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corporate corruption :(
Robin Speronis lives off the grid in Florida, completely independent of the city’s water and electric system. A few weeks ago, officials ruled her off-grid home illegal. Officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source. That’s like saying our dependency on corporations […]
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Ridiculous. Corporate Bull....
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Panah Rad originally shared to Gadgets & Inventions:
Chair + Step Ladder

Good idea? :)
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Wickedly cool!
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+Austin Mark
That was such a politically-correct answer that I'm disregarding it, completely.
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A hydroponic test of 528 hz charged water vs. Structured Water vs. Control in Aerogardens
Interesting results.
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Most people would agree that violence is wrong and should be stopped. The problem is that violence is forceful and stopping something often means using force. In regards to the issue of stopping violence we must endeavor to not violently try to stop violence. How do we neutralize the force of violence? In physics, Force …
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Can you remember ever having had an out of body experience?
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Mechanism of a basic aquaponic system. Aquaponics are very similar to hydroponics except for the fact that it combines plants, fish, and water.

#aquaponic #plants  
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Governing a great nation is like cooking a small fish - too much handling will spoil it.
- Lao Tzu

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The Manipura chakra should be yellow in color.
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Pickl-It: Good traditional food. Made easy!

Pickl-It: Good traditional food. Made easy!

Just had the Prime Rib, 801 cut. It was quite delicious. I also happened to really like the Boursin Mashed Potatoes. The oysters on the half shell were pretty good as well but the Prime Rib was of course the standout.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
We came because it was voted best pork tenderloin in the state of Iowa. Everything was quite good.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Excellent food. Don't let the exterior persuade to not come in. It may look like a diner but the menu is wonderful.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Gator was yummy, tuna sandwiche... Not so much.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
9 reviews
Sushi happy hour is the best! Excellent sushi and the menu has some nonsushi items as well. Very tasty sushi with good presentation.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
She did an excellent job on what I brought her and even offered to do it immediately. Bring cash or check. Reasonably priced.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Had the steak it was fabulous.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago