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Why the !@#$, is mayonnaise not an instrument?!
Why the !@#$, is mayonnaise not an instrument?!

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I've seen a few (awesome) maps of users Fantasy Age games get put up recently. I thought I'd throw my hat in, and show off the world that I run for my weekly Fantasy Age game. The fun part about our game/setting, is every time we come to a new place, I let a player name it and describe one unique thing about the location. This way everyone is involved in the world building.

Quick question. Can you have more than one mode activated at a time? For example, can beserker rage mode and dual weapon mode be activated at the same time? I've been playing since Dragon Age first came out, and this never came up before, surprisingly.

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Just hit 1000 hours on Roll20. Most of it being in either Dragon Age or Fantasy AGE, and a little Numenera.

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Fantasy AGE story time:

Surrounded by 75 wild goblins, the party mistakenly decides to try and fight. 35 dead goblins and 2 dead/eaten party members later, we retreated. They had low HP, but they swarmed and killed in one go. It was fun, but the loss of the two party members left us weak against the dragon we ran into only a few hours later. After convincing the dragon we would not take its treasure (and we meant it), we left with the plant we were searching for (used to make a cure for a poison the Emperor had inflicted upon him). This had to be one of the most epic sessions I have ever played.

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My group and I have been cooperatively building a fantasy setting for use with the Fantasy AGE system. The world of Embyur is a high fantasy setting, with a few twists. We used the Icons mechanic from 13th Age to establish 13 different major NPCs that influence the world. 

The majority of central Embyur is ruled by the Humans of theCiradien Empire.
The Icy Wastes is a mostly barren wasteland where Orcs roam in a viking style of life.

The Maser Highlands, only recently discovered/traveled to, is ran by the Saurian Dynasty. During the Chaos Wars of Valkana (Titansgrave setting), a large group of Saurians were thrust into this dimension, and crashed on the highlands. Since then, they use the remaining pieces of their ship to make saurian weapons, that are just now getting out into the world.

The City State of Ardis, the City of Guilds is broken up into 12 different managing guilds. They are independent of any other nation, and have a standing army that could rival The Ciradien Empire.

Other factions of note are the dwarves, who live on a giant island that floats around the coasts of Embyur. They use this as an HQ to dive into the ocean and mine rare materials from places no other race could go. They have a steampunk inspired culture, and they use these machines to reach the bottom of the ocean.

The elves, driven long ago from their forest homes, now live on the sea for the most part, as part of a giant fleet called the Emerald Armada. They are the primary tradesmen of Embyur, and are lead by the Emerald Empress.

Other classic fantasy races make appearances, such as halflings, gnomes, half-races, and tieflings. We are also developing an Avian race, where depending on their home, they are different types of avian (i.e. the hawk avians live in the mountains/plains, while the own avians are in the Gloamwood).

If anyone is interested, I can put together a reference document for public use. Or if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. 

Adapting your favorite settings to a game system is always a fun part of being a Game Master, or a roleplayer in general. I personally love Thedas, and the Dragon Age Setting (Fun fact, Thedas is an acronym for The Dragon Age Setting), and have enjoyed playing and running the games. Though, like most people, I have wondered what other settings could work with the system.

What settings have you guys used the AGE system for? Was it an established setting? Or a homebrewed world? Or something a bit of both? 

Oh my. Set 3 is almost upon us. Are you guys going to get the 3rd box set, or wait until the "Corebook" with all 3 sets in one comes out? Or both? I'm getting both. :D

I AM A STEGOSAURUS! In other news, Im glad to see that the RPG Maker community is still around after since my break from the XP version of the game. 

So, what's this page gonna be used for exactly?

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"Duty Unto Death", the adventure that Chris ran on TableTop is here! Or, it's been here, and I have not been paying attention. But if you were in the same boat as me, here is the link to the adventure!
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