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Austin Keeley
Software engineer. Former barista.
Software engineer. Former barista.

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I've heard rumors that Stumptown Coffee nitro cold brew would be making it's way to the east coast and last night I finally saw it it stores in the Washington DC metro area.

It seems to be pretty popular. I was able to buy the last two cans on the shelf (at Whole Foods).

For the taste, it's pretty enjoyable. If you haven't had nitro cold brew, it has a different mouth feel.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited that I can now buy this without making a trip to the west coast.

I want to try out some local coffee roasters in the Washington D.C. metro area. Any Washingtonians here have some personal favorites?

Confession. I still use Python 2.7. I can easily switch to 3, but that involves like typing stuff.

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Playing around with my new coffee gadget: a Balancing Belgian Syphon!

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Has anyone tried nitrogen infused iced coffee? It looks kind of fun to drink.

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Another #cbuscoffee post. Mission Coffee Company in Columbus, OH has cold brew on tap at their store location along with a cold brew bicycle for bringing coffee to the masses.

I am now getting jealous that I don't live in Columbus. As the weather begins to heat up, seeing this show up on a muggy summer morning would be amazing.

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If you are in Columbus, OH and need something to do, check out the Columbus Coffee Experience. Pick up a passport from one of the eight participating coffee shops, and then get stamps at each one as you explore Columbus coffee culture. Also, you get a free tshirt when you collect 4 stamps.

Along the way, I was able to chat with some of the talented baristas and see some fun local hangouts. If you tag your social media posts with #cbuscoffee, you might even meet up with other people doing the coffee shop crawl.

For more info and a list of participating coffee shops, take a look at the website at


My Linux Mint install just hit its end of life. Tell me what my next distribution should be.

I might give Ubuntu another shot and see if the Unity desktop has gotten better.

I've also been tempted to go for Arch since that seems to be the new hot distro for serious Linux use.
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