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Austin Madinga
marketer & designer. blogger. farmer. citizen of the land of the lake of stars.
marketer & designer. blogger. farmer. citizen of the land of the lake of stars.


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Guest blogging today on +Unicef Malawi about empowering girls with a decent education. More girls than boys attend primary school in #Malawi but after that the statistics change. Less girls attain a higher education. What can we do to change this?

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On one hand we have a hungry, growing urban population. On the other is rising youth unemployment. Is urban farming the solution to both?

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The planet must produce “more food in the next four decades than all farmers in history have harvested over the past 8,000 years.”

That’s because by 2050, the Earth will be home to as many as 10 billion people, up from today’s 7.5 billion. If massive increases in agricultural yield are not achieved, matched by massive decreases in the use of water and fossil fuels, a billion or more people may face starvation. Hunger could be the 21st century’s most urgent problem!

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I need some githeri 😂😂

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Hey, thanks for visiting Austin Madinga's Big Mouth. I have since moved to a better blog at Hope to see you there!

Mother's way is best! If you don't believe it, ask her.

"Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them."
Yeah, sounds about right!

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Global #Youth Video Competition on #Climate Change.
Submit a 3 minute film around Climate Action or Raising Public Awareness. The prizes for each
1- Round-trip travel to #COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, November 2016; and
2- Position as a youth reporter for COP22, responsible for assisting the UNFCCC Newsroom team with videos, articles and social media posts.
Competition information -
Video of last years winner: Tree Adoption Uganda by Charles Batte of Uganda #biomovies #climatechange

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Stop That Drop!
Post your 30-second #Instagram video of activities to save water using the tag #stopthatdrop and stand a chance to win US$100
#water #competition
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