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I would love to have a News page similar to Blinkfeed on the HTC phones.

My main use case for this: helping my Mom use her phone! 😆

Is it currently possible in the app to access and view the local recordings on the SD card on the hikvision cameras?

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My beauty sunbathing at our new house!

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I can't get any presets to work. I copy the code, hit the paste from clipboard button, sync to watch. I get the same design attached every time.

That being said, the experience of using the presets is pretty bad. Why can't it be packaged up like the watch maker app does? Also there is no preview to see what is going to look like.


Anyone else on T-Mobile getting an update failure? I just got this twice. Does anyone know how to correct this? Maybe it's because I have apps disabled?

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It's too bright in here. I need my beauty rest.

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Watching the Mayweather Pacquio fight in horrible lighting conditions and this camera still takes great photos. No touch up, no filters, auto mode, tipsy photographer.

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Is or just me or are the themes available just terrible? I'm curious, do you use a theme or just stick with stock touchwiz?
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Stock Touchwiz

Anyone on T-Mobile seeing the lollipop update yet?
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