run. It sounds crazy, but it works. By making small, but correct steps, you will regain financial freedom. That is how you reduce your monthly payments.


These solutions could be the answers to the question how to reduce your monthly payments. Go to, where you can find a wide range of loan options depending on your credit and financial situation. And remember, always be informed before making a financial decision, to ensure that it fits your scenario best!

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The Hidden Perils of No Credit Check Loans

No credit check loans are lifesavers for many people. What can be more reassuring than a lender who does not care that your credit score is low when you’re in desperate need of money?

Few things, that’s for sure. With all these assurances, no credit check loans can have disastrous consequences. They are not utterly devoid of downsides. There are some factors that make them far less pleasant than the vast majority of people may think they are.

Let’s see why this type of loan might not be a very good idea in some circumstances.

No Credit Check Loans – The Cons

A no credit check loan implies that a lender gives you money in spite of your dropping credit score. As we all know, a poor credit score reveals that your financial behaviour was not entirely appropriate. You either missed on repayments on previous loans, or you defaulted altogether.

Most people think that loans given with no regards for the credit score are amazing and they pose no dangers for those who take them. Wrong. Here are the major cons:

• Incredibly high interest rates: The “no credit check” part does not come for cheap. Sure, you’re going to get the loan, but the lender must ensure he’s not going to lose money by doing it. And his security stems from cosmic interest rates. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all lenders, but there are strong chances you will deal with this when looking for a no credit check loan.

• More debt: It’s sad but true that the lenders who specialise in no credit check loans don’t really care if you can repay them back. What happens in this case? They will offer you yet another loan (with even higher rates) to “help” you pay the previous one. This translates as being indebted for the rest of your life, in the worst-case scenario.

• Collectors: Debt collectors are terribly scary. Apart from risking your house or your car by taking a loan with no credit check, you risk being hunted down by debt collectors. If you can’t pay back the sum when they approach you, the lender will – venture to take a guess? – offer you a refinancing loan. Again, you will only prolong your suffering.

This is how bad refinancing really is: we checked some information published by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and found out that four in five people are likely to borrow again from their lenders. And that will happen within a month, even if they have financial problems.

That’s why you should never default on your no credit check loans or any type of loan:

• Penalty fees: These penalty fees happen if you default on your loan or miss a monthly payment. In any case, you will encounter these fees more often than not on your bank account. When you sign the papers for a no credit check loan, the lender will set up automatic payments through your bank account.

Also, whenever a lender fails to withdraw funds from your account (if your account not having any money in it), they will charge additional fees. So, the bottom line is that if you are going to get no credit check loans, you should pay them on time.

• You’ll have no account: If you default on your no credit check loans, have a lot of debts, and your bank account maintains a negative balance, your account will be closed. When this happens, you will have to use high-fee debit cards to pay your bills and other loans.

This will get you further into debt, and from here, there is no telling what will happen. The chances are that you will have to sell your car, your house, etc. to get out of debt. So, before you place a request for no credit check loans, you must make sure that you can repay those loans back and stay away from bad financial habits.

Do these loans sound as appealing to you now? This is not to say that all lenders are a threat to your financial safety. But most of them are.

Final Thoughts

No credit check loans can potentially be your last resort. And if they are indeed your last resort, then your choice of getting them is somehow justified. You must make sure, though, that you won’t end up in more debt than you were before taking a no credit check loan.

Do yourself a favour and visit, where many people in similar situations were given valuable pieces of advice in respect to this type of loan. And of course, it’s important to do some extensive research on your own, in order to stay away from damaging lenders.

If you want to learn more about no credit check loans and how things could work for your benefit, call Australian Lending Centre on 1300 138 188 or click on the link below.

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Why Are Short-Term Loans Dangerous?

Short-term loans could appear like a miraculous solution to an unexpected financial problem. Such a loan enables you to get a certain sum of money over a short timeframe. Even though many borrowers could consider short-term loans quite helpful, as they offer immediate access to cash, one should also be aware of the risks involved. In today’s article, we’ll address the primary concerns related to these types of loans.

High-Interest Rates

Most short-term loans don’t require collateral. Consequently, the borrower will get the designated sum at a high-interest rate, when compared with other loans that encompass less risk to the lender/bank.

The second reason why short-term loans feature high-interest rates is their short time span. As a borrower, you have a limited timeframe to make the repayments. Thus, the lender/bank must increase the interest rate to make a profit. So, in plain English, the shorter the payback time, the greater the interest rate will be. That is something to keep in mind.

Pricey Penalties and Fees

Typically, short-term loans feature a range of hidden fees and penalties that many borrowers aren’t aware of. It makes sense since lenders aim at making as much profit as they can.

That being said, it would be best to select a lender who knows your history or that has a renowned reputation. If you don’t do this, you could end up paying a bunch of hidden fees that would eventually add up to the cost of the loan. Also, you should ensure that you can meet the deadline, to avoid these additional expenses.

High Risk for Both the Lender and Borrower

In contrast with conventional loans, short-term loans carry high risks for both the lender and the borrower. The eligibility requirements are minimal as these loans don’t demand collateral, credit checks, co-signers; in other words, the lender takes a big risk. So, the lenders cannot repossess any of your belongings in the event in which you cannot make the repayments.

Nevertheless, to make up for that, penalties, interest rates and fees quickly add up and the final cost of the loan could be higher than you expected.

They Could Get You in Deeper Debt

Numerous Australians choose short-term loans to deal with unanticipated costs, such as medical bills, auto repair, business expenses, and so on. Nevertheless, you should get such a loan only if you are 100 percent sure you can repay it on time. As we already noted, the high-interest rates on these loans quickly add up, and you could end up being in deeper debt than you were at first. Based on a study, more than half of the participants had taken out no less than ten loans in a two-year timeframe. Over 60 percent of the correspondents had poor credit rating.

Dodgy Lenders

Short-term loans are risky by their nature, but when a dodgy lender wants you to sign a contract where they always come out winning, these loans can become even more dangerous for your finances. These lenders know that short-term loans are attractive for clients who need cash fast and they can use this emergency to their advantage.

When a customer needs to pay forgotten or unexpected bills, a hospital bill or other emergencies, that’s when the lender can trick you into accepting a loan you cannot afford to pay back. Or at least it will drain you financially every month with high-interest rates or other taxes.

It is in your best interest to check every option available before you make the request. Check the market for every type of lender you can take the loan from. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to present the document you have to sign to a financial expert. They will tell you whether or not the loan is safe for you.

It’s Easy to Make a Habit out of Borrowing

It is no wonder why some people would prefer to use short-term loans for everything they deem as an “emergency.” While short-term loans can be helpful when you need that extra money, these loans can take your finances down very fast. So, why are they so popular?

The problem is that some Aussies see this loan not for what it is but as extra cash that you can access anytime you want. This is a dangerous habit. While the high-interest fee may not make a significant impact on your finances at first, borrowing this type of loan every month or so can put you into debt and you will not know why.


On a final note, short-term loans can be tricky if you don’t deal with them accordingly. focuses on supplying Australians with a variety of loan offers that are targeted to meet their needs. While we don’t offer payday loans, we can definitely come up with a loan solution that caters to your financial specifications. Call us now on 1300 138 188 or click on the link below to find out more about how we can help you!

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How to Get A Private Loan With No Credit Check

Bad credit reduces your chances of getting an affordable private loan. So many loan sharks would try to feed on your bad credit or no credit just to get their money’s worth. But, borrowing need not be hard and expensive because there are ways to get the best type of private loans quickly and inexpensively.

When people with bad credit need quick loans they usually go to any of the following:

• Traditional lenders like banks and big financing firms
• Alternative lenders like payday loans

Now, the question is-how can you choose the right lender?

First, let us define the characteristics of a good lender.

With online lending, credit unions, and banks offering high-interest short-term loans, it seems difficult to choose the right one. Well, that is the dilemma of people with stellar credit. But, those who have less-than-perfect credit often struggle in finding lenders with affordable interest rates. The problem is not in the accessibility of the loan, because there are many lenders who are willing to let you borrow money, but at a very high cost. It is also very risky especially if your private loan requires a security or collateral. Secured loans are high-risk loans on the part of the borrower because you can sue the attached property when you fail to pay your loan on a specified duration. There are also unsecured loans, or those without collateral-and that’s the type of loan that usually comes with very high interest rate. Sometimes, the interest could go up to 300% in the first few months.

Then, there’s the fact that there are many scam sites that try to get the borrowers’ personal information. In fact, there are many people with bad credit who have been victims of identity theft online, after they tried to apply for a loan with lenders who promised to lend them money despite bad credit.

So, before you sign up on a loan application, make sure that your lender has the following characteristics:

1. It is known locally. Don’t experiment on an online lending agency that you haven’t heard of. If its business is not registered in your locality, don’t take the risk of putting your personal information on the application form. A legitimate lender is interested in making connections with the community. So, it makes itself known to people by maintaining a well-functioning website, with proper contact information and an office address you can visit during office hours. For example, Australian Lending Centre has been doing business in New South Wales for over 20 years. It has already earned a good reputation from its customers and the people in the community. Even their competitors know that they are delivering quality service.

2. It pre-approves your loan application. There should be a no-obligation, loan pre-approval process to prove to you that the company has actually evaluated your finances. Some scam sites would offer you a loan without first checking into your financial capacity. That is a red signal, because how can a lender part with his money without first getting any idea on how much you can really afford to repay?
A reliable lending institution would take a look at your finances to ascertain how much you can afford to borrow and how much you can conveniently repay each month. Australian Lending Centre does this without asking for documents. It simply needs basic information for you to know your capacity to repay the loan. So, you don’t have to worry about the usual document that banks ask for. So, before you fill out a private loan application, sign a loan agreement, or take any loan from a lender, make sure that it is reputable.

Second, determine how much private loan you really need. What would you do if you get a loan offer which is double the amount that you really needed? Would you grab the opportunity of having additional cash or would you refuse it and stick with the loan amount you originally intended to get?

Like personal loans, private loans are typically used for specified purchases. You are borrowing an amount of money that you promise to repay within a specified term. The period of the loan can last from several weeks up to five years. You are also required to sign a credit contract that describes the amount you borrowed, its interests, fees and other charges, and the payment conditions. So, whenever you are offered a higher amount of loan, think about the interest you have to pay on the amount you borrow. It can be at a fixed rate, which means the lender locks the interest rate for the term. It can be a variable -interest rate-wherein the interest may go up or down all throughout the loan term.

If you want to avail of the most affordable and easy-to-pay private loan in Australia, contact Australian Lending Centre today on 1300 138 188 or visit now!

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Signs That You Can Repay Your Fast Loans

Everyone can benefit from fast loans, but can you repay them without getting deeper into debt? If you don’t want to carry more debt further into your future, it is important to do a quick check of your debt management habits. That means managing your financial resources and reducing your expenses.

Here are signs that you are managing your debt most efficiently.

You keep tabs of your monthly expenses.

A wise borrower knows how much he makes, owes and saves each month. Tracking daily expenses can save you a lot of trouble. For example, if you make $1000 a week, but you are still in debt try to analyze which of those expenses took a huge cut out of your budget. If you have not been paying bills but you spend all your money anyway, then there must be a chink in your budgeting.

Create a spreadsheet. Categorize your expenditure between wants and needs. For example, those who like buying a fresh cup of coffee at his favorite coffee shop can list those expenses in the want section. List the amount of money you spend on it and at the end of the month, compute how much you can save if you give up that want, for the time being. You can use this as the basis of a new budget. Highlight some potential expenses that you can replace with cheaper options, while you are still trying to repay your debts. Seeing your expenses on paper can also give you a realistic expectation of where your personal finances can go.

You are using cash to purchase things you need.

Don’t rely so much on credit cards to buy everyday items. It will make you forget that you are simply borrowing from your future income.

Create a budget based on the cash available at hand. It will help you prioritize your needs over your wants. The more you get used to it, the easier it is for you to buy only the things that you can really afford.

You know your priority debts

Which debts did you prioritize? There are different types of outstanding debts and they have their own share of pros and cons, especially in the interest and late fees department. That is why it is vital for every borrower to make a list of his outstanding debts.

How much balance does each credit card of yours have? What about your loans and utility bills? Some people also have mortgages due each month and insurance to pay. A good mix of credit is really good for your credit score, but having several debts can also be stressful. So, list your financial obligations according to your capacity to pay. Just make sure that it will not reduce the amount for food and other basic necessities of your family. Once you have prioritized your list, make a spending plan that you can follow.

You have a practical and balanced spending plan

Creating a spending plan helps you make the most out of your money. It allows you to focus on specific needs within a specified time period. While it can help you spend as little as possible, that is not the main purpose of a spending plan. In fact, it is designed to make sure that your old spending habits merely transform into something better. So, if you are spending $1000 a week, but your bills remain unpaid and you have no savings at all, your spending plan can help you include some savings and debt repayment in the same budget.
You have a realistic loan repayment plan.

It is so easy to make promises to repay a loan, but have you considered the possible circumstances that may affect your ability to do so? Look at how much you really make and list all your expenses for the month. How much money will remain if everything goes according to your plan? Would there still be anything left of your bills just in case somebody in the family gets sick, a car of yours broke down, or if a catastrophe strikes?

A borrower who knows how much he or she can actually afford to pay when things don’t go according to plan has a good chance of repaying fast loans even during the hardest times. But, if you are simply keeping your fingers crossed, hoping that you can actually get by despite minimum cash flow, then you may have to think of ways to reduce all other expenses to give your budget a breather.

Australian Lending Centre offers fast loans with reasonable interest rates to help you pay for emergency and personal expenses. The loan application process is easy and it has no effect on your credit file. If you want to learn more about this unique opportunity, contact Australian Lending Centre and get your fast loans today!

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Refinancing 101: How To Start A Business

Learn how to start a business and survive with flying colors with refinancing.

If your business used an initial financing to start its operations, and it is still in place today—meaning you’re still paying for it, here are signs that you need to refinance it.

The cost or benefit of your business increased overtime

It is advisable for companies with existing debt agreements to consider refinancing if their initial refinancing agreement can no longer meet their current business needs.

You may have started with a small facility and you intended to improve it overtime. But, your debt arrangements cannot cover the expenses of infrastructure development. A good example is when you moved to a new facility to accommodate the growing demands of your business. If you used to occupy a 100-square metre apartment and you transferred to a 1000-square metre industrial building in the city-you may have to replace your financing facilities as well. In such case, it is advisable to review your existing debt finance arrangements with a particular lender. If the financial agreement can still meet the current needs of your business, there’s no problem at all. But, if your lender refuses to lend more money to you, it may be time to consider looking for a new lender that offers loan products that can meet the needs of your business or organization.

Before you leave your current lender…ask whether or not there is a potential lender that will give you better loan terms despite your current credit report. Make sure that your new financing relationship is far better than the old one. Don’t just focus on the interest rate. Sometimes, there are lenders that can deceive you with low interest but charges you with very high loan cost in the form of penalties.

You want to take advantage of new business opportunities

A business needs to conduct a cost/benefit analysis and evaluation regularly to know if the current financing agreements can accommodate a range of opportunities that would encourage business growth and development.

You can use refinancing for start-up ventures, buying an existing business with great potential or one that would complement your products or services. But most refinancing companies require personal or business tax returns and other evidence of income, as well as tenancy or lease agreements if you’re occupying a building which is not yours. Most companies also require an impressive business plan. You have to write down the objectives of your business, its goals, as well as the process of achieving those goals.

You must also provide certain personal information about you, your previous experience in management and the industry you have chosen to do business. If it’s a partnership or corporation, you will be required to provide the names and detailed information of your partners, board of directors, etc. Not only that--it is also important to prepare your monthly budget for the year to provide the bank or any financing institution that provides an educated estimate of the expected income and expenses, as well as the cash flow for the next twelve months.

If you don’t have the financial documents to support your business loan application, look for alternative financing institutions that can accommodate your refinance application. Just make sure that you have done comparison shopping to check if you’re getting the best rates with no hidden charges. Australian Lending Centre is one of the most reliable refinancing companies for businesses with bad credit and limited financial documents.

You are looking for better loan terms and customer services

It happens when you and your team believe that you need a fresh start with a new lender with better loan products, loan terms and services. If your previous lender had poor customer service, and bombarded you with charges and interests for missed payments on loans, or has limited your borrowing options, it may be time to start with a new financial institution.

Remember that having a good relationship with a lending company is vital in meeting the needs of your business operations.

There are times that the cash flow is slow and the suppliers are offering discounted items for purchases made before a certain date. If your lending company provides you with the money you need during these times, without too much trouble on your part, then it is a company worth dealing with. But, if you are not satisfied with the service of the financial institution and it limits your capacity to negotiate the terms of your loan agreement; a new lending company with better products and service must be seriously considered.

Look for a new financial institution based on the types of loan products offered, the quality of service, experienced and friendly staff, and reasonable loan terms.

Australian Lending Centre has all of that. It also offers convenience of borrowing and repayment and pricing sensitivity. It matches or offer better refinancing terms than its counterparts. Learn how to start a business with our refinancing program for entrepreneurs! Make an enquiry here or click on the link below to find out more about our business loan options.

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Signs of Bad Credit Loan Scams and How to Avoid them

Bad credit loan scams are not as uncommon as you think they are. Imagine a desperate man who has bad credit and needs a loan to solve his financial problems, at least a part of them. He will more likely sign a paper that will offer him a nice loan but will get scammed in the long run.

So, to avoid bad credit loan scams, we gathered information from a couple of financial experts and the Internet. We will present a couple of methods on how to avoid such scams.

Use the Internet but Don’t Rely on It Every Time

The Internet is a perfect place where you can learn about anything. When it comes to bad credit loans, you may find out more from people who got scammed than from online articles. We recommend reading them, even if it will take a lot of your time. It is important to understand what the victims experienced.

If you are in the same financial position (bad credit) as those people before they were scammed, then it is very likely that you will encounter bad credit loan scams.

Ask an Expert

If you have a friend who knows the ins and outs of loans, then you are in luck. If not, you can find one easily. If you found a bad credit loan that sounds too good to be true, don’t jump on it yet. Take the contract or the offer to a financial expert and ask him/her for advice.

If he/she doesn’t agree with it, then it is more than likely that you were this close to getting scammed.

Now, here are some signs of bad credit loan scams that you should know:

• You get contacted a lot

You may receive a phone call or an email in which a company claims that you are qualified for a bad credit loan that sounds too good to pass up. The company will offer this loan only if you make upfront payments to cover things like taxes, insurance, and repayments. They will ask you to deposit the money into a bank account.

Note that these are unsolicited offers from unfamiliar lenders. Do not be fooled.

• They offer more than you need

Bad credit loan scams are easy to identify when it comes to the loan amount. If the amount exceeds the sum you need by a lot, then it is a scam. Stay away from it!

• Watch the spelling

Check if the name of the lending company or the email is spelled correctly. You may get fooled by the name of the source sending the email or even the site. Scammers usually use famous Australian brand names, and for the untrained eye, there might be nothing wrong, but in reality, you are getting scammed.

Check if the company’s name is on ASIC’s list of unlicensed companies. If that’s the case, avoid the company. Sometimes, scammers can hack small businesses’ websites, so be careful.

• Unsecured website

If you don’t see a padlock icon on the places where you’re supposed to share your personal information, then you should consider this a giant red flag. Furthermore, if you see anything other than “https” at the beginning of the URL, back away. The “s” stands for “secure,” and if it’s not there, it’s a very high possibility of a scam.

• They urge you to act right away

A lender that is up to no good will push you continuously to act right away. If you see that they are giving you deadlines or saying that “This offer is only available today,” then you should simply “smile and wave,” and back away as fast as possible. Keep a fair distance from anyone that’s putting pressure on you to act.

• The lender has no physical address

Whenever we are looking for a lender, the first thing we search is the contact information of that specialist; and if they seem like they just appeared from outer space, it should definitely be deemed a red flag. A legit company will make everything public, from address to phone number and everything else that you may need to contact them. If it’s not there, then it means they are not planning to stay around for long.

• They ignore your credit history

Any company that says they don’t care about your credit history is definitely lying. They may not put it on paper, but a legit company will still take a look at whether or not you tend to “skip” on your payments. They need to do this in order to make sure that you’ll repay your debt in full to them as well.


In the end, you have to use your wits and all the resources you have to find out whether a certain company is scamming people with bad credit loans or not. If you want to learn more about this topic, visit:
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